Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miss Marble has flown to the Bridge

Miss Marble writes:

This is my last blog post.  Goodbye friends!  I will watch over every one of you from the Rainbow Bridge, and I will send down my love to you!

Last night, I snuggled with Mommy, Daddy, and my inside family, but this morning I wanted out again (as usual).  My purrents have a jingle bell necklace on the door to the other dimension (aka the front door), and I have learned to make that ring to tell them I want out.  I rang the bell this morning, so Mommy let me out, saying "See you later" as usual.  They never kept me inside against my will.  I was born feral, and they knew that I would never be happy as just an inside kitty, so they let me go outside when I wanted.

A few hours later, Daddy was getting ready to leave for an appointment.  He went out the door, looked at the road, and saw something.  It was I, lying in a pool of blood on the road.  I had been hit by a car while crossing the road.  I was killed instantly.

At the approximate time I was killed, my inside-mama-cat Freya (not my real mama cat, but she treated me as her kitten) had stopped walking for a few minutes and sat down, unfocusing on the household and focusing on something else.  Mommy thought it was very strange at the time, but she and Daddy now realize that she probably had heard me make one last cry.

Daddy collected me on a bag and buried me under my favorite cedar tree and roses, where my sister and I used to play as kittens and rest as adults.  Mommy and Daddy are hoping that my sister will come visit, but they haven't seen her since Panther took over the backyard territory.

I love you all very much, and that love transcends death.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

PhotoHunt: Planter

Freya writes:

Daddy says that his shoes are not a toy planter, but we think they make a good one!  He always has to check them before he puts them on to make sure that our springs, yarn toys, or mousies aren't hiding in them.  One time, Heimdall even tried to plant his head in one and walked away with it on his head!

Are you a photohunter?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Anniversary to Freya & Heimdall, and a Panther Update!

Freya writes:

It was three years ago today that we came home for the first time!  Mommy had seen my brother's picture online in a Facebook game called "Save a Cat", which helps shelter kitties.  She showed the picture to Daddy, and he looked for any littermates that were still at the shelter.  I was the only other one from our litter of four.  Just the two of us left, because our brothers had already found homes and our mama cat was an owned pet.

I look and act like Lydia, who owned Daddy, and my brother Heimdall looks and acts like Skylar, who owned Mommy.  We both fell into the appropriate roles so easily, it was like we'd always lived here!  Of course, we also have our own personalities, but the similarities are striking.  It's obvious to anyone who knew Skylar and Lydia that they sent us to our family!

Heimdall writes:

It's been three years since I adopted Mommy!  Well, and my sister adopted Daddy, and they adopted us!  When they went to Salem Friends of Felines, the place we were, they found us in a room full of kittens.  We were 3 1/2 months at the time, and the oldest two in the kitten room.  My sister had the role of substitute mama cat to the younger ones, and I was the main play friend.  My sister didn't want to interact with our purrents when they tried to play with her, but I did.  However, once we were in the carrier on the way to our home, I curled up in the back of the carrier while my sister cried and put her paws through the door of it, wanting reassurance.

When we were finally home and the carrier was put down on the floor in the living room, out we came with heads held high, tails held high, ears forward, and eyes bright.  We were on an adventure, and we knew it!  From that moment on, this has been home.  We're looking forward to many more years with our family!

Now, an update on Panther.  We still don't know where his home is, because no one responded to his collar tag or the ad Mommy put on Craigslist asking if anyone knew where he belonged.  Our purrents took him to the vet to have him tested, and he's negative for any diseases.  That's a great thing!  He also got all his shots, since we don't know if he had any before.  When they all came back from the vet, we got to meet him nose-to-nose!  I, of course, went right into the carrier to investigate it and him, because it was our carrier that we came home in.  He touched noses with me, then pushed by me to get out of the carrier.  I let him, then went in the carrier the rest of the way.  I don't really fit in it anymore, so my tail was out.  Mommy said that's exactly what Uncle Carbon did when Freya and I came home!  Panther wanted out soon after he met everyone, so Daddy let him back outside.  But now we can let him in when he wants in, and we can start trying to find him a home!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Our new visitors!

