Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Bridge Birthdays to Skylar & Lydia!

Skylar and Lydia,

Your dad and I are thinking of you both and missing you today (and always), but today especially.  It's your birthday today!  You would both be 11 today.  We are forever grateful to have known you both for as long as we did, and that you both lived as long as you did.  When we look at the little ones, we are reminded of your antics as well, even though we didn't know you as kittens.  From what your first family told me, you were just like them when you were that small!  Lydia, as I watch Rori interact with Freya, I have to laugh, because she treats Freya just as you treated her:  loving, watchful, teaching her to how be a lady, disciplining her whenever she gets too playful or jumps around too fast, and grooming her when she's being good.  Skylar, when I watch Carbon playing with the rest of the household and flopped down watching the kittens go zooming by, reaching out a paw to swipe at them occasionally, I know that it's because he had you to teach him how to be a mancat.

We love you both always!


Mom and Dad (and your nieces and nephews still on earth, those you met and those you sent to us)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lydia's Bridge Day Anniversary

Sweet Lady Lydia, today marks two years since you flew away to the Bridge.  I still miss you every day, and I know your dad does, too.  Skylar is with you now, together again just as you were in life, and I know you both are looking down on us.

Freya is sooo much like you, love.  Sometimes, I think Rori thinks Freya's you in miniature.  Sometimes I think we all do.  She could be you come back to us, she's that similar in looks & behavior.  She is learning to snuggle with her daddy just like you did, and Rori is teaching her how to be a lady of the house (when Freya's not chasing Rori wanting her to play, lol).  Freya & Heimdall are bonded and act like you and Skylar, and we're forever grateful for them, knowing that you and your brother had a paw in sending them to us.

We love you so much, Lydia, and will always love you!  We honor and cherish your memory today and always.



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Go Yellow for Livestrong Day!

Our grandma and great-grandma beat cancer, but many others in our family did not.  We are thankful every day for the advances in science that allow many cancer patients the hope of remission.

In honor of those who are fighting the battle against cancer, or who have beaten it, and in memory of those who lost their lives to cancer, Freya is wearing her yellow sundress.  We also would like to remember those who lost their lives to feline cancers, including our Skylar and Lydia.