Saturday, August 31, 2013

PhotoHunt: Model

If you are a regular reader, you know that most of our cats love to model clothing!  We dress them in outfits made for dogs & cats, but also in outfits for teddy bears and dolls.  Here are some of our favorites.  Tabby is pictured above in a "Love Bug" outfit from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Tabby, wearing her pirate girl outfit from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Former foster kitten Smokey poses with a pot of gold.

Rori joins Tabby for Thanksgiving dinner.  Tabby is dressed in a pilgrim girl dress from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Tabby modeling a t-shirt from Bentley B.  They make awesome pet clothing out of vintage human t-shirts!

Tabby when she was a model in Dove Lewis Animal Hospital's Boutiques Unleashed fashion show, wearing another Bentley B t-shirt.

Tabby in a mixture of Build-A-Bear outfits and a hippie Halloween hat, bandana, and necklace from Petco.

Freya when she was a kitten, posing in a sundress from PetSmart.

Former foster kitten Hemming posing in a tie collar from PetSmart.

Tabby and I in our matching candy corn witch outfits, bought at Party City.

Carbon hates dressing up, but he will wear a collar and tie when the occasion calls for one.

If you would like any of these pictures, please do not take them.  I sell a lot of them on cards, as prints, and on other products on Zazzle.  If you don't see something and would like to request it, please ask and I will make it.

Are you a photohunter?

(P.S.  Happy 5th Anniversary yesterday to my husband!  Love you, and thanks for being such a great cat man as well as a great person.)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Foster & Feral Friday: Box? What's a box?

Panther writes:

Oopsie!!!  I did a big no-no!  There was a very scary thunderstorm on Wednesday night that lasted into early Thursday morning, and I did not like being soaking wet!  I meowed and meowed at the back door until the people let me in.  But then, I didn't want to go out again!  The man went to work, then the lady said she had to go someplace, too.  She tried to get me to go outside again, but I didn't budge.  She pushed me gently with her foot, but I put all my weight on my feet and stuck to the floor.  It's amazing how we cats can do that, even though sometimes we seem to not weigh anything at all!  I was very clear that I did not want to be that wet again!  She let me stay inside while she was gone.

Now, I've seen something called "the box", and I've smelled it.  I've even seen the other cats use it for their pee and poop.  The lady has put me in it and moved my feet to scratch in it, even though I protest that with all my lung power and splay all four legs out.  I just don't get what all the fuss is over this box thing!  What does it do?  I saw the lady take the pee and poop clumps out of it, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

I did what I do outside when I needed to pee.  I picked a spot that was out of everyone's way, under the dining-room table.  I squatted and peed, because I know I'm not supposed to spray inside the house.  That much I'd figured out already.  I don't understand why the other cats were so disappointed that I used that spot!  They even went directly to the lady when she came back and told her in no uncertain terms that something went wrong and they were disappointed.  They all wanted to be sure she knew that none of them did what I did.  Why was it wrong?

The lady sprayed some cleaning spray where I'd gone, then picked me up and "flew" me into the bathroom.  She put me in that box-thing and moved my feet again.  Auntie Dare sniffed my butt to let me know that whatever comes out of me there goes in the box.  I still don't get it!  I think I'll be going outside from now on whenever the people need to leave the house.

At least until I figure this box thing out.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

PhotoHunt: Humble

 Panther is very humble about his newfound ability to sit on chairs.  (Notice Tabby laughing at him in the background?)
 See, Panther?  This is how you pose on a chair for the camera!
 Fine!  The lady with the flashy box won't see that I know how to sit on these chairs under here!
Panther, you don't need to be humble about sitting on chairs!  See, I can even sit on the table!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Therapy Cat Tales from 8/21/13

Tabby writes:

Wow!  I got to go visiting again!  We haven't been since June, because of scheduling conflicts and one day Mommy wasn't feeling well.  She's feeling good now, and I've been feeling good all summer, so we got to go to H. and our new visiting place, C.  We went to C. one time in June, but we will be going there regularly after H. every month now, one time a month for each place.

H. now has three visiting animal-assisted activities teams:  two dogs and myself.  We each work with our own person and one staff member, but we each have different staff members!  We also have different days, of course, so that we can spread the love around.

