Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Happy Birthday to the Twins!





It's Freya's (top) & Heimdall's (side) 11th birthday today!  We're celebrating with snuggles, games of red dot, and playing chase.  We're also going to get canned food for dinner!

Friday, March 5, 2021

A Very Special Gotcha Day Anniversary!


Rainbow writes:

Hi, everyone!!!  I'm glad to meet all of you!  Mommy didn't introduce me when I first came to live here, but I've been here a whole year now!  What a year it's been, too.  I'm so glad to have found my forever family.  Daddy took the picture above, because I am awesome!

This picture was from March 5, 2020, the day I was adopted.  I look a little out-of-it because I had just woken up and was also still recovering from my spay the day before.  I'd also just moved to the Oregon Humane Society from Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter.

*takes a deep breath to slow down a little*

Ok, I'll back up a bit.  I was born in September 2019 somewhere in Oregon, probably in Washington County somewhere.  Things are blurry until someone brought me to Bonnie Hays Small Animal Shelter in January or February of 2020.  I had a really bad upper respiratory infection and had to be in isolation for a long time.  Once I finally recovered from that, due to the awesome care I got there, I was transferred to the Oregon Humane Society.  I wasn't around other cats there, either, because I was only there for a day before finding my forever home!

The night before I was adopted, Mommy and Daddy were looking at kitty pictures on the OHS website.  They had picked out a senior cat with some special needs so they made plans to go meet him, but they were also looking at all the profiles to see who else was there in case their first choice wasn't right for them.  They saw my picture, and it said that I wasn't yet available and my adoption fee was more than the senior cat's one was because I was still a kitten.

Well, the senior cat needed to be in a home that was a lot calmer than here.  He wouldn't have done well in a home with other cats, especially not ones that can get as rowdy as we like to be!  After looking at all the kitties in the public adoption area, Mommy went to the display with pictures of other adoptable kitties.  There I was, and this time it said I was adoptable!  Daddy has always wanted another calico, since he had one when he was younger and loved her so much.  Mommy didn't have to do much convincing to get him to say yes to adopting me!  They went to a meeting room and the person brought me in.  At first, I wanted to stay around him, because I knew him and didn't know these two strangers who were in the room with us and who were trying to reach out their hands to me.  I finally went over to them and got petted, so I claimed them (as you can see from the picture above)!  That's Mommy that I'm claiming, and Daddy got claimed, too, and I was purring so much because I knew I had people of my very own!

I will share other photos of my adventures this last year, but it's almost time for my treat of wet food for my special day!  I'm going to share with everyone else, especially with my bestie, Shadow, who is only a little older than I am.  Oh, and I'm the "big kitty" (alpha cat) here now, despite being the youngest!  Panther told me I could be, once I learned how to be, and he says I've learned well enough.  I think I'm still kind of in training, though, because I know there's a lot more to learn!

*paw waves*

Oh, and I forgot to say that my name now is the same as it was at both shelters.  It totally fits with my coloring and with my journey, because Mommy and Daddy are sure that aunties Tabby, Rori, and Starla sent me to all the right places to find this home!