Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heimdall ate my spider friend!

Rori writes:

*cries and glares at Heimdall*  Heimdall ate my spider friend!  I found a very interesting, large spider on the lip of the garbage can last night!  I was watching it, up on my hind legs so I could see it better because I'm a small kitty.  Mommy thought I was trying to get into the garbage can, but then she saw what I was looking at.  Spiders are my friends!  I had one at the old house, watched it spin its web between the stove and the wall in the kitchen, for a few months before it disappeared.  I didn't let anyone else near it.  My nephew Heimdall saw what I was looking at last night, though, and started stalking it.  I warned him by cuffing him, but he wouldn't stop.  I followed it around the corner of the garbage can, then couldn't see it anymore, so I backed off to watch from a distance in case it came back out.  So did Heimdall, but he saw it first, pawed it, and ate it!  Ate my spider friend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No more yellow in Tabby's ears!

Tabby writes:

No more yellow in my ears!  Mommy's been checking my ears to see if the jaundice is going away, and the color has been gradually coming back.  Tonight, the yellow was gone, replaced by all healthy, purply skin!  Heimdall was checking my ears, too, helping Mommy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Daddy's Day to all the daddies out there!  Missy's hanging out with Daddy today, snuggling on the couch to keep him company while he takes a nap.  Freya hopped up earlier to stand on Daddy's side and tell him that she was up there to snuggle with him, then lay down and rested.  He had to laugh that she woke him up to tell him she was there to snuggle!

Grandpa was over on Friday night, and we all ran up to greet him and get pets.  Missy tried to crawl in his jacket sleeve!  Freya likes flopping over on her side so that he can rub her side, and then Heimdall gets jealous of his sister and does the same thing.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy birthday to Tabby!

Tabby writes:

Today's my 7th birthday!  Wow!  Mommy says that I need to behave as a 7-year-old now.  I think she said that because I was screaming at her, though.  She was working on the computer and I wanted pets.  After asking her a few times, I screamed at her.  I'm usually pretty good about asking and waiting, but it's my birthday so I think I deserve a few pets and hugs this early!  I got them, but I had to behave properly for a little while first.  That was fine with me, because I knew I'd get my pets and birthday hugs then.

I've been teaching our raccoon kitty (R.K., the one who acts like she's a kitty) how to behave lately.  I've taught her to lie down on the other side of the glass from me.  I've also taught her how to touch noses, even though the glass is in the way so we can't really touch.  Grandma came by a few days ago and saw us doing both those things.  She loved it!  She hadn't really believed our purrents when they said that R.K. behaves like a kitty, but now she believes it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy birthday to Carbon!

Carbon writes:

Wow!  Today's my 7th birthday!  It's raining here today, so I'm going to spend my birthday snuggling with my purrents and running around with Little Bit.  Maybe I'll watch the rain from the back door as well.  Rainy days are great days to snuggle, though.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sumptuous Sunday!

Miss Marble writes:

Does anyone want to come over for a mousie feast?  Daddy just finished mowing the lawn with the new riding lawn mower, and there are all kinds of fat, juicy field mice running around!  I just caught two really good ones.  *licks lips*  I was inside while Daddy was mowing, because Mommy wouldn't let me go outside then.  I tried to tell her I wanted out, but it didn't work.  I'm actually glad I wasn't out with the lawn mower, but I saw the mice jumping out of the way and wanted to chase them.

The raccoon with the bad eye (it's mostly blind in one eye) was also out in the yard hunting, but I think she was mostly interested in the salamanders.  It was good hunting for both of us!  The raccoon is one of the litter that's the same age as me, and this one is named R.K. (Raccoon Kitty) because she has learned how to behave like my sister and me!  She curls up on the deck like us and reaches up to the door handle like us.

I sleep on the bed now when I'm inside.  I love curling up on the cozy blanket, especially if Mama Freya is up there to snuggle with me.  I also like attacking Mommy's feet under the blanket, but I have to remember to use soft paws (claws in), otherwise she tells me I'm hurting her and snaps her fingers.  If she does that, I run away and come back once she is quiet again.

Tigress writes:

Yummy mice!  It was scary watching the daddy on the loud monster, but fun watching the mice scurry away from it.  I'm hunting, too, but staying back from the mown parts of the yard for a while.  I don't want to have that monster come and get me, too, even though no one's riding it now.  It's just sitting quietly by itself, so I think it's alright.  That's what the one next door does, and it's safe when no one's on it.

I've invented a new game!  I play it with the mommy!  She sticks her hand out the sliding window-door, and that's my cue to slink along the wall.  I get almost to her hand, then crouch down and reach my right paw up to tag her fingers.  I sniff them, then touch them again!  I'm very brave!  I even let her touch my ear when I'm eating sometimes, and other times just let her have her hand out toward me while I'm eating close by the door.  My sister wants to know why I don't just come inside again and let the mommy and the daddy pet me, but I'm not that brave yet.  I've seen how much everyone else enjoys that, but I'm not ready for that yet.  I do enjoy my game with the hand, though!