Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's International Box Day! Yay!

We love our boxes!!!  Here are some of us in boxes from this last year:

 Missy loves to hide and then attack unsuspecting passersby!

 Dare says:  "Is this close enough to being in the box?"

We got the box from Mommy's Christmas present, and it was big enough for all of us!
From front to back:  Heimdall, Freya, Little Bit, Tabby, and Dare (on the chair)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Tabby!

Tabby writes:

Wow, you mean it's my 9th birthday?  I love my birthday!  It means I get extra treats and snuggles.  I've been doing a lot of things that I haven't had time to write about.

On May 10th, Mommy took me to the Doggie Dash again.  Other than one doggie I hissed at because it wanted to share my stroller and one that was being too aggressive, nobody bothered me.  Oh, they sniffed, wanted to play, and even cleaned my ears, but they were all very nice about it.  Here are a few pics from the day, including a table I found to relax on and a puppy that Mommy liked.

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I also went visiting to H. on May 21st and C. on May 22nd.  I had a wonderful time visiting with all my friends at both places, and even got my own announcer at C.!  One of the nurses went into all the rooms to ask each resident on the floor if they wanted to visit with me, then reported back to Mommy who wanted visits and who didn't.  Mommy and I then went to see each friend who wanted to see me, and reported to the activity people who we saw and how they were when we saw them.  It was fun to have an announcer!  I'm starting to get the routine at C.  I even wanted to walk on my leash part of the way.

I had an extra-special visit with one of my friends who also was one of Mommy's friends from the church she used to attend.  I visited with Liz Norcross, the lady in the picture, at the end of May.  Mommy took this picture of us together and gave Liz a copy of it.  Liz showed it to me, but I was more interested in snuggling with her and being petted than I was in the picture, which made her giggle!  I snuggled while she petted me and talked with Mommy, whom she knew for around 10 years.  Liz passed away soon after our visit, although at the time we didn't know how close she was to passing.  I'm sure she is surrounded by her dogs and cats that she had all her life, as well as those human friends who had gone before her to Heaven.  We love you and miss you, Liz Norcross!

I'm going to have a great birthday today, running around with Little Bit, snuggling in my nest on the table (towels put there especially for me), and getting pets and snuggles from Daddy, Mommy, and Grandma.  Yay!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Purrthday to our Carbon!

Carbon writes:

Oh, hi!  Um, what am I doing?  I'm watching Grandma and waiting for some yummies to be given to me for a birthday treatie.  Grandma eats the same things I like:  butterscotch pudding, jam on bread, cream cheese, ham, yogurt, and other people food treats.  There are a few things she eats that I don't like or can't have, but not many!  Whenever she is in the kitchen, she turns around to find me either sitting on this little stool or sitting on the floor looking up at her, waiting patiently for my treat.  I don't get more than just a taste, but it's enough!  Yummy!

We've been enjoying some warm weather lately, so the fans have been going.  I like to be in front of the box fan, letting the wind blow through my fur.  Last night, I wanted to play hide-and-seek and I chose to hide behind the fan!  I thought it was the best hiding place ever, and was so surprised when Mommy found me there!  What's your favorite hiding place?

I'm going to play, play, play, and get a yummy treat for my 9th birthday!