Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exciting Announcements and Therapy Cat Tales from 5/22/13

Tabby writes:

First, the exciting announcements!!!  *runs around chasing her tail*  The Pet Blogger Mall (PBM) is having a Sneak Peek Sale Day today!!!  It's a new online shopping venue featuring those of us who are pet bloggers and sell our creative products online.  We have a store there; look for Trace Elements Art to purchase my children's book, t-shirts featuring us, playing cards, and other great products.  Also check out the other stores for everything from blankies to greeting cards to paw-paintings from your other pet-blogging friends!  If you sell products, you can sign up for a store on the PBM as well.  All the details of the sale day and the PBM in general are on their most recent blog post.

We have had a very exciting week, which is why my blog post has been so delayed.  Sorry about that!  Mommy Erin and JJ moved into their new apartment a week and a half ago, so we had a fun time zooming around in the half-empty house, in and out of their rooms, and generally enjoying the increased space.  We moped that first night, missing them, though.  Heimdall thought they were in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom, but they weren't there.  Smokey thought they might be out in the garage, but they weren't there, either.  Mommy and Daddy said they were in their new home.  Where is that?  Can we visit them there sometime?

Then, last Sunday, Scamper and Smokey got put in carriers and taken to be with Mommy Erin and JJ.  I was very sad to see them go, but reluctantly let Scamper use my favorite carrier to travel in.  His new daddy, Mommy Erin's boyfriend, promised that he'd bring it back in good condition.  I touched noses with both Scamper and Smokey through the mesh of their carriers to say goodbye, then pouted on the bed.  It's very odd not having them here.  Dare is still here, being fostered until we find her a new forever home, because they could only take two kitties.  Mommy Erin is sad they couldn't take Dare along, too, but we promised we'd take good care of her and find her a wonderful home.

Ok, on to the Therapy Cat Tale!

Last Wednesday was very rainy!  Mommy made sure to bring my umbrella to cover my stroller where the mesh is, but I growled at the rain anyway when it came in under the umbrella a few times.  On the way to H., we listened to stories of cats who lived at a nursing home and a dog who visited there, courtesy of a former employee at said nursing home.  It was all very interesting!  However, I had to ride on the floor in my carrier because the bus driver wouldn't allow Mommy to set the carrier on the bus seat like she normally does.  I had to look at everyone's shoes rather than their faces.

After we got on the MAX, I got to ride on the seat out of my carrier.  I wanted to snuggle with Mommy because I don't like the sound of the MAX, so I stuck by her side the whole time.  She talked with three people who were quite impressed with me and my work while I rested.

We got to H. early, so we greeted a few people in the hallway then went into the ladies' restroom.  I love the brown couch there and sit on it while Mommy fixes her hair each time we come to H.  That's where a lot of my photo shoots are done, as well.  As we were going in there, we heard someone in the hallway say, "When she comes early, she takes Tabby in there and takes updated pictures of her on that brown leather sofa."  Yep, we do!  I shared some of them with you on my last edition of Therapy Cat Tales, the ones with the blue bandana.

S. went around with us for the first part of visiting, then she had to go home and R. went around with us.  Some of my regulars were sleeping, but I got to visit with quite a few of the ones who were awake plus some new friends.  M. wanted me to come up in her lap, so I did.  She had a cookie for me!  I used to get cookies from another lady, but she died.  I didn't know M. had the same cookies!  Fig Newtons are so yummy, and Mommy checked with the vet about me eating them.  I can have up to a quarter of one per visit.  I didn't get even that much, just a corner of one this time, but I ate it all up then looked around for more, licking my lips.  That got a laugh out of M.!  She promised me that next time she would give me another cookie.  Yum!

F. is a new friend.  He was excited to meet me, because he had cats when he was younger.  I got up on his lap, then wanted to get onto his bed.  He wouldn't let me!  I liked that he was petting me, but I really would've preferred being on his bed.  That's how I am with new people sometimes.  It usually takes me two or three visits to be comfortable on someone's lap.  But then, watch out, because I won't want to move!

Our last visit was with another M., who was trying to put a puzzle together.  She petted me while she worked on it, but R. and Mommy quickly realized that not all the pieces were there.  They put that one away, then sorted through the remaining puzzles to find one of the right level that seemed to have all the pieces.  All three of them worked on the new one, which had ducks and fish on it, while M. petted me with her free hand.  I was very content to lie in my stroller and listen to them talk while getting petted.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Belated Birthdays to Tigress & Miss Marble!

Tigress says:

Hi!  I've been coming inside regularly to meow at the mommy and daddy and socialize with the inside kitties.  Carbon and I have especially been bonding, although I don't always let him sniff me as much as he'd like.  I always ask him to lick my head, though.  I don't stay inside long, just long enough to reacquaint myself with everything and everyone, and then I go back out.  Mommy's been shutting the door more when I come in, so now I know that it will open when I ask it to.  I reach up to the handle to let her know I want it to open.  I even let the little human boy pet me last week!

