Thursday, April 30, 2009

Window Views with Carbon

Window Views is a new meme for Thursdays that we found out about on Samantha, Mr. Tigger, & Maverick's blog. The rules are:

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Marble Monday

Here is Marble, the cat who's been coming to eat for the last couple weeks. He's a very handsome cat. I wish we could find his home, because he's obviously been taken care of. I put a post on Craig's List and have been checking the ads for anyone saying they've lost a cat of this description. He's still a bit scared of us, but getting better. He's wondering why I'm staring at him and holding a box up. He wasn't that concerned when it was just me, but then I went and got the camera. That confused him a little, so he's kind of worried about what I'm doing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PhotoHunt: Protect(ion)

Carbon protecting our former foster kitten Knut

Tabby protecting Knut

Tabby protecting Knut

Tabby protecting Rori when she was a kitten

All these pictures were taken a year ago September.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Feral Friday by the Trailer Kitties

Food bowl rollcall:

Precious, Little Bit, Boo-Boo Kitty, Shadow, Spongebob, Orange-head Kitty, Tom Kitty, a very handsome cat we're calling Marble.

Marble first showed up a week ago, but we didn't post a food bowl rollcall last week. We're pretty sure it's a he. He's tortoiseshell, but dappled brown & grey rather than the usual grey & black. He's pretty scaredy of the humans, but behaves more like a stray than a feral, which is good news.

Remember we thought Precious might be pregnant? Thankfully we were wrong. She's still not letting anyone get close, and Little Bit runs her off if they're both out there at the same time.

Photo Friday: Brown

How now,
Photographed in 2002 in Portland, Oregon, part of the "Kows for Kids" exhibit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rori's Tabby Tuesday

Rori writes:

Daddy put things on my kitty tree last night and left them there! I went to hop up, but smelled something different, so I stood on my hind legs and looked first. There were moneys up there! I ran to Mommy, and she put them in the coin jar. Clink, clink, clink, clink! We all hid. Tabby and I hid under the bed, and Carbon hid in the kitchen by the door. Skylar and Starla weren't as scared, but they still pricked their ears up at the sound.

When Mommy gave the all-clear, Tabby ventured out. Then Mommy came in and told me it was ok to come out from under the bed. I waited about 15 minutes to be sure, then came out. I still haven't gone up there again, because I'm not willing to take a chance right now. I will later, though.

Mommy said something about Daddy needing some moneys from the coin jar for stuff to drink at work. Why doesn't he just open the fridge there? There are always pop bottles in the fridge! Mommy says it doesn't work that way. But that's how it works here, doesn't it, Mommy? O_o

Saturday, April 18, 2009

PhotoHunt: Purple

Mommy in her purple nightgown holding Knut, the brother to our Rori. This picture was taken two days after he was rescued. He was about 5 weeks old, and was the kitten of a feral cat. We found him and Rori in the backyard of the house next door. Now he's an almost-2-year-old terror (but very lovable) who lives with a friend of ours, her husband, a dog, and another cat. If you click here, you can see how much he's grown!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fundraising Update

Tabby writes:

We have three new members of Team Tabby's fundraising team! Thank you to Kazuko Neko and to Pinky & Ash for donating! We are now up to $44, which is a quarter of the way to our goal. :)

If you would like to donate to Cat Adoption Team, see the widget in our sidebar. It all goes to help stray and feral cats in Portland, Oregon, and to get the socialized ones into foster homes and adopted.

Thank you!

Fashion Friday

Mommy got this pretty faux-fur-lined jacket for me! She saw it in the close-out section of her Avon catalog. It's supposed to be a D-O-G coat, but it fits me purrfectly!

I'll lie down so you can see the fit around my neck. It velcroes there and under my tummy as well. The inside is lined with camel-colored fleece.

The length is just right!

Photo Friday: Circular

This is the pawprint memorial the vet made for us after Skylar's sister Lydia died last October. We also got one after sweet Sara Kitty died in January. It still means so much that we have these, to take down and touch where their paws pressed into the clay.
It helps when we're missing them.

I'm officially working!

