Friday, February 24, 2012

Feral Friday: Leopard & Miss Marble

Mama Leopard writes:

I've been coming regularly to the food place now, and have greeted my family in purrson.  I'm nervous around them, but I've let them groom me and rub against me.  I won't let Tux eat with me yet, though.  I will let my girls eat with me, just not Tux.

Why did the humans switch the water bowls?  Do you see the grey one in the picture?  That used to be the water bowl, before I went away.  Now the white one is the water bowl, but the grey one is still there.  I went to drink out of the grey one like I used to, but there was no water in it.  The lady told me that the water is now in the white one.  Why?  I drank it, but it's confusing.

I remember the name the humans gave me, and respond to it.  I've also meowed at them, but am still really nervous around them, like I was before I had my kids last year.  It will take a while of being around here again to get used to the humans watching me.  I get very nervous when my daughter goes in their house, but she always comes back out again and tells me she had fun.

Miss Marble writes:

I know my mama is always nervous when I go inside, as is my daddy, but I'm really ok!  I love visiting with my friends inside!  The humans always talk softly to me and pet me, give me toys, feed me, and make me feel happy.  My aunties and uncles all love me, and I love them.

I sat on chairs yesterday!  I got up on the wooden chair that Auntie Freya loves, and it's comfortable!  I took a bath on it and almost fell asleep.  Then Mommy came over, so I asked to be petted.  She sat down and picked me up to sit on her lap.  I was nervous about being that close to her, but her lap was a good place to be for a few minutes.  The other chair I was brave enough to get on was actually the organ bench.  It's got a puffy top that feels good to my paws.  My aunties and uncles say it's like a pillow.  I don't know what a pillow is, but if it's like that organ bench then it must be a comfy place, too!  I took a little nap on the organ bench before getting down.  I've also walked down the hallway on my own some more, plus gone into the living room to have Mommy pet me.  I'm not brave enough to go over to get pets from Daddy in his big recliner chair yet.  That chair squeaks like a giant mouse when Daddy sits up!  It scared me the first time, and I shot back over to the door.  They said it was ok, so I went back for more pets, then the chair squeaked again.  The second time, I was able to tell it was the chair, so I didn't go running away.  I just looked at it and meowed back to it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Therapy Cat Tales from 2/22/12

Tabby writes:

Hmph!  S. invited Little Bit to come along on my visiting day, too!  It wouldn't have been so bad, except I had to share the stroller with her and she wanted to lie on me instead of in the stroller!  At first, she was in the stroller like she was supposed to be, but then she decided that it was more comfortable to be on me!  Hissing at her didn't stop her, so I swatted.  Mommy separated us, and no one was hurt, but I was in a grumpy mood for my visit.

We ran into one of Mommy's friends from high school on the bus, so that was fun to meet her.  She and Mommy talked for a long time, but she petted both Little Bit and me as well, complimenting us on our soft fur.  She rode the MAX train with us, too.  On the MAX, there were two guys who had seen me before, but another passenger hadn't.  One of the guys who had seen me before was telling the new guy about my work and how spoiled I am, having my own stroller and clothes.  He jokingly said that Mommy even dresses us in diapers, and the guy believed him!  The new guy asked Mommy if that was true, and she laughed and told him no.  Everyone had a good laugh about that!

S. wasn't at H. when we got there, but R. was.  She met Little Bit, who was freaked by the doors opening automatically.  Little Bit tried to go into the corner and also tried to go into R. and V.'s office, but Mommy wouldn't let her.  Little Bit calmed down after she got to sit on Mommy's lap, though.  We got our list of people to visit and went back out to the hallway.  Some people were getting a tour, and saw us right away.  They were introduced to us, and Little Bit climbed on Mommy's shoulders.  I was being very good and stayed in the stroller!  I was a very good example.  Mommy explained about our work and told them Little Bit was visiting for the first time (and still in training).  Then we went up to visit our friends.

I stayed in the stroller most of the time, but Little Bit hopped out and said hi to people.  She rode on the stroller canopy instead of in with me, so that I wouldn't get hissy or swat while we were visiting.  I did swat once, but that's when she hopped back in one time, so she broke the rules first.  Everyone loved Little Bit just as much as they love me!  They petted me and paid attention to me, too, but Little Bit was the star this time.  G. rubbed her face and she snuggled with S., except she didn't want to snuggle against S. like I do.  She wanted to lie on the bed, but not totally snuggle with her.