Mommy has heard that Pet Partners and Therapy Dogs, International, two groups that we are not affiliated with, now have policies that stop new teams from unaffiliated organizations from visiting at places their teams visit.  She asked our supervisor about that, and our supervisor said that PP and TDI have no authority to designate who can and cannot visit.  Only the site supervisor and building management have that authority.  Mommy was very glad to hear that!

We heard kitty stories on the way to H. again, as usual.  I also got to demonstrate the commands that I know for one lady who thought that kitties were untrainable.  HAH!  She changed her mind really quickly when she saw what I can do!  A man told us about healing a dog who had a tumor.  I'm not sure if he was telling the truth or pulling our legs on that one, though.

When we were passing by one of the walls of H. on our way to the door, there were strings hanging down and moving!  I sat up straight in the stroller when I saw those and thought about trying to bat at one!  They were bungee cords, Mommy said.  There was also a strong smell of soap, and a few bubbles floated through the air.  I looked at Mommy and she told me to look up.  I looked through the leaves on the tree branches, way up high, but things blended into the sky so I couldn't see what she could.  She's a lot taller than I am, even when I'm in the stroller.  I looked at her and put my paw up to ask her what she saw.  She said there was a man up there on the strings, cleaning the windows!  He was washing them with the soap that I smelled and saw!  Wow!  He was taller than the trees and sitting on strings, giving those windows a bath?  He must be magic, like the man with his head in the ceiling that I saw inside H. one time.

I made my usual rounds, purring for everyone and helping them to feel happier.  One lady was having a rough day, because it was getting near her birthday and she didn't feel well so she really didn't want a party.  She cried while holding and petting me, but that was fine.  I leaned into her hands to reassure her, and she loved that I'd come to visit her.  She was still sad and didn't want a party, but she felt a little better.

I taught R. to play tails with me today!  She was petting me in my stroller, then I flipped around so that I was facing the back of the stroller and started wagging my tail.  She thought she'd offended me in some way and didn't want her to pet me.  Mommy told her that I wanted to play with her instead!  Mommy demonstrated how to grab the tip of my tail gently with two fingers, hold it for a second, then let it go.  Sometimes you grab it, but sometimes you just barely miss it on purpose!  It's a game that I learned from my uncle Skylar, who's now an angel.  He was my favorite playmate, aside from my brother Carbon, when I was a kitten, so he taught me all the good games to play!  I played tails with R. for a few minutes, then turned back around and hid my tail under me.  She petted me all over, trying to find it, but I wanted regular pets so I didn't bring my tail out to play.  She had a good laugh over that!

After we visited at H., we walked to C.  They're pretty close to each other, so we can walk (well, I stroll) between the two.  The lady we had visited the last time at C. wasn't in her room.  She had gone to dinner early.  We found another lady to visit with, though, and right next to the aide station so there was a lot of activity around (i.e. more people to say hi to).  J. talked with Mommy about the zoo a lot, because they found out that each other loved to go there.  I can't go to the zoo, because some of the animals in the exhibits would want to eat me.  Not fun!  I'm glad I can't go there, but it was fun hearing about some of my wild cousins like snow leopards and tigers.  I got to meet some of the people who work at C., too, and that was fun to "surprise" them!  They come around corners and see me, do double-takes, then come over to meet me and ask questions.  Mommy told them when we'll be visiting them next, so hopefully more people will want to meet me and that one lady will be in her room next time.  The man at the counter loved seeing me, too, and another person told us that she has a certified therapy dog.

Wordless Wednesday: Freya vs. Feather Wand

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mini Mancat Monday: Panther's got interest!

Panther writes:

Mommy came back from that dance workshop she was at.  Daddy was very good to us over the weekend, and I got to come in a lot to socialize with the inside kitties.  When Mommy came back from the workshop, she brought two other humans with her.  Well, actually, they brought her back, because she rode in their car.  Anyway, they came inside and wanted to meet me!  Mommy called for me, so I came up and started to come in.  Then I saw them!  Whoa, two new humans inside the house?  I put on the brakes fast and backpedaled to the door.  Mommy picked me up and "flew" me over to meet them.  I'm not used to being carried, so she holds me by the armpits and "flies" me instead.  I sniffed their feet and said hi, then went back to a safe distance to watch them.  Mommy and Daddy called me over, and the lady called me over, too, so I came back to within arm's length of them.

