Saturday, February 27, 2010

PhotoHunt: Daily

Our daily napping ritual (Tabby & Skylar)

Photo Friday: Self-Portrait 2010

My life's not complete without a kitty or two (or more) around or on me. In this case, the two pictured were a couple weeks old. They were fosters from last year. I love this picture, but it makes me sad at the same time because we lost the tiny tuxies. They were just too young.
The joys in life and the sorrows. It all is a part of life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our entry for the Bird & Squirrel Watching competition

Thanks to the Furry Bambinos for hosting this competition! At our old house, we had lots of things to watch: birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, dogs, and the other cats. So here's some pictures of us looking at them, and some of them looking at us.

Carbon (l) and Rori (r) squirrel-watching

Here's who we were watching! Yep, he's eating the ferals' kitty food.

Rori watching and growling at the dogs in the neighbor's front yard.

Little Bit (l) and Starla (r) looking at each other. View from out the same window as the top picture.

Our raccoon friend, who later brought her three babies to eat and play on the porch.

Baby Possum, whose mommy brought him when he was kitten-sized. He came back as an adult (as pictured) to eat almost every night.

The raccoons and possums were very polite and always let the feral cats eat first. They would watch us, and watch our humans, but we always told them that it was just fine for them to eat the food. We'd rather they ate that than stinky old garbage! We loved the outside friends, and miss them, but now we've got a whole new backyard to watch!

Therapy Cat Tales

Tabby writes:

Today we got to go visit at H. again! We haven't been for about a month, because of my being a brat to Starla (Hey, Mommy, you weren't supposed to type THAT!!!) and because of getting settled in our new house. It was a beautiful day, but a cold wind. I had my brown jacket and a fleece blankie, though, so I was ok.

We got there, went in to see the wellness directors first, but they weren't in their office. I really wanted to see them! I looked and sniffed around for them, but they weren't there. Why not? Where did they go? Mommy said we should just go up and visit with my friends, but these are my friends too and I wanted to visit with them first, so I growled low when Mommy said that and picked me up. Just then, one of the ladies came around the corner and greeted us, so I was soooo happy!!!

All three of us went up to visit with my friends. I must've visited 80% of the floor! Of course, everyone loved me. How could they not? They missed me as much as I missed them, for the ones who remembered seeing me. A lot of our people are Alzheimer's patients, so they don't always remember seeing me. Mommy told me that a lot of the people we visit are as old in human years as my "auntie" Sara Kitty was. Wow! She was 19! My human visiting friends are doing really well for being 19 kitty years old.

I love G.'s bed. It's just the right softness to knead on and lay down on, and roll over for tummy rubs. :) M. sang a song to me! It's called "Babyface", and she sang it to me while stroking my face with her fingers. I purred and purred, and pushed my nose into her hand.

After our visit, we went back to the little office and my other friend was there. S. and Mommy told her how I'd growled because they weren't there when we got there, and she laughed at that and petted me. Mommy told them about my new "nephew" Spooky, who's a floppy kitty. Mommy and Daddy say he has something called C.H. (cerebellar hypoplasia). Mommy was telling the ladies that we're training him to be a therapy cat as well. He and I won't be visiting together though, because I want to have all the petting and attention to myself and it wouldn't be fair to ask me to share it. Or for him to have to share either. He won't start his official training for a while, though, because he's not been around wheelchairs or walkers yet. S. and R. liked the idea of another visiting cat, though, so that's very cool!

Then Mommy and I went shopping and then to her class. I got canned food to eat there! Daddy came to pick us up, but I didn't want to leave (of course) so I told him that in no uncertain terms. He said I had to go back home. He held me while Mommy packed up the rest of the canned food (I wanted to eat it all instead of take it home), then I got to look at the cars going by while we drove. Did you know that cars come from behind you and go in front of you?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Bit's back with us as a foster

Little Bit writes:

I went and lived with my sister Smokey and her human mommy & human brother for about half a year, but it didn't work out for me. I was very unhappy there. Everyone thought I was doing ok and that things would get better once Smokey got used to me being around, but she wants to be an only cat. A few days ago, I climbed up on top of the fridge and knocked the freezer door open, then pushed things off the counters & table so there was a big mess on the floor. Mommy walked in after being gone to a dentist appointment to find melted ice cream mixed with olive oil on the kitchen floor!

I also tried to make my mark on the furniture, which then was followed up by Smokey reclaiming her territory with her claws. On and on and on....

I really am a good kitty, and had no problems whatsoever until I was put at the same house as my sister. I guess we have some major sibling rivalry issues! Now I am with my foster parents again, and immediately greeted all their kitties and explored the house.

I would love a home with small kids, because I like to be carried all over the house and snuggle with little humans. Probably without other cats, and definitely with lots of toys! Do you have a home for me?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paw is better!

Rori writes:

My hurty paw healed on its own! Yay! Thanks to everyone for their purrs, prayers, grrrs, and well-wishes. No doctor visit for me, and I'm walking, playing, and running normally. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Owie! Hurty paw!

Rori writes:

My paw is owie! It started two nights ago when I was covering up the litter box. Mommy and Daddy think I may have hurt it on the wall or the vanity because I scratch there as well as in the box itself. It hurts to step on it, so I'm hopping while holding it up. I heard something about a doctor visit, but I hope not! They said maybe not until Monday. Mommy and Daddy have both been very gently looking at my paw and have pinpointed which of the pads is being bothersome, but they don't see anything the matter. Daddy thinks it feels a little different when he pushed on it a bit, though. I growled and meowed a little when he did that, but I let him after he reassured me that he was trying to help.

Everyone's following me around wherever I go, so last night I lay down in the litter box in the bathroom to avoid them! When Mommy saw me and asked me what I was doing, I looked up at her, meowed, and jumped out, hobbling out to the kitchen for a bite to eat. I know they're all watching out for me like I watch out for them, and I'm glad of it, but it gets overwhelming sometimes. But that's what comes with the job of "big kitty" of the household!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CH? What's that?

Spooky writes:

Mommy and Daddy both have been trying to figure out why I fall and why I'm so floppy. Today, Mommy did an internet search and they have been talking about something called CH. It doesn't sound scary. It's just letters, so why does it bother them so much?

CH, cerebellar hypoplasia, would explain my falling and flopping. It took a while, but Mommy noticed my almost-imperceptible head bobbing, which was the only thing missing from a "correct" CH diagnosis, according to what she's been reading.

Luckily, my family loves me ANYWAY, and told me that I'm theirs and that they will never leave me like my first family did. Yay!