Thursday, January 22, 2015

Newsflash: Starla's eating again!

Starla writes:

All of a sudden, yesterday evening, I felt my tummy rumbling in a good way!  I was hungry!  I went over to my food plate to see if there were any crunchies there, and licked up two tiny pieces.  I wasn't sure they would taste good, but I figured it was worth a try.  Then I lay back down on my beloved heat vent to rest some more.

Daddy brought out the red dot and I heard the sound of the keychain it's on, so I walked down the hallway to the dining room to watch the others play.  I tracked the dot around for a while.  When Tabby and Mommy came back from visiting (she's doing a report on that tomorrow or the next day), we all got canned food.  I came out again for that, but Mommy force-fed me my two baby spoons of it.  I had some water, then everyone played red dot some more.  I put my paw out for it a couple times!  Heimdall didn't want me so close to it, so he smacked me in the face, but I knew he didn't really mean it so I didn't react.  He jumped over Dare at one point, running after the dot!

I got fluids again last night and this morning, then I ate some more crunchies twice on my own.  Five pieces at once the last time!

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts, well-wishes, purrs, grrs, prayers and rumbles!  I can feel everyone's love and caring, and it's really helping me!  I go in for a recheck and more bloodwork tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Purrs Requested for Starla!

Starla writes:

Could I please have some purrs?  I don't feel very well at all.  Mommy, Daddy, and the other kitties are very worried, and so am I.  I had to go to the vet place on Monday, and almost had to go back yesterday.  My pee is very yellow because of something called bilirubin.  My body's not producing red blood cells right now, and those I do have are bursting.  I don't want them to!  I'm very sleepy, anemic, and turning somewhat yellow.  The doctor thought maybe I have an infection and/or fatty liver disease.  She really wants to have me stay at the clinic for intubation (for feeding and fluids) and meds, but that costs too much (unfortunately).  Daddy went and got a bag of sub-q fluids for me, and now I understand why Uncle Skylar liked getting them so much!  I actually felt like walking out to the big water bowl (in the dining room) to have more water and walking back to my room (the bathroom) after I had the fluids!  I am being force-fed canned a/d food by syringe every few hours, because I'm not eating on my own and haven't been eating on my own for a couple days.

Please understand that our family is doing what we think is best for everyone.  Thank you all for your love and understanding!  We'll keep you posted.

P.S.  Mommy's been lying on our bloggie about my age and Rori's for the past few years, and only tonight realized it!  I'm 8 years old and Rori (my cousin's half-sister and the alpha of our household) is also 8 years old.  Sorry about that!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day & Birthday to Missy!

Photo credit:  Erin Dublin
Missy writes:

"How I spent my winter vacation", that's not right.  Let me try again.

"Enjoying Christmas at my forever home"

Yep, sounds about right to me!  Yesterday was my gotcha day anniversary!  I can't believe it's been four years since Mommy and Daddy made the decision to officially adopt me!  It's actually been 4 1/2 years since I came to live here at my forever home, but I wasn't "official" for a few months until Daddy decided he couldn't part wth me.  I love my daddy!

I remember when I found my family.  It was May, and I was hungry.  There were some people who had been feeding me, but they weren't around because it was after their work time.  I went looking for someone to help me, but couldn't find anyone.  I was worried because it was starting to be evening, and there wasn't much prey in the industrial area I called home.  I lived outside, finding what shelter I could.  I walked down the sidewalk, calling out for someone, anyone, to come help me.

Mommy was teaching her class, and the whole class stopped to listen to me.  They could all hear me from inside the building!  Everyone turned to look at Mommy, and she put down the chalk she'd been using.  She all but ran out the door to look for me!  She found me and picked me up after letting me sniff her hand, then asked a few people if they knew where I belonged.  Then she asked someone to go inside the building to get Daddy.  He came out, took one look at me, and put me into the car!  I knew right then that this was the family for me!

I escaped from the car when my new purrents opened it to go home.  I'm very quick!  It took them another 45 minutes to re-catch me, because I decided to hide in the lot across the street.  They had to earn my trust enough to lure me out the side of the fence and catch me again.  I rode by Daddy the whole way home!

It took me a while to trust them completely, and about a year and a half to purr for them, but I'm so glad I chose this family!  I love my auntie, uncle, cousins, nieces, and nephews as well.  They are my play buddies, entertainment system, and companions.  For a kitty who grew up on the streets without siblings, I've come a long way!

The interloper, aka Autumn, has been taking over Daddy a lot lately, though.  I think it's fun to play with her tail as she walks by my chair, so she's not all bad.  Actually, she's a fun kitten, but she has this annoying habit of tackling when she wants to play.  I have to watch when I'm coming out of the bathroom door after using the box, because she likes to try to ambush the rest of us at that corner!  I've actually played with her a few times, and even snuggled with Daddy at the same time as she, but not often.  I do like watching her from the top of the chair or from the file cabinet!

Photo credit:  Erin Dublin

Mommy Erin, JJ, and Coriel came over last weekend and we had a wrapping paper party!  I got all the paper, and there was a lot of it!  JJ gave me every piece off his presents, and made a fort around and over me.  I played in it for a while, and then walked off with a piece of the paper still attached!  I made a big deal of shrugging it off, and everyone laughed.  Very fun!

Today's my 6th birthday, too!  Does that mean I get more wrapping paper to burrow in?  I sure hope so!