They said they would talk it over and let Mommy and Daddy know if they are interested in adopting me!  Wow!  They know I need more socializing and would probably be willing to work with me on being more of an inside kitty.

I'll keep you updated on this new development in my life and if it pans out!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

PhotoHunt: Swanky


The PDX pride Mommy ran off to this retreat center in the Puget Sound area of Washington state for a Norwegian dance workshop. Pretty swanky, we think!

 Are you a photohunter?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Foster Friday and Two Honors!

Rori:  Calm down, Panther!  It's only Mommy with the flashy box again.  You'll get used to it.

Panther:  No, I won't!  I don't like it!  It's scary, even when it's not taking pictures!  *tries to get out the door behind him*

Mommy:  Panther, it's ok.  Can you please play with the catnip pillow like you were just doing?  I want to get a picture of you with your first favorite toy!

Panther:  No!  I don't wanna do that for the flashy thingy!  *turns his back on the catnip pillow*

Mommy:  Please?

Panther:  NO!

*Mommy lowers the camera.*

*Panther rolls over and starts licking the catnip pillow and bunny-kicking it.*

*Mommy starts to raise the camera again.*

Panther:  Oh, no!  Here she comes with the flashy thing again!

Rori:  Come over here, Panther.  You'll be safe by me.

*Mommy puts the camera away.*

Rori:  Before you go outside, Panther, I want to tell you something.

Panther:  What?

Rori:  You remember Miss Marble, who was outside for a while with you?

Panther:  Um, yeah?  She didn't like that I was in the backyard.  It was her territory, but she let me be there.

Rori:  Yep, that's right.  Well, she's got a very sweet memorial over on the Our Rainbow Friends blog today!  They made a gorgeous frame for one of Mommy's favorite pictures of her, with a rainbow and everything!

Panther:  Wow!

Rori:  That's not all.

*Panther's eyes widen.*

Rori:  We also had an interview with the Funny Farmers this week, and the article's posted on Mousebreath today!

Panther:  Cool!  That's great!

Rori:  Yep, it is.  All us inside forever cats are thrilled, and we mentioned you and Dare, too, as our fosters!

Panther:  Thank you, Auntie Rori!  Hey, do you think it might help me get a forever home?

Rori:  It might!  You never know.  First, you need to have more inside time with us, though.  You can start by having some dinner and then you can play some with the toys in here, including my catnip pillow.  I'll share with you.

Panther:  Thank you, Auntie Rori!  *goes over and licks her once on the hip, then goes off to eat*

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Great Meow!

The Great Meow is an event on Facebook (and off) in remembrance of all those kitties who have gone to the Bridge.  If you are on Facebook, you can find out more about it by clicking here.

Rori, our alpha cat, is MEOWING loudly for all our angel kits, as are our other cats.  You can find out more about our angels by clicking each of their names as we meow them out.

Spooky/Nyx (6-2007 to 3-26-2008)
Big-Head Kitty (feral, died in 2008 at about 2 years old)
Lydia (10-26-1999 to 10-13-2008)
Baby Chiba (died as a kitten in 2008)
Sara Kitty (died 1-5-2009 at about 18 years old)
Baby-Dot (9-1-2009 to 9-21-2009)
Baby-Tuxie (9-1-2009 to 9-22-2009)
Squishy (5-27-2009 to 11-2009)
Spooky 2 (7-2009 to 6-6-2010)
Skylar (10-26-1999 to 7-23-2010)
Grey Striped Kitty (feral, died 11-6-2010)
Miss Marble (5-12-2011 to 7-31-2013)

PhotoHunt: Blue

When it's a sunny day in Vancouver, WA, USA, the sky is very blue!

Are you a photohunter?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Funny Tale Friday!

Rori writes:

Mommy threw up in our litterbox yesterday!  Ok, so it's not funny that she was sick.  She ate something she wasn't supposed to (food allergy) and got an upset tummy from it.  She's doing better now, so now we can all laugh.

