Saturday, January 31, 2009

PhotoHunt: Furry

Rori says: Oof, brother, you're almost smothering me with your furriness!

This picture was taken when they were about 8 weeks old. Rori's brother Knut was adopted out soon after, not because of his sister-squishing. ;)

It's officially mating season here

From the sounds and sights outside, the Trailer Kitties are ready for mating season. Neighbor kitty Boo-Boo is in heat, and Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, the black big-head kitty, and the white and orange big-head kitty are following her. Starla is not in heat yet, as far as we know. Smokey is inside and being put in the bedroom whenever the outside door is opening, because she's in heat as well.

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) said in its last newsletter that many of the females being brought in now are in heat already. Please, please, people, spay and neuter your cats! We are trying to find places to get everyone but Boo-Boo fixed. Since BB techinically is our neighbor's cat, we have no control over her in that regard. (Mommy wishes we could just scoop her up and fix her too, though.)

Mommy wrote a new article on HubPages with tips for fostering kittens. If it helps even one kitten, she says it's worth it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Feral Friday by the Trailer Kitties

Food bowl rollcall for this week: Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, Starla, Shadow, white kitty with orange spots, orange kitty from down the street, Little Bit, SpongeBob, the black big-headed kitty, Carbon's lookalike kitty with the red collar.

It snowed on Tuesday, but melted by the afternoon.

Fluffy Buddy sniffed outstretched hands from both the humans this week, at different times. The lady thought she'd try touching him, and got hissed at. Fluffy Buddy ran to the safety of the shelf on the porch and turned his back on her. He came right back to eat from the bowl, though.

Smokey is outside at the moment. She escaped out the door when the man went to do laundry, and is playing a game with the people. She says hi, then runs off to play with her cousin Starla. When she wants in again, she'll let the people know by jumping at the door. She's going to be in trouble, though! We heard them talking about a bath for her once she gets back inside!

Updated: 1:03 am
Our raccoon friend is back! We just looked out the door and there he was! He's a nice raccoon, though. He doesn't pick fights, and he eats out of the bowl and takes his turn with the kitties.

Updated: 1:55 am
Smokey's back inside now. She went running up to the man when he went to check on the laundry, so she got scooped up and put back in the house. The lady washed her paws, and she screamed about it, but is very happy to be inside again.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friends Friday

Wow! So many new friends welcoming us to our new blog! Cory and Jonesie, other Portland cats and got hit with more of the storm than we do by the looks of their yard. Ours got a lot of snow and wind, though. It's all melted now, at least until we get another storm. Here's what the weather's like right now in Portland, OR.

The WeatherPixie

Visit other friends at Kiddo's Friends Friday.

Tabby's Fashion Friday

Tabby the model here to tell you about the latest in my series: "Love Bug". I wouldn't wear the wings, but the dress is so cute by itself. I thought it should have a head hole, and kept lowering my head for one, but Mommy told me it just had straps for my arms.

I told Mommy it's ok to use my picture on her Valentine's Day cards at Zazzle this year. She's sending them to our Catster friends at the Pen Paws group, too!

Thankful Thursday

Today we're thankful for humans who care for foster kittens. Our own foster kitten is Smokey, who we're trying to find a home for. Please check out her profile here.

If you are a foster family, we're thankful for you! Feel free to add your fosters or links to them in the comments so we can see the cuties in your care. We'll add the links here as they are posted.

Skeezix's Food Lady clued us in to this cute live video feed of foster kittens in the Los Angeles, CA, USA, area. They're too cute!

Pet Products reviews

Our T13 this week is a review on HubPages of our favorite essential pet products. Most of them are for cats, but some are for dogs as well. You can read it here. We are also taking requests for HubPages articles that we can write (we'll hijack Mommy's account on there and write our own). You can request them from us on the sidebar of the one we wrote this week.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Updated Catster diaries

Rori had her post-spay vet visit, and Tabby joined her for moral support. You can read about it in Rori's and Tabby's diaries.

Foster kitten Smokey also wrote in her diary about adjusting (or not) to inside life.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carbon's Wordless Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday with wordles from our Catster blogs!

Tabby's words

Skylar's words

Rori's words

Carbon's words

These word clouds were created with the Wordle website. We're now collecting "kitty-theme" words, and are going to make a design with them as a banner for this blog when we get enough. If you have suggestions for words, you can leave them in the comments. Don't worry if some are duplicates of others' suggestions. That just makes the word bigger on the Wordle.

Tummy Tuesday

Rori's post-spay belly
January 21, 2009

Carbon in catnip tissue paper bliss
Christmas 2007

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new blog home of the PDX pride! We are Rori, Carbon, Skylar, and Tabby. We live in Portland, OR, USA, in the green house. We also have a foster kitten friend named Smokey who lives inside, and feral friends who live outside. Our outside friends, the Trailer Kitties, currently are Outdoor Fluffy Buddy (feral), Shadow (feral), SpongeBob (neighbor cat from across the street), Starla (tame cat being fostered outside/Smokey's cousin), Little Bit (neighbor kitten/Smokey's littermate), Boo-Boo Kitty (neighbor cat/Smokey & Little Bit's mom/Starla's aunt), and the black big-head kitty (stray cat). Sometimes there are other trailer kitties, but those are the regulars who come and eat out of the porch food bowl.