Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rori's Tabby Tuesday

Rori writes:

I now have a favorite music style! When Mommy was choosing music for the dance at the Sons of Norway lodge on Sunday (for Norway's Constitution Day), I was kind of listening but more interested in playing. Until I heard one song. I jumped up on the back of the chair, walked across the top, and sat on the arm turning my ears, eyes wide. I stared at the computer screen, knowing that the music was coming from there (because Mommy was burning it onto a cd). It was pols music with a Hardanger fiddle, a special kind of fiddle with double strings! I listened to two songs of that style, then hopped down and went back to playing when a waltz came on. The waltz was still the same instruments, but I liked the pols!

rΓΈros pols 3 -


The Island Cats said...

That's some interesting music!

Fluffy and Bonkers said...

That's some CATchy music!!!