The humans say my sister, brother, and I are now two years old.  Wow!  That's as old as our mom was when she had us!  We turned two on Mother's Day, the 12th, but the humans were on vacation then so they couldn't help us write our blog post.  Mommy wished me a happy Mother's Day, even though my babies weren't born before I got spayed last year.  She doesn't know if I know I was a mom, but that doesn't matter to her if I know it or not.

Miss Marble says:

We're two years old?  Wow, that's old!  On our birthday, I came inside as usual at night.  Mommy has had a cold, so she's been sleeping in a big chair in the living room.  I am used to snuggling with her on the bed, so I didn't recognize that she was sleeping in the chair until Sunday.  She called me over to her, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to sit with her.  I reached up and she told me to jump up to her.  It took me a few minutes, but I did, then settled in a circle in her lap, purring happily and cleaning her hand as she petted me.  I fell asleep in her lap and she fell asleep also.  At one point, Carbon hopped up to snuggle with us!  I was washing, so I decided to be nice and wash his tail for him.  Boy, that was not what he wanted at all!  I got slapped in the face, but he didn't have his claws out.  He got told off by Mommy and wasn't allowed to snuggle with us anymore.  I didn't know why Uncle Carbon didn't want me to wash him, but I wasn't too fazed by it because I got to stay on Mommy's lap and snuggle some more.

I fell asleep again with Mommy petting me, but had a very bad dream or was sleeping extra-hard, or something, because I did a bad thing.  I scratched Mommy's hand when she tried to pet me after resting!  I reacted instinctively and reached out with claws to bat it away, leaving a scratch.  I immediately mewed like a baby kitten to tell her I was sorry, and she forgave me right away.  She knew it was just an instinctive reaction and not something I would have done if I'd been all the way awake.  I hopped down after that and went to Mama Freya for some reassurance (aka grooming).  I'm lucky to have an inside-mama-cat, even though she's not my real mama-cat!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

PhotoHunt: Lazy (and Tabby's Doggie Dash Report)

Tabby writes:

Do I look lazy in this picture?  If so, I deserved my rest!  Mommy and I had just gotten done walking the 2.5-mile Doggie Dash!  Well, Mommy walked it and I rode in the stroller, so I guess I was lazy for that part, but it was hot out today and I got a lot of attention because I was the only kitty there.

Because of river traffic holding the bridge up just before we got there, we arrived later than expected and were unable to meet Auntie Diana, who helped make the balloon arches.  She works at the Oregon Humane Society.  Isn't it great that all these people (and more) turned out to help the animals at OHS?

K103, a local radio station, is the main sponsor of the event every year.  The man on the right is from there, the lady on the left is the director of OHS, and the others are also event sponsors.  The man was talking about all the different dog breeds he could see from the truck/stage, then said that he hadn't seen a cat yet but there usually are one or two who come.  Mommy rolled me over to the truck/stage and waited until the awards had been given, then held me up and pointed to me.  The man announced me and Mommy held me up high so that everyone could see the "intrepid cat" who had come!  He was laughing that it was like the beginning scene from The Lion King!

Mommy loves huskies, so she was very happy to see these four!  She tried to get a picture of them posing on some rocks, but it was washed-out because the sun was so bright on the river.  I stayed in my stroller most of the time, but thought that all the doggies were very interesting to sniff.  I touched noses with a few, got licked by some, but put my ears back at a couple who thought they might be able to jump into my stroller with me.  As one lady put it, I didn't want them to burst my personal-space bubble inside which I was invisible (or so I thought)!

Two of Mommy's students saw her and waved us over before the walk started, so we ended up walking most of the time with the "Bad to the Bone" team.  Kelley (in the middle with the little dog) and Julie (at the end in the vest) are in Mommy's Norwegian language class.  It was fun walking with them!  Of course, we had to stop a few times to let other people take pictures of me, since I was a novelty among the dogs, but that kind of goes with the territory.  I had doggies sniffing me out before their people knew I was there, then would hear, "Oh, there's the cat!"  Mommy just smiled and said how I am such a good girl and such a special kitty to be able to do this.  I agree, of course!

Mommy had someone take this picture of us at the finish line.  I look like I'm unhappy, but it's just because I was looking into the bright sun.  I really was sleepy and wanted to be in the shade napping, so that's when Mommy let me lie down on the park bench and rest.  When we were about to cross the finish line, a couple dog walkers were joking with Mommy:  "We'd better hurry up and cross the finish line before the cat does!"  But then those same people pointed me out to the announcer at the finish line, who announced me again!  Wow, and whew!  Glad I'm home now!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

PhotoHunt: Under

Freya says:

I love hiding under the covers when the bed is being made!  I become a bed monster, then my brother pounces on me.  :)  Mommy calls this picture my glamour shot.

Are you a photohunter?

P.S.  Have you checked out Tabby's fundraising contest yet?  It's in our previous post, and supports the Oregon Humane Society.