Friday, March 25, 2011

Feral Friday: Introductions

Tuxedo writes:

Hi, friends!  I'd like to introduce three other ferals who have been coming to eat at the deck, too.  Their names are Leopard, Snow, and Laura.  All of us have been coming for a little over a year now, at least, and we're not telling if we came before the new people moved in here and food started appearing.

Leopard writes:

Hello, I'm Leopard.  I don't really like the humans to see me, so the she-human had to take this picture from very far away.  That's why it's blurry!  I'm a male tabby with stripes and spots, with medium fur.  I don't like the inside kitties jumping at the window, but I'll hang around if they're behaving themselves.

Snow writes:

The people don't have a picture of me yet.  I'm a male Siamese with a ringed tail, cream-colored for the most part, with some light tan.  Last year, I was hurting with an infected bite, so I let the lady clean my wound and touch me.  When I got better, I shied away from her touch.  The humans are sure that I had a home at one time, because of that, but now I want to be outside instead of around humans in a house.  I don't mind them coming up to the window and looking at me, but I'd just prefer not to be petted right now.  Tuxedo and I get into fights sometimes, but he always wins.  We don't roll around fighting, just scream, hiss, and growl at each other until I back down.  When that happens, the humans put some food out on the front porch as well as the back porch so we can each have our dinners in peace.

Laura writes:

Hi, I'm Laura kitty.  I'm a female, black, medium-furred kitty.  I have been coming at least three times every day for the last couple of weeks, now that it's starting to warm up.  The male human gave me my name.  I don't mind them, but don't like when they move quickly.  There's a black kitty inside who loves to watch me and gets all excited when I come to eat!  He twitches his tail, which I at first thought was a sign he was going to come out and fight me, but now I know that he can't come out because of the window.  He watches me very intently, especially when I'm eating and then also when I go to hunt in the yard, as I'm doing in the picture.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy First Birthday to the Twins!!!!!!!!!

Heimdall says:

What's a birthday?  Mommy says it's our first birthday today!  Our aunties and uncle say that we're all going to get lots of treaties and maybe a special meal to celebrate!  Wow!

Freya says:

Daddy says that a year ago, our mama cat gave birth to us and our two brothers.  Our first humans helped our mama cat take care of us for 6 weeks, then took us to Salem Friends of Felines, where we lived until Mommy and Daddy came to get us.  I don't really remember our mama cat, but I remember our brothers.

Heimdall says:

I remember the touch of our mama cat!  She was soft, and I nursed from her while she licked the top of my head.  When we came to live with Mommy and Daddy, I still wanted to nurse, so I would try to nurse from Mommy's fingers and from my sister.  I've outgrown that now, but I still remember how good it felt to be snuggled close by our mama cat.

Freya says:

Mommy and Daddy say that we're adults now, but we still feel like kittens!  Play, run, chase, pounce, roll over and over wrestling, play-fight, stalk, watch, sleep, snuggle.  What a good life we have!

Thanks for coming to help celebrate
our 1st birthday!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daddy's rock is out!

 Daddy's rock is out!  He had an appointment for the human vet yesterday, and as he was getting ready the rock came out!  He yelled for Mommy to come see, and they took the rock with them to the human vet.  Yep, it was his kid-knee rock!

As you can see from these pictures, we took very good care of him while the rock was in him.  The first picture is Little Bit nursing Daddy in his recliner, and the second picture is Starla and Daddy snuggling on the couch.  It will still take him a while to get back to feeling all the way better, so we will continue our nursing duties until he feels good again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Freya's all dressed up as an Irish lass to greet the morning!  Snuggles with brother Heimdall and with Daddy make it complete.  But St. Patrick's Day isn't just a day to celebrate Ireland (and Mommy's part-Irish), it's also another special occasion, or actually three other special occasions!

Happy birthdays to our angel woofie auntie Trixi (Mommy's woofie sis), our great-uncle Bill, and our great-grandma Eunice!  Mommy's going to a big party tonight to celebrate with Great-grandma and her family, and going to call Bill to wish him a good birthday as well.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daddy has a rock!

We're purrrrrrrrraying bigtime for our daddy!!!  Daddy came home last night and couldn't walk upright like humans are supposed to.  He was all bent over, and then he made icky sounds in the litter box room.  He called our friend Olie and Olie came to get him and took him to the human vet.  Grandma got Mommy from her work and took her there to be with Daddy.

When Daddy came home, Grandma, our uncle and his girlfriend, and Grampa all came, too, along with Mommy, of course.  Everyone made Daddy sit down for a while and drink lots of water.  Daddy was moving around a lot better, and he petted us and made sure we knew he was better than when he left.  Then Grandma and Mommy went to get bottled water for Daddy.  While they were gone, Grandpa came and the others left to go back home.  Mommy came back, and Grandma left to go home.  Then, after a bit, Grandpa went home, too.

