Monday, November 28, 2011

Tabby's Cyber Monday sale!

Tabby writes:

My new calendar is out!  Some pictures are from last year's calendar, but there are some new ones from this year as well.  Zazzle, the site we use to sell our calendar, cards, and other products, is having a Cyber Monday sale and will give you the code once you are at their site.  You can click on the calendar (above) or the Christmas card (below) to get there.  There will be a "Catmas Greetings" stamp available in a day or two that matches the card, plus other winter and holiday products that are available now.  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the PDX pride!  Tabby is thankful for family, furmily, her friends that she goes to visit, and her fans.  Rori is thankful that all in the house are safe and happy.  Starla is thankful that she can be out with everyone for half days and sit with Daddy while he sleeps.  Missy is thankful that she is inside this fall and not outside in the cold and rain like she was last year.  Freya is thankful for giant fuzzies (aka Mommy's robe) that she takes and tries to drag up into chairs to make nests out of.  Heimdall is thankful for snuggles with Mommy and with his foster nephew Hemming.  Carbon is thankful for clean litter boxes, water bowls, and catnip scratchers.  Little Bit is thankful for family to run and play with.  Foster kitten Hemming is thankful for his foster family, for warmth in the house, for being dry and having lots of food and snuggles, and for the promise of a new home in a few weeks.  Feral Miss Marble is thankful for food, clean water, a sheltered place to rest, and friends to talk with through the crack in the door when it's open.  Feral Striped Girl is thankful for food, clean water, and a sheltered place to rest.  Feral Tux is thankful for the inside home for his son Hemming, for food, clean water, and shelter, and for a place to bring his girls where they are taken care of and loved as well.

The PDX pride Mommy and Daddy are thankful for their furmily and for all their friends in the Cat Blogosphere!

Blessings to you all!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mini Mancat Monday: I coughed up a monster!

Hemming writes:

I coughed up a monster in the litter box!  It was icky, squirming, and bad-smelling.  Foster Mommy said it was something called roundworms and my half-eaten food.  Whatever it was, I wanted it gone and buried, so I buried it!  Foster Mommy scooped it out of the box right away and threw it away, along with the poop that I was doing when the monster came out of my mouth.

She then took me into the bathroom and gave me a big pill to swallow.  I tried to get rid of it, but she said I had to swallow it.  I finally did, but my eyes got really big when I swallowed!  She said that pill was for tapeworms, but I had to take it because I had a flea on me also.  Just one flea, and I had to take that big pill?  What would have happened if it had been more than one flea?  Foster Mommy says that the flea can have tapeworms, so I needed the pill.  Good, because I don't want more monsters!

After I swallowed that pill, Foster Mommy gave me some liquid medicine.  I had the liquid medicine before, a few weeks ago, but obviously I needed more.  It didn't take care of all the monster wormies the first time, so we're trying it again.  I kind of like the caramelly taste of the medicine, but I don't like it for the time it takes me to drink all the liquid.  It's too much after a while.  Foster Mommy tried mixing some of my food in, but I wouldn't eat the food after the medicine soaked into it.  She looked for a syringe or an eyedropper, but couldn't find them.  Finally, she got the idea of a straw!  I love straws, and will carry them around the house.  She put it in a mug, then poured my medicine into the mug.  I played with the straw while she did that, and sniffed the contents of the mug.  Then, she put her finger over the hole in the top of the straw and trapped some of the medicine in it.  She lifted it up for me to drink!  Wow!  I got to drink out of a straw!  Boy, did I ever lap that up.  I got most of the medicine that way, so she thinks I got enough to kill those bad roundworms.  I drank most of it myself, but she had to put the straw into my mouth for the last bit because I was done with that flavor.  She said I was a good little boycat, though, taking my medicines!  I just hope the nasty roundworm monsters are gone this time.

Therapy Cat Tales from 11/15/11

Tabby writes:

Mommy got to go to H. twice this week, but I only got to go once!  She got to play with rubber stamps there on Friday, and a lot of people asked where I was.  I would've gone, too, but Mommy had to go to work after that, and her work won't let me go there.

When I went to H. on Wednesday, though, I had a lot of fun!  The leaves are falling from the trees here, and one hit me on the nose as we were walking through the park.  I looked up, surprised, because it had woken me up from a nap!  The leaf was gentle, but it still surprised me.  I sniffed it, then looked at Mommy and she removed it from the stroller.  Since I was awake anyway, I kept a lookout for more leaves.  No more fell into my stroller, but I saw a lot falling around us.

It was definitely a day for looking up!  Actually looking straight up!  Besides the leaves.  A man was fixing the ceiling at H., right across from the office.  I saw the ladder first, and then saw the man's shoes on the ladder.  I thought that was funny, so I looked up to see the rest of the man.  He was moving a ceiling tile, so I could see his arms and shoulders but not his head!  Then he looked down, and I stared at him.  Why was he up there, and what was he doing with the ceiling?  Why was there a hole in the ceiling?  I never did find out why.

At the floor we visit most, I looked up at the ceiling the second we got out of the elevator.  It had all its pieces, no hole and no man on a ladder.  Good.  I like when things make sense.