Miss Marble writes:

There are two new visitors to our deck, our house, and our yard!  Tigress and I don't like them very much, because they eat our food and one of them gets pets from our family.  Our purrents say that one of them will learn to take turns with us and the other one will find a new home within the next couple months.  I certainly hope that turns out to be true!  I had to go out the door to the other dimension (aka the front door) this morning, because my door was blocked by the intruder who gets pets.  Mommy had to pick me up and put me out in the other dimension, then give me pets to let me know that it was still the same place.  No, it's not!  It's the other dimension!

 Panther writes:

Aack!  The lady took pictures of me!  I really don't like the flashy box, but learned last night that the red light means the white light will flash.  I freeze when the red light comes on, wait until after the white light flashes, then go on about my business (mainly getting pets from the lady and twirling around her while she talks to me).  I've been hanging around this new house since July 4th.  The people think that I either was dumped or ran away because of the fireworks.  I obviously know all the important things that a housecat should know, like what doors, collars, lights, people, and toys are, so I was an owned cat very recently.  I have a collar, but that is from these new people.  The tag is made especially for me, and says "Am I yours???" on one side and "If so, call xxx-xxx-xxxx" on the other.  The people named me Panther because I'm all black with gold eyes.  I'm shorthaired, and between 8 months and a year old.  I am not fixed, so if I truly am a stray or a dumped cat, that will be the first order of business (along with testing to make sure I'm free of any diseases).

I'm a very friendly boy, but I love to play, so I was showing off my ferociousness on the tomato cage!  I headbutt any hand that pets me, talk like a Siamese, and love to brush up against the people.  I'm a very strong boy, so my headbutts really push the people's hands!

If you are in the Hazel Dell/Walnut Grove area of Clark County, Washington, and know where I belong, please let the people know by commenting on this blog post.  If you are local, please share this information via blog, Facebook, etc., to help me find my home.  Thank you!

Our second new visitor is the raccoon in back.  He or she is a new kit, born about 12 weeks ago (probably), and just started coming with his mom.  His mom is one of last summer's kits, born to R.K., so the new kit is the fourth generation since we've lived in this house (three years).  He's very smart, and even likes to play with the toys JJ left behind!  The plastic saw is one of his favorites.  He'll spend a few minutes turning it over and over in his hands, trying to figure out what it is and what it does, then he'll bite it and put it down.  Daddy gave the outside cats a hotdog that had fallen on the floor inside, but the cats didn't want it.  The kit found it and figured out it was food after rolling it around for a bit!  He also likes the blue scoops from the weather station.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Skylar's three-year Bridge Day anniversary

It's been three years since Skylar became an angel.  What a lot has changed in that time!  We still miss him every single day, but treasure the memories, especially as we see Heimdall & Freya grow into their adult selves.  When Freya carries her fuzzy socks around the house, meowing to them, we're reminded of Skylar's sister Lydia doing the same thing with yarn puffballs.  When Heimdall snuggles into our arms or gets a funny look on his face and dashes around the house yowling at the top of his lungs, we laugh and remember Skylar doing the same things.

Those years with Skylar grow ever sweeter looking back.  He was the mommy's first kitty, and adopted her before she officially adopted him.  He was almost five years old at the time of his adoption, fully his adult self, but still willing to start his life over with Mommy and Daddy, his littermate, and two small kittens (Tabby and Carbon).  Between that day and the end of his life, he was honorary uncle to many foster kittens, enjoying every minute of playing tails with them and teaching them how to play.  Mommy was his person, but he adopted Mommy Erin as his second person, then Daddy as his third person and (then baby) JJ as his fourth person.  He loved to terrorize his sister Lydia, but she loved putting up with it.  It was a game between the two of them.

Even at the end, old and crochety as he was, he would come over for a snuggle and a proffered lap to sleep in.  He loved being held like a baby.  He never lost his wonderful Siamese yowl, especially when it came to food, and was the official timekeeper of the household.

We love and miss you every day, Skylar.  Thank you for sharing our lives and letting us into yours!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Missy had surgery and Heimdall took a stroller ride!