Tabby writes:

I went with Mommy to my orientation yesterday for my therapy cat work, at an assisted-living facility. Some of the residents there are senior citizens who simply cannot live at home anymore, and some have medical issues (physical or mental). My visit was supposed to be an orientation, filling out paperwork, and meeting the staff. Well, all that changed when I was brought up to meet the staff on the floor where we will be working. The residents saw me, one of them said "Can I pet the kitty?", and soon they were lining up with their walkers and sitting in chairs so I could be passed from one lap to another! We were there a little over an hour, and it was wonderful! One lady, who had just moved in, was having a hard time adjusting. She had to give up her cats in the transition, and she thought I was her own kitty. She called Mommy and the staff member thieves when it was time for me to visit with another resident. The staff member had to pry me gently out of her arms! I'm glad she loved me so much that she connected me with her cats, but it was so sad. Maybe next time she'll have happy memories instead, though. One lady told us all about her mothers cat. Another one was seated in front of the fish tank, and I watched the fish instead of concentrating on being petted! That person thought it was funny, and at first couldn't figure out what I was watching, but then turned so she could watch the fish with me!

We are going to visit every other Friday. There's a dog who visits from DoveLewis, with their therapy group, so it's him one week and me the next. That way, the residents always have a furry friend each week. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost-Wordless Wednesday

This Scandinavian-style kitchen witch (good luck "charm" for cooking) hangs over the sink at our house. Carbon spends time staring at it from the floor or from the sink counter, trying to figure out how to get to it. A couple times, he's leapt up and missed, landing in the sink, but he has yet to actually get it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

This is soooo cool!!!!

Wow! Mommy checked her e-mail, and guess what she saw?! Diego and I are pictured in the Catster newsletter today, for the battle of the sexes! Diego is a good friend, so I'm glad it's only a numbers battle. MOL! He's another Portland, Oregon, kitty, and Mommy and I have met his mom in real life! PORTLAND ROCKS CATSTER!!!!!

Sir Alfie made the kimi for me to commemorate today, and I'm putting it in my sidebar on my Catster page as well as here! Thanks, Alfie!

Preparing for the inevitable :(

Skylar writes:

Mom and Dad have been watching me really closely since I begged Dad to adopt Starla. From what they've seen, they think I'm preparing the household for my death. They saw this with Lydia when she passed, too.

1. I told Dad to adopt Starla.
2. I've taken myself out of the daily household activities and am spending my days snuggling with Dad or on the bed sleeping.
3. I am not vocal at all, even in situations when I would shout (think Siamese!), but now I don't even make any sound.
4. I am teaching Starla how to snuggle and observing her interactions with Mom and Dad, so basically teaching her to fulfill my role in the household.
5. All the other cats come check up on me throughout the day, and Rori monitors my every move, even walking with me wherever I go.
6. My body processes are slowing down. I'm not taking in much of what I'm eating, and my poops are kitten-sized. I'm rapidly losing weight. I fall over sometimes when I walk. Some days, I can't jump up to the couch and wait until Dad or Mom picks me up to set me on the couch.

Mom and Dad think I have 2-3 months left. All tests come back normal; we think it's "just" old age and the pain of not having my littermate sister around. I've been fading since her death in October.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A new visitor

Once again, we have a new visitor. Word must really be getting around the neighborhood as the weather warms up! The guest this time is a young cat, probably 8-12 months, who looks like our Rori. He or she stared up at the man when he looked out the door "window", but didn't run right away, then took off underneath the trailer when the man moved. Obviously the kit knew there was food here, but wasn't sure about the people. Is it feral? Is it just scared because of new people? Time may tell. If it's feral, does that mean that Rori's mom and brother might be around still? We hope it comes back.

Happy Easter from all of us!

Happy Easter! Hallelujah! He is Risen!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

PhotoHunt: Triangle

The triangles of mirrors make an optical illusion. This photo of me was taken by my grandfather. I was about 7 or 8 at the time, I think.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitty dropped off at Mommy's church

Mommy got this picture and the following e-mail from her church today:

"Two weeks ago placed a cat in a box and abandoned her at the North door. They left a note saying that she is about 2 years old. She appears healthy and seemingly well cared for. Dennis has been acting as her “foster” parent, however he doesn’t feel that he is the appropriate long-term “parent” for her. Dennis would like to see Miss Kitty (a temporary term of affection that Dennis and the church office staff hung on the poor thing!) go to a good home rather than to a shelter. If you think you would like adopt Miss Kitty or if you know someone who is need of a good companion, please contact (church office)."

