Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tabby's Halloween Costume!

I want to dress up for Halloween, but how will I choose an outfit? Mommy laid out all my outfits for me, then I hopped up to examine them. Some of them fit me still, but others were from when I was a kitten so they don't fit as well anymore.

Mommy, help me choose? I can't decide!

I'm going to the Halloween party at the pet store as a hippie!
I also have entered the Cat's Meow costume contest and the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show over on Catster.
VOTE for Tabby (Tabitha) in The 5th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our new kitty jungle gym!

Mommy found this for us at Goodwill for $13! She couldn't believe what she was seeing; that there actually was a kitty tree there! We love it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy birthday to Skylar!!!

Skylar writes:

It's my 10th birthday today! :) I'm celebrating by snuggling on top of my best friend in the house: Starla. She's kind of glaring at me, but allowing me to sit on her, MOL!

Sorry I haven't written in my diary, but being an uncle to 6 foster kittens plus Little Bit took all my energy this summer! They loved to play tails with me, climb on me and over me, jump at me, ambush me, and snuggle with me! Playing and snuggling with the very young ones has kept me semi-healthy and very happy. :)

Sis, I love you and wish you were still here to celebrate our birthday. Miss you, Lydia!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unhappy Therapy Cat

Tabby writes:

Last Friday, Mommy and I went visiting at the nursing home. I hadn't been for a month, because we'd had the tiny kittens and then Daddy had been sick. But I was all excited to go on Friday to see my friends again! I did my rounds, hopping out of the stroller at each room and walking in on my leash.

When I walked in to see E.M., someone I don't visit regularly but who is on the floor I visit, she asked if it was a dog on the leash. The people I visit are the ones who need the most care, so some of them have Alzheimer's or other major disorders/illnesses. When Mommy explained that I was a cat and asked her if she'd like to visit with me, I walked right up to her chair. She kicked me! I sidestepped, then looked at Mommy with a horrified expression on my face. No one had ever kicked me before!!! Mommy called me over, picked me up, and we walked into the hallway. She put me down on the floor and gave me cuddles and pets, telling me that I was a good girl and that she was sorry that the lady had done that. After a few minutes, she could tell I was ok to go on to the next room.

I watched feet and wheels really closely after that, the whole visit! I was also growly, but Mommy understood why.

We won't be visiting with that lady ever again. Mommy made sure to tell our contact person about that, and asked that we not visit that lady. The contact person totally understood.

I went to Mommy's Norwegian class that evening, and charmed all the students, so the day ended on a happy note.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy National Feral Cat Day!!! :)

This last year has been a year of drastic changes in our feral colony: some bad, mostly good. Shadow (pictured above) has been coming to our back porch bowl for a few years now, and is now letting me (Karen) pet her most times! She also enthusiastically headbutts Tabby (who follows me out of the house to go say hi).

Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, pictured here in late January, hasn't been seen since March or April. He may still be around, just have found other hunting grounds for the moment.

Tux hadn't been seen for over a year, but now makes regular appearances again! We're so glad he's doing well.

Little Bit and Starla are now both inside cats, and Little Bit's kittens all have wonderful homes. Starla is getting socialized more and more every day, and now comes out on her own most days to sit with my husband and snuggle when he gets home from work.

The little shelter we built on the porch hasn't been used, because all the ferals now prefer the basement/laundry room. We're glad they feel comfortable inside there.

Marble came and visited us for a few months, but hasn't been seen since we brought Little Bit inside. We do have a new grey kitty who comes around, who is comfortable with humans but hasn't let us pet him yet.

Happy National Feral Cat Day to one and all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

KMR warning update

From our tiny tuxie angels:

Everyone who fosters needs to check the smell of their KMR powder! If it does NOT smell like milk, call PetAg (the company that makes it) at 800-323-0877 and tell them. They will send out a replacement in liquid form.

The rancid KMR powder is due to excessive heat while shipping! It is NOT a manufacturing issue or anything related to PetAg. It is the fault of the shipping companies letting the product sit in enclosed trailers in the summer heat.

There is no way to tell which packages will be rancid before they are opened. It is not by lot number or by expiration date. It is by when and how they were shipped.

PetAg is being very nice about this issue. Our foster mommy called about our can, and the lady was extremely polite and kind. She is sending liquid replacement that can be stored for up to a year and a half, and sending a call label so the rancid powder can be sent back free of charge.

They are going to reformulate KMR powder so that it stands up better to extreme heat and doesn't separate as much. The liquid wasn't affected at all.

The lady said that some of the symptoms we had (diarrhea, listlessness) could have been caused by the powder, but since we didn't have the vomiting usually associated with food poisoning that it wasn't the whole story.

Please, please, PLEASE pass this on to individuals and organizations who foster!

KMR warning

Mommy posted a warning about KMR powder on her blog: The Frugal Feline. Smell the contents of the powder if you're using it. If it does not smell faintly of milk, call PetAg (details on Mommy's blog). We hope this isn't what caused the deaths of the tiny tuxies. The container Mommy was using smells. She thought it was alright because it was new and the expiration date was ok. She feels like a fool that she didn't check the smell of it! :*(

The KMR powder wasn't the whole reason the tiny tuxies died. It may have sickened them, but not enough to cause their deaths. There's a new post on this blog about Mommy's phone call to the company to report it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Great news on Foster Friday!!!

Squishy & Little Guy write:

We've found our forever home! We're going for a home visit next week, and if it works out we'll be adopted on the spot. Our friend Erin's next door neighbor wants kitties who can help him through his cancer treatments and surgery, so she suggested us. We think we'd be perfect for the job! When Foster Daddy asked us if we'd like to help someone in need feel better, we both mrupped happily.