Missy writes:

When I became part of this household, my purrents took me to the vet to have them search for a spay scar.  The vet couldn't find one.  In the two years since then, I've exhibited most of the signs of an intact female, so my purrents scheduled a spay for me.  They brought me in Monday night, because our vet is a 24-hour clinic.  The vet called when I was under anesthesia and being shaved, because I did have a very small scar that could have been a spay scar.  The vet gave my purrents two options.  1.  No incision, do vaccinations, and pick me up after I'd recovered from the anesthesia.  2.  Make the incision and check if my organs were there, do vaccinations, and pick me up after I'd recovered from the anesthesia.  I know some of you may think this was the wrong decision, but my purrents agreed that they would do option #2 because of my behaviors.

The incision was made, and I had, indeed, already been spayed.  I woke up later on to a bunny in my cage.  Not a real one, MOL!  A fuzzy stuffed animal bunny that had my purrents' smells on it!  The clinic gives them to patients who have to stay for a while, and has the patients' families hug and hold the stuffed animal so the smell transfers.  Then we have something nice and familiar to wake up to when we're recovering!

Daddy came and picked me up after I'd recovered, eaten something, gotten checked, and had my pain medicine.  I got to take the fuzzy bunny home with me, and Freya loves it!  Everyone has been checking on me during the day, taking turns being close to me.  I was up on the table at one point, and Freya hopped up to touch noses with me.  I wasn't sure what she was doing, but she sat down and made friendly noises.  Mommy went to pet both of us so that I felt more comfy.  Later on, Heimdall did the same thing after Freya hopped down.  When I was waiting in line to eat, Heimdall sat by me, then ate from the other plate when I ate.  It's nice to know that I'm so loved!

Heimdall writes:

I took a stroller ride!  I love riding in the stroller inside the house, and always hop in it for a ride after Tabby gets home from her visits.  That's always been inside the house, though.  I've only once gone outside in the stroller, and I got so scared that Mommy brought me right back inside.  That was a couple years ago, though.

Mommy's been taking walks every day, going a few blocks down the street and back.  Today she decided to take me with her in the stroller!  She brought it out and I hopped in.  Then she zipped it up, which I wasn't expecting but that was ok with me.  When she took me outside, I chirped at her, but she reassured me and explained we were going to walk down the street and then back home.  I tried to get out of the stroller until we passed the house next door.  A butterfly flew by then, so I got excited about what I was seeing!  Wings!  I didn't know wings were out here!  I also didn't know the cars and trucks stayed on their path, called a road.  I saw, heard, and felt a train go by as well!

When we got back inside, my purrents praised me and gave me lots of pets.  I'm so proud I got to go outside in the stroller for a walk!  Mommy says she might take me out again in a few days!  I've been even more alert for the rest of the day, so she knows that I'm happy with my adventure.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 8th Gotcha Day Anniversary to Tabby & Carbon!

Eight years ago today, Tabby and Carbon were rescued from a wire cage outside the feed store in Clatskanie, Oregon, the hometown of Daddy.  It was a very hot day that day!  Carbon was 5 weeks old, and Tabby was 4 weeks old.  Mommy and Daddy were on their way to Long Beach, WA, when Mommy saw the sign on the feed store advertising free kittens.  All the way down to the beach, Daddy kept reminding Mommy to remind him to stop on the way back.  They finally got back just before the feed store closed for the evening!

Daddy picked up Carbon, who immediately climbed him and sat on his shoulder at his neck.  Mommy got Tabby, who snuggled into her arms and took a nap for a few minutes.  They then switched and each held the other kitten, after prying Carbon's claws off Daddy's shirt.  The lady at the feed store got a cardboard box and poked holes in it.

Tabby didn't want to stay in the box on the way home.  She wanted to look at the cars going by out the passenger window and also wanted to help Daddy drive!  She still is a good car-rider!  Carbon got too hot and threw up in the box.  Mommy cleaned it up.  To this day, he freaks out if he goes anywhere.

The picture above was taken a few days after they were brought home.  As soon as they were let out, Carbon found one of Daddy's boots and took a nap inside it!  Then they played for a while.  Mommy cut a piece of strawberry cake with whipped cream frosting, and Tabby wanted to know what it was, so she climbed onto the couch and made her wobbly way to Mommy's lap.  Tabby fell headlong into the cake!  Mommy and Daddy laughed and cleaned her up, with Carbon's help (of course), then got another piece of cake.

