Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Shadow writes:

Yesterday I had a great idea! The other people who feed me and take care of me haven't been around as much, so when I went over to the green house for my usual meal I stared at the lady for a while without eating. She figured I wanted some water, so she came out with the mug to fill the bowl. Nope, that's not what I wanted, but I head-butted the mug to tell her that I appreciated the thought. She asked me what I wanted, and I rubbed up against the porch step then stared right at her. Finally, she got the idea!

I let her put her hand up to me, and then sniffed it and arched my back a little. She put her hand on my soft fur and petted me ever so gently. We were both shy about me being petted, but she was gentle and I turned around and around to be petted on both sides and my back. I even let her pet all the way from the back of my ears to the tip of my tail!

Then, finally, after about 5 minutes of me allowing her to pet, she said she had to go back inside. I didn't want her to stop petting me, so I followed her up the porch. She pet me one last time, and then went back inside. I stared at the door, wanting her to come back out again.

Later on, when I went back for my next meal, the man was there watching me from the door. I looked at him, then looked around for the lady. He said she had gone someplace else, but she'd be back later. Maybe today she'll be there and pet me some more?

The lady writes:

I wouldn't have believed I would be writing this when I first met Shadow 2 1/2 years ago! She was completely feral, as shown by her eartip. Well-taken care of, but feral. The people on the next street over feed her as well, and obviously have been working on taming her, just as we have. We think she lets them pet her and has for a few months (maybe longer). This is the first time ever that she's tolerated even a touch from either of us, though! Let alone wanting to be petted!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Friday: The Face

Rori has always loved to investigate the camera, from the time she was a baby kitten! The third picture is one of our former fosters (from a few years ago), Spooky, who also loved to ham it up. The last picture is Rori, all grown up, at just over 2 years old.

Foster Friday

Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words, prayers, and purrs on the loss of our tiny tuxie fosters! It means so much to Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy that we have this community of caring friends! *hugs for each and every one of you*

Squishy and Little Guy have been terrorizing the house now that they can jump up on everything. Even the top of the fridge isn't safe! Little Guy decided yesterday that he was a potholder and took a nap in the basket meant for those (on the counter by the stove) until Foster Mommy found him and made him get down. He protested that he was so cute there by showing off his teethies in a yawn, but she still put him on the floor.

Little Bit is finally done weaning those two buggers! It certainly took her long enough!!! They're just over three months old now! *gasp* She's been running around with them, but she's such a well-behaved kitty in general so no major issues with her (just the usual chasing at top speed through the house).

Little Bit is going to be spayed sometime in October, then she'll go to live with Erin. The ad goes back up for the other two on the weekend, not because of their behavior (but potential adopters will be warned the kittens are a double handful!). We hope to have them adopted before Thanksgiving, as we don't let fosters go to new homes during the holidays.

Feral Friday by the Trailer Kitties

Food bowl rollcall:

Precious, Shadow, Spongebob, Grey calico kitty.

Precious is really big now, and should have her kittens any day. We hope that she'll bring them by when they're old enough, and that we can catch them and tame them young.

The back porch light is still out, so we can't see every visitor who comes. We think the raccoons and possum have been by, but we're not sure.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sad Mini Mancat Monday Night

Rest in peace, tiny Baby-Dot! We loved you.

He died while nursing from the bottle at 8:15 pm tonight (Monday night). We were at my work; I had taken both tiny ones along because I knew they would need to be fed after my two classes. At home, at the same time, Skylar woke up from a nap and came out to Scott; he knew something had happened.

We buried Baby-Dot in the backyard by Lydia and Sara Princess Kitty.

Rest in peace, Baby-Tuxie! We loved you, too.

Baby-Tuxie joined his brother at 1:30 am (Tuesday). I took him out of the box to feed him, and he was having trouble breathing, just like his brother had. Scott held him while he died, and we both let him know we loved him. We buried him by his brother.

Their Catster page is here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meow like a Pirate Day 2009 & Catwalk Caturday

Tabby writes:

I love to wear clothes! My pirate outfit is one of my favorite ones. It's a blouse and skirt, plus the hat and eye patch. I usually don't like wearing hats, but I wore this one without a fuss!

No Catwalk Caturday would be complete without a link to my public modeling debut: Dove Lewis Animal Hospital's Boutiques Unleashed fundraiser last spring.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Foster Friday

Squishy's all better now, and has been thoroughly enjoying being out and about with everyone again. He and Little Guy have learned to jump onto the kitchen counters, the bathtub, and the end table. Their new favorite activities are getting into the garbage, carrying the bathtub plug around like prey, and playing hide-and-seek with the shower curtain.

We now think Rori and Little Guy (and also Kai) are half-siblings. As Little Guy's coloring gets more pronounced, he's looking a lot like Spongebob and like Rori (see above pictures).

Our newest babies are two male tuxedo kittens. They're not classic tuxies; more like our feral Dot and Tux. In fact, one of them has a black fur patch on his nose just like Dot. These two are bottle babies, so we have been doing feedings every two hours. Little Bit may step into an "auntie" role, but she's not interested in nursing these two. Little Guy wants to comfort them when they cry, and this morning he almost climbed in with the pink-nosed one. Squishy thinks they might play, and bats their heads with soft paws then looks at me when they don't respond.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wonders on Wednesday

Two more little lives join us. These sweethearts were abandoned by their feral mom and were being bottle-fed by a lady who raises puppies. Her son has asthma, so she couldn't risk bringing them into her house; they were being fed and cared for on her porch for the last two weeks. She called our vet's yesterday, wondering if anyone could foster them because they are too little for the humane society. We got a call, and immediately called back saying we'd take them in.

The one in the upper left corner is definitely a boy. We're not sure on the sex of the other one. There was a third kitten in the litter, another male, but that one is being cared for and will be adopted by a neighbor of theirs. Brother went pee on his own while eating, and the other one had solid poops when cleaned after feeding just now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

PhotoHunt: Electric

Today was the grand opening of metro Portland, Oregon's fourth light rail transit train: the MAX Green Line. It runs from Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas to Gateway Transit Center in Gresham, to downtown Portland, OR.

There were celebrations at each of the major stops, complete with street fairs, giveaways, community art projects, and farmers' markets. Fun times!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Squishy's Wordless Wednesday

Squishy is still squishing, so he's still mostly confined to the bathroom, and not happy about it. He purrs when Foster Daddy gives him baths (and screams when held by the running water, but purrs while he's screaming). The doctor prescribed medicine, and it's helping little by little.