Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Anniversary to the Twins!!

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary to the twins:  Freya and Heimdall!  Two years ago today is when Mommy and Daddy went down to Salem Friends of Felines and adopted them.  The twins cried in the carrier on the way home, but when they got out all they wanted to do was go adventuring inside the house!  Everything about a house was new to them, because they hadn't been in one since they were tiny kittens.  Of course, now, two years later, they're showing Miss Marble and even Tigress the ropes concerning house life.  Yep, Freya's taken over the mothering duties of Miss Marble completely, just as she did with her own brother and the other kittens in the kitten room at SFOF.  Both of them have been trying to encourage Tigress to come inside more and more, and Tigress has succeeded in coming in to eat from the inside food bowl twice now.  Freya still harasses Aunties Rori and Missy, but even that has calmed down considerably.  Rori even snuggles with Freya; seldom, but she does!  Heimdall enjoys being anywhere Mommy is, preferably on her lap.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Skylar

Can't believe it's already been two years since our beloved Skylar made his journey to the Bridge.  We know he's watching over us and smiling at us all, especially at the twins he sent us so soon after he left.  He would be very proud of all his family, those who knew him and those who have come to be part of our family after he left.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary to Tabby and Carbon!

Tabby writes:

Has it really been 7 years since Mommy and Daddy saw the "Free Kittens" sign in Clatskanie, OR, and took Carbon and me home?  We were so little, and it was such a hot day that day!  I was only 4 weeks old, and Carbon was only 5 weeks old.  We snuggled into our new purrents' arms, then Carbon climbed up to hide on Daddy's shoulder while I tried to play with Mommy's hair.  They carried us into the truck in a box, but I wanted to explore the truck.  I already was a car cat!  Carbon threw up on the way home, because he wasn't feeling well from being outside.  He's long-haired, and all black, so the heat was worse for him.  When we got to our new home and were let out to explore, we had so much fun investigating everything!  Carbon fell asleep in Daddy's stinky work boot, and I dove head-first into Mommy's birthday cake plate!  Later on, we both climbed up the inside back of Daddy's dresser, using the drawers as steps, and fell asleep in the top two drawers!

I'm doing sooooo much better now than I had been, mostly because Mommy and Daddy are giving me fluids every day.  They want to give me a whole unit of fluids, but only 1/2 unit can fit in me at a time.  So I get the 1/2 unit.  No visiting for me until I feel better, my purrents say.  Thank you all for your purrs and prayers!  They really do help so much!  I love you all!

Friday, July 13, 2012

R.K. brought a birthday present to show Mommy yesterday!

R.K. writes:

It was about this time last year when my mama raccoon brought us by to see the human home and food source for the first time.  In fact, the feline kits came by one year ago yesterday for the first time!  Well, I thought I'd continue the tradition.  Yep, that's right:  this half-blind raccoon who thinks she's a kitty had kits!  I've got two healthy furballs, and they're a month or two old.  I'm not telling exactly how old they are, though.  They're about 1/4 to 1/3 my size, and I'm still nursing them, although one of them tried the cat food tonight.  I was so proud!  They played on the deck while I ate, except when the sensor light scared them.  There's space under the deck, so they ran down there when the light was too much for them.  They had a lot of fun playing on the deck, though!  They both investigated (and exclaimed about) the ladder that's lying on there, and had fun jumping in and out of the squares.  One played with the rope that's attached to the ladder, tossing the end up and catching it.  The other found a dead mouse that Tigress had presented to the humans.  My silly kit picked the mouse up and couldn't decide what it was!  It held the mouse between its front paws while standing up, turned the mouse over and over between its paws, then walked off with it to the edge of the deck.  Five minutes later, it was still carrying the dead mouse around, trying to decide if it was food or a toy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy birthday to our mommy!

Happy birthday, Mommy!

She's taking care of us and Daddy now, so we wanted to say an extra-special happy birthday to our mommy.  We're going to give her lots of snuggles today!

P.S.  We want to say thanks for the purrayers for Tabby.  She wrote a post previous to this one on this bloggie, and is doing a lot better.

Tabby's doing better yesterday and today.

