Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordy Wednesday: Our New House!!!

We've lived in our new house for just over a week now, and are starting to get used to it and find all the fun things about it! There's a fireplace (a thing we've never seen before), lots of windows to look out, heaters in the floor in every room that we stand over and wait until the warm air blows through our fur, and a room with nothing in it! Plus something called a garage that we can't go into but Mommy and Daddy can. That's where the laundry lives.

Here's our individual takes on the move:

Rori writes:

It took me a long time to get used to the new house. At first, I was scared. When we moved, Daddy stuck me in the green crate with Uncle Carbon, who pees on everything when he travels. So I got peed on! Yuck!!!

This is how we moved to our new home. Carbon and I in one crate, and Starla in a soft carrier, then Tabby, Skylar, and Spooky on harness & leash in the front. Plus all our things. You can see our kitty tree on the left, and our scratching post.

Can you see me hiding in these two pictures? I was really scared. I didn't know what was going on! Spooky hid with me in the pony closet, but he was on the bottom shelf so he doesn't show up in the picture.
Mommy carried me out of the closet and showed me the house. I clung to her like I did when I was a kitten. She put me down in the living room and I made a beeline for the bookcase/entertainment center, hiding underneath it. I ran back into the kitty room/office after everyone was asleep. After a couple days, I ventured into the bedroom and hid in the closet there. Then, while Mommy was napping, I timidly explored the rest of the house. When she woke up from her nap, I chirped at her to follow me and showed her the house proudly! I'm now Big Kitty in a bigger house!!!

Skylar writes:

Moving again? Okay by me! I was totally unconcerned with the moving process. When it was time for us kitties to move, our purrents put my harness on and carried me out to our friends' Expedition that they let us borrow.

They had to stop at the store to get new litter boxes and some food for us, so Tabby and I waited in the driver's seat until Daddy came back. Then I sat on Daddy's lap the whole time while he drove.

Once we got there, Starla and I shared a room and the others shared another room. Tabby and Starla still need to be separated, so they figured that was best for us. Once we were all allowed out, I saw my chair had arrived so I hopped up into it and settled right down.

As long as I have my chair, I'm fine! Spooky and Starla like it, too. :)

Carbon writes:

I do not like this thing called "moving"! I peed in the carrier going over, on myself and the blanket and on Rori. :( I had no idea what was going on, and I was so scared that I was shivering and stress purring.

I hid in a teepee (no pun intended) of chart paper for a day, then started to explore the house. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of me when I made it into the living room! Now, I run all over and play with all our toys happily! I love the sliding glass door in the dining room.

Tabby writes:

Moving is fun! What an adventure! I didn't know what to think when everything started being packed up and the furniture and boxes kept disappearing.

Where did the dvd shelves go? I didn't know all our toys were hidden under here!

There were so many interesting smells and fun things to investigate! When we got put in harness, I thought maybe I was going to go visiting but then the others were put in harness and carriers so I thought maybe not. I loved the car ride, and watched out the windows most of the time. At one point, I climbed into the back and rode in the big kitty tree behind Mommy's seat, watching out the window. I rode on the sewing basket as well. Fun stuff!

I was not at all sure about this thing called a "fireplace". What did it do? Mommy said I'd find out. Then Daddy put wood in it, then flame, and it burned but it stayed caged. What was it?

No, really, what was it??? I investigate the heater vents in each room, too. I stand over them with my nose to them and wait for the warm air to fluff my fur. Then I look at Mommy.

This is our dining room. We're getting a drop-leaf table once we put some of this stuff away. I was guarding Mommy's purse.

Once the bed moved in, Skylar and I took a long nap on it. :)

Starla writes:

Moving is scary! I did it once before, and I was kind of scared that it would be the same this time, that my new purrents would abandon me. Everyone else said no, so once Daddy put me in the carrier I settled down. I rode in the back, next to Carbon & Rori's crate. Once there, I was put in the same room as Skylar, because Tabby and I still aren't getting along.

I saw the chair was there, so I ran to it and looked for my little table. It wasn't there! Why wasn't it there? It always is by this chair! Once the living room got put together, my table appeared. I spend a lot of time under it or under the big chair, but I go investigate things too. I also snuggle in bed with Mommy and Daddy. I love doing that!

Fireplaces are kind of scary, but interesting. You may need to biggify this picture to see my reaction to the fireplace, and there wasn't even anything in it!

Spooky writes:

Fun!!! I got to be on harness for the first time, and ride in a car!

Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy were so proud of me and impressed with my car-riding skills. I sat on Foster Mommy's lap the whole way and purred!

I didn't know what a fireplace or a fire was before I came here. I've only tried to climb the screen once, and that was when there wasn't anything inside. I talk to Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy about the fire, and am mesmerized by the whole thing.

I love the wide open spaces and dash from room to room. Foster Mommy throws my jingle balls down the long hallway, and I run after them happily.

Shadow writes:

I'm not quite sure what's going on. The people in the green house haven't been around as much as usual. A few days ago, they were trying to get me to eat out of this big green box, so I did. Not too bad, same food. Then yesterday, as I was letting the lady pet me and was purring for her, she took the back of my neck and lifted me up, then tried to put me in the green box! I realized I was inside it when I was halfway in, stretched out my legs, and the lady was caught off-guard. She didn't close the door quickly enough, and I scratched her on the way out. I didn't mean to scratch, and I was very gentle, but I did leave marks. I just was so scared, and ran toward the back fence.

The lady said she was sorry and said she'd be back to pet me again in a few days. I love her, and love her petting me, but I wasn't at all sure what was going on today!

Spongebob (my friend cat who lives across the street from the green house) said the people in the green house may be moving. He went inside their house yesterday, and called for their kitties to come out, but there were no other kitties inside anymore! The lady said they had all moved to their new house! She told Sponge that they want me to move with them. Maybe that's why she wanted me in that box?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us!
We are mostly moved into our new home, and enjoying the big rooms, hallway, and our first fireplace.
We hope the new year is filled with blessings for you and your families!

Love, the PDX pride:
Rori, Skylar, Carbon, Tabby, Starla, foster kitten Spooky,
and feral (yet to be caught and brought over) Shadow.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

PhotoHunt: Undesirable

Baths are very undesirable!

Especially for long-haired cats!

Lydia looks absolutely shocked at Carbon's post-bath fur!

Lydia, even my tail's drenched and dripping!

*glares at Mommy* Why did you have to do this???

Not a happy camper! Carbon, October 2007.