Mommy was pleasantly surprised when we got to one room, because two of her church friends were there!  We got to meet L., who usually lives on another floor but needed to have a nurse look after her for a while.  V. was there visiting L.!  Little Bit went to greet them while I greeted L.'s roommate and picked a snuggle spot on the bed.  After a while, Little Bit went to snuggle against V. and I got to see L. and V., too.  L. had a book on her little table, so I didn't know if I was allowed to be up with the book.  As soon as it was moved, I settled down on the table and got petted a lot.  I know the rules!

Little Bit doesn't know the rules, but she's learning.  She wanted to go in R.'s closet, but she wasn't allowed in there.  R. is a new friend, and absolutely loved visiting with both of us!  When she opened the door and saw kitties, her eyes just lit right up!  She sat on the floor to pet us, and petted both of us equally.  *purrs*  I stayed in my stroller, but Little Bit wanted to explore.  Mommy kept her reined in on a short leash, though, so she wouldn't get into trouble.  Little Bit didn't like that very much, but she loved all the attention and being in a new place.  After a couple minutes, she went over to R. on her own and climbed on her for pets.  Little Bit broke a rule, though.  She jumped up on R.'s counter!  R. told her it was ok and offered her water, but Little Bit wasn't thirsty.  I wasn't, either.  I was just sleepy.

On the way home, Little Bit tried to snuggle on top of me again, but I wouldn't let her, so we snuggled side-by-side.  Well, she was still on top of me for some of the time, but not all the time.  We stopped at Petco to see if they had a bag carrier on sale, and ended up getting a really nice one for only $14, when it originally was over $50!  Little Bit hopped right in, so we got it!  The clerk loved seeing us and came around the counter to pet both of us.  I was just so happy that Little Bit had her own place to be, instead of on me!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Newsflash: Mama Leopard's Back!!!!!!!

Leopard writes:

Hello, anyone remember me?  I'm the feral cat who had Miss Marble, Striped Girl, Hemming, and the other kitten last spring.  I disappeared when my kittens were around 10 weeks old.  One of my kittens disappeared around the same time, but the rest were brought by Tux to the people and Tux also helped raise them.  He taught them what they needed to know to be good adults.  Now my kittens are just over 9 months old, and I've returned!

I showed up yesterday in the middle of the day to eat at the deck feeding area.  Yum!  I'm very wary of the humans now, like I used to be before my kittens were born.  I didn't bring the other kitten back with me, and no indication where I've been for the past 7 or 8 months.  The humans wish I could tell them the whole story.  I didn't come to eat at the same time as the others, so the humans don't know if I've seen my family again yet.  I've smelled them, though, and am happy they're still around and are doing well.  Miss Marble smells different, but I think it's still my girl because her scent trail is mixed in with the others I recognize.  I don't smell my boy anywhere, though.  The humans say they found him a good home and that his name is now Hemming.

I have been eating well, and have a nice, fluffy winter coat.  I don't have any new scars, and am still the same self-assured kitty I was.  I'm glad to be back!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie Monday: Miss Marble!

Miss Marble writes:

Oh, hi!  I'm visiting inside more and more!  I like it where it's warm by the heat vent, but I've been learning how to play spring and exploring around the open area.  I've been in the kitchen and down the hall a little, even!  Auntie Freya brought over her spring to show me, so she's been teaching me how to play with that.  Missy came over and greeted me, but didn't want to groom me when I asked her.  Mommy and Daddy pet me a lot, which I love, and I lean against their legs while purring.  Everyone loves me, and I love everyone!  I'm not ready to stay inside forever, though.  I like visiting inside for 20 minutes or so, then ask to be let out again.  I'm coming in at least three times a day, though!

I like this chair.  Mommy or Daddy sit in it while they pet me.  I've been put on the chair, but I don't like staying up there yet.

Freya likes to play with me when I'm under the chair!  I was wrestling with her for a while this morning.  She's become my "mommy-auntie":  my substitute mama kitty.

 I now am not concerned at all when I'm eating from the inside food bowl.  Auntie Rori can even sniff my tail tip, and all I did was flick it at her nose!

I found a new toy this morning!  It's a blue ball, and I can pick it up in my claws to shake it!  The blue is a crocheted covering for a ping-pong ball, but the ball itself got squashed.  It doesn't roll well now, but it's still a lot of fun to play with!