Mommy is glad that the person who left "Miss Kitty" decided to abandon her at the church, rather than dump her someplace. She knows Dennis well, and he's very kind to animals. But we would love it if this kitty got a new forever home. If you know of someone who would like to adopt her, please let us know by leaving a comment to that effect. Thanks!

Foodie Friday: Three Quick-Prep Recipes

For this week's Foodie Friday, I'm going to post the link to three recipes I wrote up for another meme over on HubPages. Last week, there was a recipe challenge, so my choices were a carrot & tofu scramble, candied acorn squash, and strawberry-cheesecake milkshake. You can see them here.

Click here for more Foodie Friday recipes.

Photo Friday: Wealth

Wealth is not measured by how much money you have, but by how much love you have. This is our wedding, last August.

This is what was on our cake. Our cats are a part of our family, and part of the love God has granted us. We are wealthy in having their love as well.

Feral Friday by the Trailer Kitties

Food bowl rollcall:

Tom, Orange-head Kitty, Shadow, Spongebob, Little Bit, Boo-Boo Kitty, Outdoor Fluffy Buddy.

It's raining today, so the people can see our pawprints on the porch. We've had a few really warm days for the season (up to 78 F). Not quite sunning weather, but almost. Pretty soon, we'll be laying out on the porch and in the grass, getting some rays.

Fundraising Update

We've raised $30 so far for the Cat Adoption Team. Some of it doesn't show up on the widget in the sidebar because it was given by Mommy's mom as a check to them. So far, all the teams together have raised $1,049. There's still a month and a half to go for this! If you can donate, or want to know more about the Cat Adoption Team, you can click on the widget in our sidebar. Even $11 will help, because that amount pays for FELV/FIV testing for one cat. $22 pays for a "kitten fostering bag" to be sent along with babies who need socializing.

Thank you!

-- Tabby and the other members of "Team Tabby"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new puffy? *hopeful eyes looking up at Mommy and Daddy hopefully*

Carbon & Rori:
Please, please? Can we have a new puffy? A new sparkle ball?

Carbon really didn't mean to throw our red one in the litter box yesterday!

Honestly! I just was playing baseball with it and didn't catch it! I really didn't mean for it to land in there!

Carbon & Rori:
We're very sad you had to throw it away. So please may we have another one to play with?

Yes, we'll get you another one.

Carbon & Rori:
Yay! *dash around the house chasing each other and Tabby joins in the fun after a minute, while Skylar and Starla watch*

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm getting a new tag; I'm getting a new tag!

Tabby writes:

I'm getting a new tag! Actually two of them! One will come next week, and one will come in 2-3 weeks. I have one tag already; my little pink heart engraved with my name and Mommy's phone number. But, she decided that wasn't enough now that I'm going to be visiting as a therapy cat. So she's going to get me two others instead. I'll still get to keep my pink one, but not for when I'm visiting.

My first tag is going to be my rabies tag. I was going to get my updated shot yesterday, but Mommy was not feeling up to going to the pet store, so I will get my rabies shot next Sunday. I really don't mind it, because Mommy holds me and pets me while they poke me in the leg. It's required by our state every three years, so I absolutely have to have it current when I go out, along with paperwork and the tag with my license number on it.

My second tag is going to be a Together Tag. Mommy did a post about it on her new bloggie, the Frugal Feline. The Together Tag is something thought up by Dogster/Catster after Hurricane Katrina, when all the pets were stranded (with or without their people). It's made to withstand natural disasters, though I don't think we'll have one of those here anytime soon. It has a special number and website, and my name and Mommy's phone number. The special number is the password to the website, which has information on how to reach my family, including an out-of-state friend to contact in case no one can reach Mommy or Daddy. I'm going to have this tag because it is easier for people to read than the engraved metal one, and if I run away while on a visit then they can contact Mommy right away. I keep on telling Mommy I'm not going to run away, but she wants me to have it anyway.