Tabby writes:

How come I can't remember a whole evening and night?  Carbon says I was acting weird, and Mommy calls it hallucinating.  I just simply can't remember anything from then.  I'm doing better now, and have been doing well for almost 24 hours.  Daddy was able to drive to the vet's to get me fluids tonight!  He's much less hurty than he was, and we're all grateful for that.  Both my purrents gave me sub-q fluids tonight, but only half a unit because I was so wiggly.  I really don't like how it feels going in!  It helps, but it feels so funny, and then I get a lump for a while until it absorbs.  I'm resting behind Mommy while she's helping me type right now, though.  No drooling, even!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Please pray for Tabby!

The PDX pride Mommy here:  Please pray/think good thoughts for Tabby.  She got heat stroke yesterday (it got to 88 Farenheit in our house, even with the ac on!) and started hallucinating.  I'm calling the vet in the morning to see what they recommend, and putting cold cloths on her in the meantime.  She's doing better now.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daddy's back home!

Daddy's back home!  We all got some snuggle time with him yesterday.  :)  He's got a scar on his back from the surgery, but he's starting to walk better and won't be in as much pain as he was before having surgery.  He loved that Tabby visited him at the hospital, and told her that she behaved so well when she was there visiting him.  It'll be a while until he feels well again, but he'll heal with all of us snuggling and purring!  Thanks for your purrrayers as well.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tabby and Mommy visited Daddy in the hospital

Tabby writes:

I got to go with Mommy and Grandpa to visit Daddy in the hospital!  I didn't know where we were going, so I got scared that they were taking me back to the vet.  Nope, we went someplace called a hospital, which is a bigger version of a human vet.  I cheered up a lady in one of the waiting rooms, got petted by two little girls, and surprised one of the intake nurses.  The intake nurse asked Mommy all kinds of questions about me after learning about my important job of visiting Daddy.

Then, we finally got to see Daddy.  He was in a strange bed with a couple machines hooked up to him.  He was napping when we got there, but woke up for a bit.  He was still very groggy, and threw up a little since he got woken up.  I wanted to sit in his lap, but I couldn't find his lap!  I headed for his tummy instead, and got warned off.  Mommy put me on Daddy's legs, so I snuggled there.  I wanted to be closer, but they wouldn't let me.  I knew I was helping Daddy by being there and purrrrrrrring on him, though!  We stayed about 20 minutes with Daddy, then went back home.  Daddy gets to come back home tomorrow.

I had another drooling episode tonight, but not for very long.  I may need another anti-nausea injection next week.  That helped me the last time!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Daddy's just had back surgery.

Mommy just got a phone call from Daddy's surgeon.  Daddy's out of surgery now!  He just had back surgery to remove some bone spurs from his lower back that were making it very painful for him.  They were also putting pressure on a nerve that made his feet tingly.  He'll stay in the hospital today and tonight, then come back home tomorrow.  We're so glad the surgery went well!  Mommy's going to go to see him later today.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July if you celebrated it, and that all furries steered clear of the fireworks!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tabby most likely has pancreatitis.

Tabby writes:

It wasn't a seizure!  The vet said it was most likely pancreatitis.  I got fluids and some anti-nausea medicine, and am back home.  Carbon's trying to clean the vet smell off me!  Thank you for your purrs.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Please purr for Tabby!

Tabby writes:

I'm not doing well again.  :(  Is this what a seizure feels like?  I drool and get scared when it happens, so I cry out for Mommy and Daddy.  They wipe the drool off and snuggle me.  They'll take me in to the vet in the morning and see what the vet thinks.  Please purr for me!

Surprising Sunday!

Tigress writes:

I'm scared of the big booms and the funny lights in the sky.  They come every night now, and last for a long time!  I run to the deck and stay very close to the door, because I feel safe where the humans and food are.  Last night, while the big booms and lights were in the sky, the mommy fed us and R.K. on the deck.  Since I was staying so close to the door, the mommy put her hand out.  I sniffed it and bumped it with my nose again, so she asked if she could pet my ears.  I've been letting her do that for a couple weeks now, and it feels good to be petted on my ears.  Last night, though, I needed a little more reassurance, so I let her pet my back from my shoulder down to the middle of my back!  I turned my head, and then I positioned myself so she could pet me at a better angle!  I surprised both her and myself by doing that, but it felt like when my mom-cat and dad-cat used to groom me.  This morning, I let her do it again!