Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary to the Big Kitty of the House!

Rori writes:

Today's my Gotcha Day anniversary!  Five years ago, when my humans were living in the little house in Portland, I was just a baby kitten.  I was only four weeks old, and somehow my brother and I had gotten away from our mama.  Mommy Erin, who lived with Daddy and Mommy at the time, saw us running across the street from Spongebob's house to Dale's house.  Dale was the neighbor, and he had a lot of old tires in his yard.  My brother hid in one, and I hid in another.  Well, Mommy Erin and Mommy came over to find us!  My brother ran behind Dale's garage, but I was too scared.  I hid inside a tire!  I didn't know what to think of these tall beings coming towards me and making strange noises at me!  I peeked out at them, while they tried to convince me to come to their hands.  Finally, Mommy reached in and picked me out.  She handed me to Mommy Erin, and then took the following picture of me.  You can see how scared I was, but I also knew that I'd better hold on!
My mommies caught my brother, Knut, too.  The stinker walked right into a crate baited with tuna!  By that time, I was being cuddled by Daddy.  Knut was adopted by one of Mommy's co-workers, Tritia, a little over a week later.  I became Mommy Erin's kitten and stayed in her room at least half the time.  After she moved out and had JJ, Daddy and Mommy adopted me, but we celebrate my Gotcha Day as the day that Mommy Erin found me.

I'm proud to be a member of this family and furmily, and the Big Kitty (alpha cat) of the household!