Friday, May 29, 2009

No, Daddy! No, Mommy!

Starla writes:

I've recovered now, but for a second I thought Mommy and Daddy were going to get rid of me! They put this thing called a harness on me, then attached a long string to it. I didn't like it, so I slunk around on the couch. Then Daddy picked me up and opened the door! He carried me outside!

Now, it's been since April since I've been allowed outside. I meowed and meowed, wanting down to explore, but he handed me to Mommy and she carried me out to........a TRUCK? You're going to put me in a MOVING VEHICLE? You want to get rid of me, no, no, no, no, no!!!!!!

I squirmed and jumped down, but that leash thing was still attached to me! It kind of hurt pulling against that harness, but I made it to the ground. I was sooooo scared! I tried running under the truck, but I didn't get very far. Darn leash string!

Daddy scooped me up and petted me. I didn't WANT petting! I wanted to be SAFE! This is how you behave? Just like my former home, you keep me for a while then you take me somewhere else? NONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!

We got back into the house and they unclipped my leash. Tabby and Carbon came out from the bedroom and we sat at three points of a triangle on the floor, commiserating.

I have now forgiven Mommy and Daddy, because they explained that they love me. They snuggled with me, petted me lots, and made sure I was ok. They told me that they wanted to see how I would do riding in the car, because they want to take me with them when they go places. Skylar gets to go to the beach with them this weekend, and they would've taken me if I had not been so scared of the truck.

At least I know they still love me and they still want me as their kitty! *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs*


♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

Oh, sweetie, that must have been very skeery fur youz. Remember dis, 'beans don't spend money on a harness an' gib you kisses an' hugz iffin' dey is gonna toss you out. You just keep purrin' an' lovin' an' your 'beans will keep on lovin' an' carin'.

The Creek Cats said...

Ferris was very scared of the harness at first too! Maggie May still is.
Maybe you will get used to it soon and will be enjoying outdoor adventures, Starla!