Friday, May 1, 2009

Photo Friday: Casual

This picture is from December 2007, showing a casual day. Tabby is always very protective of our foster kittens, and her behavior toward Spooky was no exception, as this picture shows. Spooky, or "Mr. Pookers" as we called him for a nickname, was adopted out in March of 2008 at around 10 months old. Unfortunately, we didn't know he had only three more weeks to live. He died of an enlarged heart (a birth defect). We still miss you, little one! Here is his website, with his story. If you are a Catster member, please don't send a message or give a gift on his site, because it goes to his adoptive parents and they don't check their Catster stuff anymore.

1 comment:

Gemini and Ichiro said...

You guys look very comfy on your casual day. I think that even a short time with a good home is a good life--after all it is quality rather than quantity and you had a very quality snooze budy.