Daddy said that he has a rock inside him!  What's a rock doing inside our daddy?  Rocks belong outside!  They don't belong inside people!  Bad rock, making our daddy sickies!  Get out of his kid-knee!  We're all making sure that he sits or sleeps.  Freya's been bringing him her spring, but he doesn't feel like playing right now, so she just left it by him in case he wants it later.  We all are watching out for him and following him around to make sure he's doing ok.  He's still hurting a whole lot, but he's doing a little better and sleeping right now.

Note from Mommy:
He's going to make an appointment with the urologist in the morning.  Luckily, the kidney stone is very small, only 3 mm.  Even so, it's going to take a bit before it passes and during that time he's still going to be in a lot of pain.  It may take up to 7-10 days!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Therapy Cat Tales from 3/9/11

Tabby writes:

Yay, visiting day again!  I've missed visiting, but now our new schedule's figured out.  We'll be going every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from now on.  Today was our first time there on a Wednesday, so we got to meet some different staff members, including the receptionist!  :)

On our way to H., our friend Erin called and said she was downtown Portland, so we stopped off to meet her when we passed through downtown.  She gave me some chin scritches and talked to Mommy and me, then she went to take a bus and we went shopping for a few minutes.  We didn't find anything interesting to buy, though.  A couple people in the store stopped to talk to me, and there was one unhappy human kitten who screamed.  I gave her a LOOK, wondering why she was screaming, but she didn't see me.

When we got to H., I went up to the office door and one of my friends let me in while Mommy was signing us in and getting her nametag.  Then she came and found me, checking out the mini-putting green that had appeared in one of the office rooms!  Weird grass that's not grass, and does NOT taste like it, either!  I made a face and meowed loudly.  R. watched me for a few minutes while Mommy took care of a red, drippy nose.  Mommy has been sick, so her nose had a red drip because of blowing it so often, but she felt better today (or else we would have stayed home).  Then, we got our list of people to visit and off we went!

We were a little later than usual, because of our new schedule, but more people were awake this time, so I was happy about that.  G. and T. were sitting in chairs with an empty chair in the middle, so Mommy sat in the empty chair and I took turns being petted by all three of them, walking across Mommy to visit with each of the other ladies.  I even let T. hold my leash!  She loved that, of course.  After a while, M. came in, so I headed over to her and sat on her lap for a few minutes.  Then, I wanted to go see who else I could visit.  First thing I saw when I went out of the room, however, was a recliner rolling down the hallway!  It scared me!  Wheelchairs, walkers, medical equipment, strollers, shopping carts, all those are fine.  I know all those roll.  But a recliner chair????  No, thank you!  Mommy called me over to her and we watched the chair from a safe distance until it got to the room it was going to.  Then we went down a different hallway, in the opposite direction.

I met a few new friends, and even some family members!  I love meeting new friends, and they usually love meeting me.  No exception today!  I heard about one lady's cat that she had to find a new home for.  She said I looked just like her kitty, so I curled up next to her on the bed and purred for her, snuggling in against her side.  Then, she said I felt just like her kitty, too, and I helped her fall asleep for her naptime.  :)  >^..^<

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thanks for remembering my Gotcha Day!

Starla writes:

Wow!  Thank you, everyone, for remembering my Gotcha Day anniversary today!  I couldn't post a diary entry until now, because Mommy and Daddy both have been coughing and I've got my paws full with my snuggle-doctor duties.  Thank you for the comments, rosettes (on Catster), and well-wishes!

Despite the humans being sick, it's been a really good day.  I spent a lot of time watching the leaves move in the bright sunshine outside the window and make shadows on the curtains in the bedroom.  Freya hopped up on the bed and snuggled with me while we both watched for a couple hours!  This morning, I got lots of hugs and pets from both Mommy and Daddy, and played chase with the kittens, my cousin Little Bit, and even Rori.  Then I found a sun puddle to lay in until it was time for me to snuggle with Mommy for her nap.  This evening, I had a long brushie session.  I love being petted and brushed.  It's always so interesting to sniff the brush before it gets used to pet me, because then I can smell Tabby and Carbon on it.  Then they sniff it to smell me.

Tabby and I have been getting along pretty well lately, but Carbon and I got into a fight about a week ago, when he didn't want to go to his room.  I went in because he was meowing at Mommy, and he chased me.  However, I gave as good as I got, so I was quite proud of that.  I wasn't too shaken up about it, either.  It bothered Carbon more than it did me!

Mommy says that if I learn to wear a harness I can go out into the garage when the kittens explore it, but I'm not willing to wear that string-thing yet.  I always run to the garage door when I hear anyone in the kitchen, though, hoping!  Maybe someday....

Thank you to Callie Rose of the Birthdays and Gotcha Days club on Catster for my beautiful piccy!  (Although it should say "Gotcha Day" instead of "Birthday", but that's ok since I'm not telling when my real birthday is!)