Friday, May 29, 2009

A very exciting therapy visit!

Tabby writes:

Yesterday was my day to go visiting. I've been very good all week, even leaving Starla alone most of the time! I didn't want to miss out on my chance to go on my visit! So when Mommy said I could get to go, I didn't even try to hide. I actually kept asking her if it was time, and following her around the house!

We rode the bus and the MAX (light rail transit) there without any hassles from drivers. It was a beautiful day, but hot. It definitely is the start of summer weather = 80 F. We got there a little early, so we sat in the shade and watched the kids at the fountain in the park. Then, it was time!

R. went around with us this time. The last two times, it's been S., but she had a meeting today. So Mommy let R. know our usual pattern, and we visited with almost everyone on the care floor! Two ladies came down from "Independent Living" to visit with me as well, and one of them had been part of a therapy cat team in Juneau, Alaska! It was great to hear a couple of her stories and tell her about the work we are doing here. She was thrilled that we were here. :)

The lady from Alaska told us an interesting fact. Did you know that cats purr at the same frequency as an ultrasound machine? So we really do sense what's going on inside human bodies!

A new lady, A., was in bed when we visited. Mommy told me to hop up on the bed, so I did, and made myself comfortable stretched alongside her legs, just like we'd practiced at home. Mommy was so proud of me for doing that right away! A. petted me, scritched my ears, and talked to me. She joked that Mommy was taking away her time with me when she petted me too! She had a twinkle in her eye and laughed right away, so it was very clear she was joking, then she petted me more! :)

After our visiting time was over, there was an hour break until a volunteer appreciation buffet. Mommy and I strolled to where she used to work, just a few blocks away, to show me off to her former co-workers at the Starbucks inside the Safeway. Mommy needed to eat something, so I waited while she had a bit of a lunch, then we strolled back.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the volunteer appreciation thing because of Oregon's law requiring that no animals (except service animals) are to be in areas where food is prepared or served to the public. I was very sad when Mommy left me in the office downstairs, and I had to watch her go with round eyes! She told me she'd be back, and wanted me to rest for a bit. But I wanted to go too! Too bad I was zipped in my stroller, or I would've just followed her out the door anyway.

Mommy took her digital camera with her so that she could show pictures of me and the video of me walking on my leash. The people who hadn't yet met me were very glad to see those, so they could get an idea what I was like. The volunteer appreciation thing was fun, Mommy said, and she got a candy bar, a keychain, and a pen all printed with the name of where we visit. She spent a lot of time chatting with a group of people from the "Independent Living" floors, and that was a blast for her! They might even come down to the floor that I visit on next time to see me!

The most exciting part of the thing, though, was that another volunteer is the activities director at another nursing home. She wanted to know if we would be interested in visiting there as well! Of course, Mommy said yes, so now it's just setting up the schedule! :) :) :) Yay, another place with people to charm!

S. came down before Mommy did, and opened up the office where I was waiting. I saw her, and looked around for Mommy, but didn't see anyone else. I started crying a bit, wondering what had happened. S. took me out of the stroller and petted me, then strolled me out to the main hallway to sit with me until Mommy got there. She only was about five more minutes, but it seemed like an eternity! Once I was in Mommy's arms, I purred and purred. She cuddled me and told me that she would never leave without coming back for me. I know that, but I was still worried. But I know she would never leave me; she's my Mommy!

We went back home without any trouble, and told Daddy all about the big adventurous day! He was really happy everything went well, and definitely was excited to hear that we would be going to visit somewhere else also! I was so nice when I got back home; I waited until Starla went out of the kitchen before I got something to eat and drink. She wasn't sure what I was going to do, if I was going to chase or not, so she slunk around the kitty tree. I looked at her, looked at Mommy, and walked around the other side. Mommy put her hand on my back very gently to tell exactly which direction my muscles were headed, but I just wanted to eat and have some water now that I was home. Then I took a good, long nap!


Daisy said...

I am so proud of you for all the good work you do! It must be awesome to know you made someone smile and be happy.

Mouchois said...

Gosh, it's about time I find a kitty from Portland. And darn that law. I was always bummed out when I couldn't take my babies to work.