I'm excited to get my new tags, because I love walking around with jingling things. For a while, I had a collar with a bell on it, and I loved shaking my shoulders just to hear the bell jingle! These tags will be on my harness, so I'll definitely be the "Jingle Bell Girl"!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

NOT easy!

Starla writes:

The people who WERE my people were fighting. I could hear their voices, and jumped up into the window to see if they were coming to get me. I couldn't see them, but I could still hear them. My new mommy and daddy looked out the front windows, and they could see the people. Then the people quieted down and went back into the house next door and the one next to that. Mommy and Daddy picked me out of the window, where I was cowering, and petted me and told me that I was safe here with them. They said the other people whose voices I knew would not hurt me any more, and that I am loved and cared for and safe here. I calmed down and sat with Mommy and Daddy.

Then, a few hours later, we all heard a loud sound and then my former man person shouted and cried, "Oh my God, oh my God, no!" He repeated that, went out to a white van, then the van pulled away and the man went into the house, still crying and shouting. Daddy called 911, and while he was on the phone Mommy watched through the window. A lady came out of the house and went over to my old house, and went inside there. I was very scared, and jumped up in our window, which is in the opposite direction. Daddy told the 911 operator what we'd just seen and heard.

The police came and drove past. Two police cars. They didn't go up to the house next door or my former house, and didn't come here to ask Mommy or Daddy any questions. Mommy and Daddy wonder why they didn't at least go up to the neighbors' doors and knock to find out what happened.

Mommy and Daddy brought me down from the window again and petted me to calm me down. Mommy took me in to the bathroom to see if I needed to go potty. I didn't need to, but I needed my ears cleaned, so I scratched them then looked at her. She cleaned my ears, and then opened the door again so I could go back out. She picked me up so I didn't need to "run the gauntlet" of the other kitties, because I'm still kind of scared of them. They chase me still.

Rori came up on the couch to see if I was alright, and she and I touched noses. She also came to check on me throughout the loud shouting and everything next door. She wanted to be sure I was alright. Mommy and Daddy told her she was being a very good big kitty for doing that. I settled down again, and snuggled right up against Mommy on the couch while she and Daddy petted me. I lay with them for about an hour, until Skylar tried to sit on my head! He was trying to sit on Mommy's lap, but he didn't know where his seat was going to end up! So I jumped down and lay down on my basket. It didn't really bother me, because I knew he didn't do it on purpose.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mommy started a new bloggie

Mommy started a new bloggie called the Frugal Feline. It's about saving money on cat essentials and finding good deals on new, interesting, chic, and cool products for cats and their people. If this sounds like something you want to read about, you can click here.

Rori's Concession

Rori writes:

Well, I lost to Siena, but that's fine. She had such a good, cute picture that Mommy would've voted for her if I hadn't been her opponent. So, you won paws down, my friend! Good luck to everyone on the next round!

Feral Friday by the Trailer Kitties

Food bowl rollcall:

Little Bit, Boo-Boo Kitty, Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, Shadow, Spongebob, Orange-head Kitty, Tom Kitty, baby possum, raccoon.

Our big surprise this week was the return of baby possum. You can read our post from Tuesday about that. The lady also observed Tom Kitty licking Orange-head Kitty's ear while OHK was screaming about it (both unfixed males)!

The lady sold 20 pins this week: 10 of Baby Chiba and 10 of Shadow.

Photo Friday: Grandmother

Click here for more Photo Friday posts.

Fundraising Update

Tabby writes:

Thank you to Parker for donating to the Cat Adoption Team! Whoo-hoo, now there's $22 dollars raised, and Mommy heard that two of her friends around home are going to send in checks as well, so it's really even more than that. :) :) :)

If you would like to donate, the link is in our sidebar under my "Go Team Tabby" picture. Every dollar goes to fund spay/neuter programs, medical programs, shelter kitties through a private nonprofit, and foster homes through the CAT shelter. It is a no-kill shelter in Portland, Oregon, and they have a good rate of adoption.



