Thursday, August 17, 2017

Remembering Carbon on his 1st Bridge Anniversary & Black Cat Appreciation Day

We've all been thinking of you so much these past few days, Carbon, with leaky eyes, fond memories, and many smiles.  How you raced around at top speed while playing, played basketball with your toys and tag with the other cats, and how you would snuggle once a day with each of your purrents.  About the bottlecaps that you stole off the counter as a kitten, your toy hoard under the couch when we moved, and your favorite battle buddy and mousie.  Your battle buddy's still around, as well as the replacement one we got you when your other one got gnawed off the wand part.  How you loved pipe cleaners, as evidenced by the top picture after your Catster Secret Santa gift from Winter.  How you were afraid of kittens until they got old enough for you to consider them the same species!  How you purred while sitting on friends' laps and sat on your stool for bites of whatever Mama Shawnee was cooking.  How you were afraid that Lydia was going to swat you (and she did) when you misbehaved as a kitten, but you realized that she was the alpha cat and loved you anyway.  How you studied things until you figured out how they worked:  automatic litter boxes that you made mountains in and then admired your own handiwork, doorknobs that you opened by yourself, the wall furnace that you body-slammed as a kitten trying to make it stop running like your daddy did.

You were one crazy cat, and we'll always remember you for that.  You were a love, when you allowed yourself to be loved on, and we'll always love you for that.  There are so many stories that will be told for decades!  It's hard to think that it's been a year already since you've been gone.  Tabby still has days when she wanders around lost, remembering you.  Most days are better for her now, but we see the look in her eyes every so often and know you're in her thoughts, as you are for us all.  You were the best black cat in the world, and it's so fitting that Black Cat Appreciation Day is your day.  We love you forever.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy Purrthday, Rori!!!!!!

Rori writes:

I don't feel like I'm 10 years old!  I don't feel like a kitten anymore, like I was when that picture was taken.  But I certainly don't feel like I'm 10, either.  I've slowed down a bit, and I'm chunky, so my bones creak a little.  I can still run down the hallway after my younger half-sister, Little Bit, and I still fit under Daddy's dresser.

I'm the Big Kitty of the household, the alpha cat, and everyone knows it.  Even Panther, who torments me, has to respect my position in the household.  I watch over everyone, keep everyone safe, and make sure that people are where they are supposed to be.  I love hanging out with Daddy in the chair but I sometimes sit next to Mommy when she's at her computer.

I also like to check on guests, but only after the house is totally quiet.  I don't like a lot of noise, sudden movements, or strangers.  Daddy and Mommy's friend Debbie came yesterday to visit with her cat, Henry.  I met Henry before I ventured out to check on Debbie, because he came and found me in my hiding place!  He's a sweetheart, and I don't mind having him visit at all.  After a few hours, I walked down the hallway and stood in the dining room, just staring at Debbie.  Mommy called me over, but I didn't get within range of being petted by the new person.  She's ok, and she is very nice to all of us, but it may take a few more times of her visiting for me to actually go close to her.  That's ok with her, since she and Henry have moved a few hours away from us.

It's been really hot here, so I've been staying put on a low shelf/cave during the day.  Keep cool if it's hot where you live, and you can even get your purrents to put an ice cube or two in your water bowl to play with!