Most of my friends were awake this time.  I met some new friends, too.  B. is a new friend who broke both ankles, so she had both legs wrapped up.  I didn't know what to do about her legs, which were sticking out from under the blankets because she had been doing her exercises.  I didn't know whether or not it was ok to lie down on her legs, so I lay down beside her.  She talked to me, and to Mommy, for a while.  Then she said it was time for her to continue with her exercises.  I chose that point to climb onto her stomach and curl up.  I didn't want to leave her!  She let me snuggle for a bit like that, but then it was really time for her to do her exercises.

T. is in a wheelchair now instead of a walker.  She invited me to sit on her lap, so I did while she cooed at me.  She always tells me how much everyone loves me, which just makes me happy and purry.  T.'s roommate, P., had grabbed my harness and pulled last time I visited, so I didn't know what she was going to do when she wanted to touch me this time.  P. was very gentle this time, though.  She wanted Mommy to move her hand for her so that she could stroke my fur with the side of her hand.  She went for my eyes, to pet my face, but that kind of scared me because I thought she was going to reach for my harness again.  I held very still, like Mommy said to, and was a very good girl.  P. didn't hurt me this time (although I know she didn't mean to hurt me when she pulled last time), and she just petted me for a bit.  That was fine with me.

We had a few people to visit on another floor, so we went up to that floor.  On the way up, someone suggested we visit someone not on our list.  We knocked on her door, and she answered after a few minutes.  She wasn't wearing any pants, but she was holding them up next to her.  She had just gotten out of bed to answer the door, so she was wearing her nightgown but no pants.  She liked the idea of me visiting with her, and let me come in, but Mommy stayed out in the hall and held my leash.  I rubbed up against her legs and she laughed, talking to me.  We'll visit with her next time, if she's awake.

I wanted to go visit my good friend I., but Mommy reminded me that I. wasn't there anymore.  I tried to head down to her room anyway, certain that she was going to be there.  Someone saw me do that and said that a lady had moved into I.'s room that day from another room.  She suggested we visit V., so off we went to I.'s room.  V. was supervising the hanging up of clothes in her closet when we got there, but she said to come in.  She sat on her walker and I hopped up on her bed.  It was weird being in I.'s room and having V. there instead.  Everything was different, because it was V.'s room now.  I kept looking around at all the new things.  The ladies putting the clothes in the closet were careful not to move the clothes too near me, although I sniffed a few that were on the bed next to me.  I like V., and she loved seeing me.  She told us all about cats that she'd had, and she found where I like to be petted and scratched.  I rolled over for tummy rubs, and she loved that!

On one of the buses back home, a lady from OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University) helped Mommy brainstorm places to ask about visiting.  Of course, those places will have to wait until we have either a little more free time or a car available, because right now we're only able to visit on one day a week.  If one of the places would like us to visit on alternating weeks with H., we could work that out, though.  We'll just have to see.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy 6-month Birthday to Hemming, Miss Marble, and Striped Girl!!!!

Hemming writes:

Foster Mommy just told me it's my 6-month birthday today!  Wow, I'm a half-year old already?  Right after she told me that, I ran into the bathroom and pawed the treat drawer!  It's my birthday, so do I get treaties?  Foster Mommy said I do!

I got a special half-birthday gift a few days ago.  Someone named Kayla wants to adopt me!  She's going to move close to where I live, so she'll be here on the 28th.  After she's unpacked the major things, my foster parents and I will go meet her.  I hope she's nice and has good hiding spots for me in her house!  My foster parents made sure that she knows I will hide at first, and she said she's willing to take the time that I need to get used to her and come out of my shell.  In fact, she was looking for a cat who would need extra love and attention, so she sounds like she'll be a really good mommy for me!  I hope so!

Miss Marble writes:

I'm 6 months old?  Wow, that seems old!  I'm still a kitten, though, right?  I can still play and have fun?  My daddy, Tux, says I can.  He even still plays, and he's a lot older than me!  I sleep in the rose bushes under the humans' bedroom window now, with my sister Striped Girl, so I hear when the humans wake up and know that it's going to be food time soon.  Then, I go over to the window-door and wait on the deck.  I meow when I see them, talk to them to tell them that I'm ready for food, and then they come out to refill the water dish.  They go back inside and get the food, then put two scoops of food on the deck.  That's the cue for my sister to come running from the rose bushes for her breakfast.  Sometimes our daddy joins us, but sometimes he's off hunting or doing other important things.

In the evening, we wait until it's time for the human daddy to leave in the car.  Then we wait on the deck, patiently, until they see us.  I go right up to the glass and meow again, but this time the human mommy comes over to the glass and talks to me.  She puts her finger on the glass, and I put my paw on it.  Then, she gives us food and water.

Striped Girl writes:

Are we really 6 months old today?  Really?  I love being outside with my sister Miss Marble and my daddy Tux, but I miss my mommy Leopard and my other littermate.  My other littermate would be 6 months old today, too.  I wonder where they are, and if they're still alive.  It doesn't bother me much anymore, but it's in the back of my mind sometimes.

My life is pretty good right now, but the air is getting colder and it's getting more rainy.  I don't like being wet!  I hide under the deck in the big rainstorms, but most of the time I like being in the rose bushes.  I used to hang out in the backyard or behind the fence, but it's too muddy back there.  I sink down in the marshy grass!  As long as I have my sister and my daddy, plus food, water, and someplace dry, I'll be ok.