Foodie Friday: Hunting for Chocolate

My husband caught Carbon going methodically through the unpacked shopping bags yesterday. "Carbon," he said in a mock-menacing tone of voice. "What are you looking for? What are you doing?" Carbon looked at him, gave him the "evil eye", and stalked off into the next room. By this time, I'd come out to see what was going on, and went to the refrigerator. Picking out something, I held it by Carbon's nose and asked him, "Is this what you were looking for, buddy?" He took one sniff, and looked like the proverbial cat caught in the act. No canary; this was a CHOCOLATE BAR!

Pets can and will sniff out your chocolate and eat it. This goes for the candy bars out in plain sight, as well as the Passover or Easter treats you have hidden in a good spot until next week. Chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs, causing seizures, lethargy, and death. Because of their smaller body mass, it is more toxic to cats, but they are more likely to sniff it out because of their investigative nature.

If you have chocolate around the house, keep it locked up: in the refrigerator, a child-proof cupboard, or a room that is kept totally closed-off from the cats (and not used while the candy is hidden there). Anywhere else is not cat-safe, as I have learned from my resident geniuses. They have opened cupboards, closets, and doors, sometimes even grouping together to mastermind the operation.


Other Easter dangers are peanuts, baskets (can be chewed by dogs and swallowed), and basket grass. Basket grass is especially dangerous because it looks like string. It can wrap itself around the intestine, cutting the cat's internal organs! A safer alternative is raffia, which is harder for them to swallow but still comes in pastel colors.

Click here for more Foodie Friday posts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Begging for Medicine

Skylar writes:

Yes, those of you who commented on yesterday's post were right: I DO beg for my medicine. I'm very thankful to have it! Before my vet figured out I needed to be on medication, I would have days when I was racing all around terrorizing everything (including my littermate sister), then days when I would be too tired to do anything. I was happy, but hyper. That continued for 5 years, before I adopted Mom. My other family didn't know what was causing it, and the vet didn't run the right tests. When I adopted Mom, then she and Dad returned the favor, they took my sister and me to the vet. There, they ran blood tests on me and figured it out: hyperthyroidism, also called hyper-T. It's really common in cats, especially older cats. You can find out more about it here, but the basic symptoms are increased blood pressure, rapid weight loss, increased water consumption, and sometimes heart problems.

When I don't have my meds, I revert back to all that really quickly. It didn't take me long, only a couple weeks, to figure out it was that little tablet that made the difference. At first, I didn't want to take it, and would eat around it even when Mom put it in cheese or hotdog or something else I like. So she'd make me sit and then force it into my mouth. I'd spit it right back at her, of course, so she'd hold my mouth closed while I swallowed it. Once I figured out the tablet was the key to feeling better, though, I started running toward the kitchen when I heard the pill bottle rattle. For a few days, I would get mixed up and come when it was Mom's medicine bottle, but then I learned to distinguish between the two. I would even remind Mom and/or Dad when it was around the time I usually take my medicine! Mom was so surprised, but that's when things really started turning around health-wise for me as well, so she assumed that I'd made the connection. Now, even if I'm half-awake, I walk out to the kitchen when I hear, "Skylar, medicine time!" and patiently sit down. She has to open my mouth for me still; after all, I have to have some of my feline dignity! But that little tablet makes all the difference in the world, so I LOVE my medicine!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools from the vet?

Skylar: Whattaya mean, no medicine? I have to have my medicine! *follows Mommy around*

Mommy: I'm sorry, buddy. The vet gave us the wrong thing!

Skylar: You're not April Foolin' me, are you?

Mommy: Nope, I wish I was. See, your label says it should be methimazole, but the bottle label says it's fluoxetine and it's definitely not shaped like your regular stuff.

Skylar: But I want my medicine!

Mommy: *pets Skylar and tries to reassure him* I'm sorry. It will have to wait until after 11:00 am. I'll call the vet right away when they open.

Skylar: After my 8:00 medicine time? I don't get my 8 am medicine either? *looks very, very sad*

Mommy: I'm so sorry, hun.

Skylar: *goes to sulk by the food bowl where Rori is eating* They better have the right stuff at 11 am. *goes to stick his nose in the bag where the other bottle is*

Yes, we did get the right medicine now from the vet. Someone had put a special shipment of the other medicine in the wrong cupboard. Skylar is happy and medicated. :)

Wordless Wednesday