Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yummy Treats!

Little Bit:  Freya, what do you have there?
Freya:  They're some new treats that we got in the mail!  The nice folks at sent us these new Greenies to try!
Autumn:  Fun paper, Auntie Freya, can I play?
Freya:  Yes, Autumn, but don't spill the Greenies.
Little Bit:  She can't; they're resealable.  See the top of the bag?  That keeps them from falling out and keeps them safe from kitten paws.
Autumn:  But not kitten teeth!  Can we open them yet?
Freya:  Better let Mommy give you some, rather than trying to bite the packet.  You know she doesn't like when we help ourselves, because then we tend to eat too many at once!

Rori:  They sure smell good!  What flavor are they?
Mommy:  They're tuna-flavored and salmon-flavored.  The tuna flavor is the SmartBites Hairball Control formula and the salmon flavor is the Healthy Skin and Fur formula.
Rori:  Does this mean that they'll help with my matting?
Mommy:  Yes, but you still have to let me brush the shed fur before the mats start.
Rori:  Do I get these treats afterward?  Please?
Mommy:  I can do that!

Sherbet:  Are these even food?  They taste too good to be real food?
Mommy:  They're called treats, Sherbet.  They're special, not part of your regular food.
Sherbet:  I think I like treats!

Disclaimer:  We were given the Greenies by the people at in exchange for a review.
  All opinions are our own and not influenced by the sponsors.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sherbet's Miracle!

Everyone else has been playing with Mommy's hand, and I decided I wanted a try!  This just happened, and Mommy's in awe.  Actually, so am I!  I was very gentle and used soft paws (i.e. no claws).  This video was taken after I had touched her a few times in a row.  After the first time it happened, she turned around to find seven of the others had gathered in the room and were witnesses!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bad Mommy forgot Tigress' Birthday!

Tigress writes:

I'm so embarrassed!  Mommy was bad and forgot my purrthday!  Mommy, I turned four years old on May 12th, and you're only letting everyone know now?  I've been 4 for two whole weeks now!

I've been trying to teach Little Nissy that it's ok to come inside the house.  He's still not sure about the door, but he's getting braver every day.  When we come up to eat together, I go first to make sure it's ok.  He follows, and then we both meow for food.  He's learning that the door will open but that no one will come out.  I'm very proud of him for that!  He even will eat when Autumn and Tabby stick their heads out the door, and when Mommy and Daddy have fingers to sniff.  He hasn't wanted to sniff the fingers, but he doesn't immediately back away now.  It's tough raising a kitten, even one who was half-grown by the time I adopted him!

My own mom-cat, Leopard, disappeared when I was a few months old, so I was raised by my dad-cat, Tuxie.  He and Leopard had been bringing me to our purrents' deck for a while by the time Leopard disappeared, so Tuxie asked the people for help in raising me and my siblings, Miss Marble and Hemming.  We all turned out just fine, even with all of that!  My other sibling disappeared when Leopard disappeared.  When Leopard came back, months later, my other sibling didn't come with her, so we don't know what happened there.

Hemming probably celebrated our purrthday with his adoptive mommy, and I celebrated here (because I knew it was our purrthday).  Mommy did give us special treats, so some part of her brain connected that it was a special day, even if she didn't remember what it was.  More about the treats on Friday, because I'll let one of the others tell about that.  I took my treats outside with Little Nissy when we got the treats.  It was his first time eating treats, but he loves them just as much as the rest of us!

I know my sister, Miss Marble, is smiling at us from the Rainbow Bridge.  She would love that I have someone else outside to social-eat with and to team-hunt with.

Mom-cat Leopard, Hemming, Miss Marble, and the other sibling in summer 2011.
Hemming, the other sibling, Leopard, Miss Marble, and Tigress in summer 2011.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Feral Friday: What's Up?

Sherbet writes:

I haz a sockie!  I saw one of Daddy's sockies fall over by the dresser, and this time I didn't hiss at it.  This time, I got an idea!  I scrambled out of my carrier box, grabbed the sockie, and high-tailed it back in the box before Mommy got back in from hanging up the towel she'd taken from the top of the dresser.  She came back in to retrieve the sockie, and it wasn't there!  I had it and was already furring it up!  It makes a comfy little pillow, and I like putting my fur pillows (piles of shedded fur) on it, too.  You might be able to see it under my front paws if you biggify my piccie.

Little Nissy writes:

Thanks so much for the nice welcome on my post last week!  It's great to meet all of you.  Here are some better pictures of me.  The mommy took them while she had the door cracked a little.  A few of the inside kitties were trying to sniff at me, and I didn't like that, but then Mama Tigress came back outside to reassure me.  I didn't want to have my picture taken after that, but I came back to eat again once the door was shut.

Mouses, Mommy, can't you just let me eat?  Wait, am I too young yet to say "Mouses"?  The kitty I'm named after said it, but he was older than I am.  I'm just over a year old.

Mama Tigress making sure I know it's ok to get my picture taken.  She tried to get back out the door while the mommy was taking pictures, but her head wouldn't fit through.  She had to wait for the mommy to open it wider, and then she came back out to me.  The mommy closed the door a little again so that aunties Autumn and Dare wouldn't sneak out.

Mama Tigress says we are probably truly related, because I may have extra toes like she does.  The humans can't tell for sure, but it looks like I do from the pictures that the mommy took yesterday.  I also, umm, need to have a surgery, they said?  Something that little boykits have?  Mama Tigress says it's not a big deal, and her brother had that surgery, so it must be ok.  The humans want me to get a little more used to the door before that happens, though.

Friday, May 8, 2015

I Have a Name!

Hi, everyone!  I'm Tigress' little friend.  She told me about this yard a few months ago, and I've been a regular ever since.  I'm a young boy kit, probably just over a year old.  I'm feral, but I'm OK with sniffing the human hands from about five inches away when they put food out for us.  Tigress treats me like her own kitten, even though I'm not really.

The humans told me about a blogging friend who just went to the Bridge.  His name was Nerissa, and he started out as a feral boy like me.  I look kind of like him, so the humans asked him mommy if I could be named after him.  So, I'm Little Nerissa, and will have the nicknames of Nissy or Rissa.

 Thanks, Nissy's family, for my new name!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day from Heimdall! He decided to dress up as Yoda for the occasion!