Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rori is thankful for a snuggle spot in Mommy's office room.
Dare is thankful for Mommy's licky-arm.
Sherbet is thankful for his shelf and that there is food, water, and a litter box in Mommy's office room.
Panther is thankful for Daddy's lap.
Autumn is thankful for Daddy and for Mama Lana.
Little Bit is thankful for flea medicine.
Freya is thankful for snuggle laps and fuzzies to play with.
Heimdall is thankful for flea medicine and Mommy.
Missy is thankful for Daddy.
Tabby is thankful for everyone and a tote to sleep on top of.
Carbon is thankful for food.
Starla is thankful for open windows with screens, sun puddles, and a nice day.
Niss is thankful for food and a place to hang out on the deck.

We are all thankful for YOU!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mean Purrents!

Sherbet writes:

Auntie Rori, is this how purrents are supposed to act?  (Sherbet looks at Rori, who's sound asleep, snuggling next to him.)  Mommy, why did you and Daddy double-team me with a big blankie at 4 in the morning?  You wanted to put what on me?  Flea medicine?  I don't want them to get medicine; I want them off me.  Oh?  That's what flea medicine does?  Is that why I don't feel them crawling around my nose so much now?  Ok, I think.  I'll forgive you for putting the stuff on me, but it'll take me a while to forgive Daddy for chasing me around the room and wrapping me up in the big blankie.

Mommy writes:

This was Sherbet's first time having flea medicine put on him, and he was thoroughly traumatized, as only a true feral can get from something like this.  Rori decided to cheer him up by snuggling with him for hours; as the alpha of the household she knows that her job is to care for the others.