She was running for the toilet to throw up in there, but Daddy was using the toilet.  She grabbed one of the poop bags that she scoops our litter into, but couldn't open it before she needed it.  She was right next to our box, so she threw up in that!  She figured it was the next easiest place to clean up, since she could just scoop it out.

Sure, Mommy.  Right.  I guess that's what we get for putting hairball traps on the floor sometimes.  She basically did the same thing to us!  We understood, though, and she did clean it up after she felt better.  Daddy scooped some litter over it right away, so it didn't smell as bad as it could have.  We all turned up our noses at it after we investigated, then ran to give Mommy extra snuggles and purr for her.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gotta Go!

Panther writes:

I don't care that Auntie Little Bit is trying to get my tail!  I gotta go!  I found the hallway with Mommy yesterday, so where WAS that?  Oh, right.

*walks down the hallway, a little unsure of himself, glancing back at Mommy*

Yes, this is the way.  There!  That doorway!

*goes into the bathroom*

Yes, this is the place that the little silver kitty was using.  Auntie Dare, this is where it is, right?

Dare:  Yes, that is the potty box.  *sniffs Panther's tail*  Wait, what are you doing?

Panther:  Using the potty area.  Why are you looking so horrified?  Mommy, am I doing the right thing?

*walks out again*

Mommy:  You did fine, Panther.  Most kitties use the box instead of the floor, but we'll show you that when you come in next time.  You found the right room, though, and that's good.

(Panther got some pets after he used the floor in the bathroom, because he at least went close by the correct place.  He stayed inside for a few more minutes, then went outside again to hunt.  This was his first time needing to "go" while visiting us inside, so we're proud of him.)

Rori writes:

We got a new couch!  Pictures to come.  Some of it's in the blue room, waiting, because there is a davenport and a loveseat.  The davenport is a hide-a-bed, so it's in the blue room.  The loveseat is in the living room, and Missy has adopted the footstool as her own.

The bed in the green room got tipped up by Daddy, who cleaned up underneath it.  Yay!  The mattress still needs to be disposed of, because of getting peed on before Starla was put on her good medicine that's helping her, but at least it smells better in that room now.  I hid under Daddy's dresser while he was working on the room.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

PhotoHunt: Guess?

Can you guess who Heimdall is looking at?

Yep, Panther decided to come inside for a visit!  As you can see, he's feeling much more comfortable with us.  His ad is up on Craigslist, so we'll see if anyone in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA, area wants to adopt him.  We're sure someone will take him!

Are you a photohunter?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy birthday to our alpha cat, Rori!

Rori writes:

It's my purrthday today!  I'm 6 years old!  Is that too old to learn how to ride JJ's skateboard?  When he and Mommy Erin lived with us, I liked sitting on it upside-down but didn't like it moving when it was right-side-up.  They've taken it with them, now, though, since they moved a few months ago.

Life here is getting back to a new normal.  One of my jobs as Big Kitty is to check on everyone, and that's exactly what I've been doing.  I heard Mommy crying at one point and pulled at the door for Daddy to open it so that I could check on her.  I hopped up in bed with her and snuggled for a bit, then Daddy let me back in the other room again with Starla.  Another time, I heard Daddy in the living room and wanted to come check on him, so I pulled at the door and Mommy opened it for me.  I made a beeline to Daddy's chair and got some pets.  Missy is slowly getting over being lethargic from her vaccinations, so I've been checking on her, too.  I lie down next to her for a while, then get up again and go about my business.  I've been checking on Freya, too.

Panther has come in a few times more, and seems comfortable letting us sniff him all over.  He's also comfortable exploring the dining room, has ventured into the kitchen, and has discovered that there's a hallway and living room.  He's doing really well so far!  My half-sister, Little Bit, got him to play last night.  She's good at doing that, because she was a mama cat.  She got his tail, so he started playing with her, but she was up on a chair so she was hiding from him.  He found her, though!  They played for a couple minutes, then he went outside again to eat.  Thankfully, he's staying in the backyard and further back, the opposite direction from that nasty road!

Thank you all for your comments and condolences on the passing of Miss Marble.  We love you all!