After a while of watching the kittens, the house was quiet.  Mommy and Daddy got up and turned the house upside-down looking for them, finding them asleep in the two top drawers of Daddy's dresser.  They'd climbed up the back and into the drawers!

Tabby writes:

Today, I'm getting to be out in the early morning!  Usually, Carbon and I sleep in the back bedroom at night, letting Starla be out, then switch with her when our purrents wake up.  But last night, when Starla came out of the room, Carbon hissed at her so he got put into the room.  I was good and stayed where I was, then lay down, so I got to stay out!  I have to go into the room when Mommy goes to sleep, but I can stay out until then.  I didn't know that Starla follows the same routine when she comes out that Carbon and I do.  We all use the scratcher, then head to the food bowls and have a meal.  Then we greet the others, including our purrents.

Carbon writes:

Phooey!  Tabby told on me!  Yes, I'm dictating this from time-out in the back bedroom because I was a naughty boy.  However, I did go into the room like I was supposed to after I hissed, so I will still get my Gotcha Day treats with Tabby when we get let out in the late morning.  I'm glad I won't miss out on those!  I've been a pretty good boy when I see Starla when we switch rooms, but this time she walked right by me.  I wanted to let her know that I am higher-up on the totem pole than she is, but it backfired.  Oh, well.  Nice try, I guess.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Heimdall's Need to Purr

Heimdall writes:

Gramma's not feeling well.  She hasn't been to see us in a couple months, because she's taking some medicine but can't risk infection from a lot of things, including potential contamination from our litter box.  She doesn't want to take the chance, even though it's a low risk.  I miss seeing her!  I know she's not feeling well, so when I hear Mommy talking with her on the phone I sit nearby.

One time, Mommy put the phone to me so Gramma could hear me doing my two-tone motorboat purr for her.  Then I hung up the phone by pawing it!  "I love you, Gramma!  Bye!"  The last two times I've sat by Mommy when she's talking with Gramma on the phone, I've made my needs known very forcefully.  The time before last, I took one of Mommy's knuckles in my mouth to tell her I didn't want pets.  I got in trouble for it, but then I asked the phone by putting my paw on it like Tabby does to ask.  Mommy realized what I wanted, so she held the phone to me while I purred for Gramma and she talked to me.  The last time, I ME-YOWWW-ed at Mommy to give me the phone, NOWWW!!!  She did, and I purred for Gramma again.

Gramma loves my purrs and says they help her feel better.  I love my gramma!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Public Service Announcement: Foxtails!

Miss Marble writes:

When I came inside last night, Mommy did my "burr-check", just like she does every time I come in.  She runs her hands over all my fur, including my tummy and legs, to check for tiny seeds called burrs.  They are ball-shaped, with tiny hooks, and were the inspiration for Velcro.  Well, they sure do that to my fur if I go through those plants that have burrs!  One time, Mommy got five out of me at once, and I have short fur!

I only had one last night, but then Mommy felt something that was a bump with prickles.  She made me stay put, holding me between her knees to keep me in place, while she parted my fur and looked at the bump.  She pulled something out with her claws (which she calls fingernails) and said I had a foxtail!  No, I have a kitty tail, Mommy!

She showed it to me, and I promptly tried to gently bite it out of her fingers.  I knew it was bad, no matter what it was called!  This kind of foxtail is a seed.  It has a hard point that sticks in skin, then grass-like parts that act as arrow barbs.  The point gets embedded in the skin, then the whole thing works its way in, through muscle, veins, arteries, anything that gets in its way.  Nasty things!  I'm so glad Mommy got it out of my fur before it tried to work its way under my skin.

If you have cats, dogs, or any other animal that goes outside, please be sure to check them for these nasties.  Check your own clothing, too, including socks and laces, before coming inside so you don't inadvertently track them in.  It's definitely foxtail season out there!  Click here for a picture and more information.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

PhotoHunt: Go!

This is how Tabby goes:  in her stroller!

Sometimes she likes to look where she's going.

Other times she likes to use her own four paws to go, but always on harness & leash.

Are you a photohunter?