Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miss Marble's 1st Bridge Day Anniversary

Miss Marble writes:

It was one year ago today that I left my earthly family and gained my angel wings.  I know that they still miss me terribly.  I don't know what made me not notice the car coming, or what made me try right then to cross the street, which I normally never did.  You might say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or was I?  Because I left for the Bridge, my sister decided that she could start to come inside.  She thought it was my territory before, so she didn't want to intrude on a place she considered to be only mine.  We shared most territory, but she didn't want to try to come inside while I was alive.  When she came back from her walkabout a couple months after I flew to the Bridge, she immediately decided inside was a good place!  Now she's almost as comfortable inside as I was!

I miss you, sissy Tigress, and I miss all of my inside family, my purrents, and all my friends.  Love to you from the Bridge!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Annifursary to the Twins!

Hey, Sis!  Did you hear that?  It's our 4th Gotcha Day Annifursary!  Remember when we were just kittens and Mommy and Daddy came to Salem Friends of Felines to get us?  They said we looked just like Uncle Skylar and Auntie Lydia and they wanted us to be their very own kittens!  I remember being excited and scared at the same time and hiding in the back of the carrier.

What was that, Brother?  Oh, yeah.  I remember being at Salem Friends of Felines in the kitten room.  We were the oldest kittens in there, and I took over as the foster "mom" to the littlest ones who needed someone to mentor them.  You were the only one I let pretend nurse on me, though, and that was only because you're my brother.  I remember that ride to our new home.  I didn't want to leave the kitten room at all, but once we got in the car I wanted out of the carrier and kept reaching my paws through to hold onto Mommy and Daddy.

When we got home, I remember that we explored everything, with our new family trailing along behind watching what we were doing and trying to get to know us.  That was an adventure, and a fun one at that!  I'm so glad that Mommy saw your picture and Daddy saw mine, so that we found a home together, since we're littermates.  I'm glad we found this home to call our own!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Four years....

Skylar, it's now four years since you left us, and in many ways I still can't believe it. I know you visit us from time to time, along with our other angels, but it seems surreal to think that it's been this long already. Your daddy and I still smile and laugh at how similar Heimdall, the one you found for me, behaves to how you used to behave. Just yesterday, he was trying to mooch cinnamon rolls from your grandma and me after sneaking in somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. Is it any wonder we gave him your name as his middle name?
 Skylar, you came into my life chowing down on a tomato in my garden, and the night before you went to the Bridge you yowled one last time for your yummy food. Thanks for letting me be part of your life and for embracing all of us. No matter how many years it becomes, we never will forget you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy 9th Gotcha Day Annifursary to Tabby & Carbon!

Tabby and Carbon:  Mommy?  Daddy?  Please tell us the story about how you adopted us!

The PDX pride mommy and daddy gather the two nine-year-olds onto their laps and begin to tell the story, petting the purring kitties as they talk.

Nine years ago, two little kittens were waiting in a wire cage on the porch of the feed store in Clatskanie, Oregon.  One was striped and swirled, and one was all black and long-haired.  The tortoiseshell was a little, 4-week-old girl and the black one was a little, 5-week-old boy.  They were from two litters that had been dropped off to be given away, and were the last ones left.  It was a hot, summer day.  The kittens had a litter box, a water bowl, and a bowl of dry food in the cage.

A man and lady drove past.  The people were going on a date to Long Beach, Washington.  The lady saw the sign on the feed store that said "Free Kittens".  All the way down to the beach and all the way back, the man kept on telling the lady, "I want a puddy.  Remind me to stop on the way back so we can look at the kittens!"  The lady was going to adopt two adult cats of her own, but the man wanted a cat or cats, too, because he loved kitties and had always had them in his life.

When the people stopped, the feed store was about to close for the day.  The lady smiled as she saw the cages for a bunny and for the kittens, because she'd had a dream years before that had that exact scene in it!  The man rushed right over to the kitten cage and scooped up the little black kitten.  The kitten crawled up his chest and curled around his neck.  The lady took the little tabby kitten out, and she snuggled right into the lady's elbow.

After a few minutes, the people traded kittens and went inside.  The clerk brought out a cardboard box with holes in it and put the kittens inside.  Once in the truck, the people opened the box to pet the kittens.  "What are you going to name them?" asked the lady.  "Tabby and Carbon," answered the man, smiling.  "A friend has two that look like these, and I helped pick them out, so these two are going to be named after them."  Tabby spent the trip looking out the window, trying to climb the man, and trying to explore.  Carbon got sick in the box and the lady cleaned it up for him.

The people stopped at a pet store to get supplies for the little ones, since the man had not planned on coming home with any furry friends!  When the box was opened at the man's house, the people lifted the kittens out and showed them where their new litter box, food, and water all were.  Carbon hopped into a smelly work boot and fell asleep!  Tabby wanted to investigate and was especially interested in the strawberry cake the lady was eating.  The lady put her on the couch, where she promptly took a nosedive into the cake!  Carbon woke up and helped the people clean Tabby up.

The people settled on the couch to watch a movie and watch the kittens play.  Some time later, they realized the house was too quiet.  Where had those kittens got to?  Not under the bed!  Not in the spare room!  Not under the couch!  How about in the dresser?  There, in the top two drawers, were the kittens, fast asleep!  They yawned and blinked at the people when the drawers were pulled out.  They had used the backs of the drawers as stair steps!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to Mommy! and PhotoHunt: Rest

Happy birthday to our mommy!  We love you, Mommy!

Today's photo hunt theme is "rest".  We all, being cats, love to rest!  Here's a picture of Carbon resting on Mommy.

Are you a photohunter?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scaredy Missy and scaredy humans!

Missy writes:

I almost made a break for it three times yesterday! *shudders* Grandma was not closing the door in decent time and not realizing she wasn't closing the door all the way. Daddy and Mommy both yelled at her for it, but she understood why. Daddy held me in his arms while Grandma and Mommy did fireworks in the driveway. They couldn't go any further away (like to a parking lot or some such place) due to health issues, but they could be outside the house. They felt really bad that it scared me, though. None of the others reacted badly. Most liked the lights in the sky!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Have a happy & safe Fourth!!!


Wow!  Happy Independence Day, America!  We're thankful that we live in this great country, where our people have so many freedoms!  That means they also have the freedom to be our purrents, and we have the freedom to live and be chosen as their fur family.

Today is very special for Mommy and her parents (our grandpurrents) every year, because before Mommy was born, she jumped around in Grandma's tummy when the big booms went off during the firework show!  She wasn't supposed to be born until September, but she was just too excited to come out to see what all that racket was about!  Her birthday's not for a little over a week, though.  So she waited a little while.  Growing up, Mommy's parents told her that story as part of the 4th of July celebration each year, and everyone still smiles about it now.  So for her, it's part and parcel of what the 4th is all about.

Enjoy the food, festivities, and fun!  Don't get too scared of the fireworks, make sure your purrents give you a safe place to be during the big booms, and keep your collar on (and keep inside) with all the excitement!