Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tabby's diary from Catster

Tabby writes:

As our family moves from Catster to Cathugger, we are each publishing our previous diary entries here so that we will still have them and others can read them if they like.  These entries are mostly previous to the creation of "Furry Tails of the PDX pride", and are from earliest to latest, organized by cat.


October 12th 2006 11:09 pm

Tristan came over today. I like playing with him. He's a 4-year-old human boy that's friends with my whole family (although Carbon and Lydia pretend not to like him). He gave me kisses and petted me. He and Mommy played ponies, and I wanted to play too, so I waited until they were in the other room playing piano and then I got one of the ponies and played a little bit. Daddy saw me, and told me "Naughty" so I had to quit, but it was FUN, so I don't see why it was naughty.


October 14th 2006 9:46 pm

Gramma came today and spent the day with us! Well, part of the day. At first, she came to sleep, and took a nap for two hours. I snoozed with her, after I played with her feet under the blankets. I scared her once when I thought Mommy was going to punish me for playing with feet, and ran fast under the bed and came out the other side. Gramma woke up and thought I'd run into the piano, but I ran under it instead. Then, when I was sure I wasn't going to get in trouble, I curled up by her again and slept with her. So did Skylar. Sometimes Gramma stays for a few days, but this time she stayed two hours for her nap, and then she and Mommy went someplace and came back with a blanket. I walked into the plastic bag and tried to curl up on the blanket, because it was so warm and fuzzy, but Mommy said I had to move. It's for Stormie, Daddy's niece who loves to come visit us. Stormie says it's Mommy's house and Mommy's cats, and that Daddy only visits here, but we know it's really Daddy's house and we all live here, with our humans. Then, Daddy and Grampa came, and we had pizza! Skylar didn't want part of his piece, so I took it. I also ate a pineapple. It was tasty! It dropped onto Gramma's toe, and she kicked it onto the floor, so I ate it. Grampa's boots had been wonderful places and had lots of good smells on them. I tried to sneak towards the door when Gramma and Grampa left, but Mommy saw me and picked me up instead. That's alright, because it's warmer inside anyway, and I like being cuddled. I think after writing this I'll curl up on Mommy's lap and go to sleep while she takes a turn at the computer.


November 6th 2006 3:40 pm

Last night, I found an interesting new toy: rain! Water was dripping from the ceiling right by our scratching post, so I got up on the platform and watched it intently, trying to figure out if I could catch it or not. I decided it was too far away. Mommy came over to see what I was watching and I got pets and snuggles and "Good kitty, Tabby!". Mommy woke Daddy up and they decided to put a pot under the drip until the rain stopped because it's so stormy this week. Daddy says the area around the chimney is leaking just a little and won't be any real trouble. Carbon and I wanted to jump in the pot, but Mommy and Daddy said no. There was almost no water in the pot this morning, and Mommy says that's a good sign. I've been stalking the rain sounds under the front door today. It sounds like some animal out there that I want to see, but it's gone when Mommy opens the door for me to look. She says it's the rain that makes the sounds. *Yawn* Think I'll go sleep on Mommy's socks again.

Gramma and the storm

November 16th 2006 5:07 pm

Gramma came for a visit for a while. She's gone now. Whenever she was in the bathroom, I opened the door and followed her in. Sometimes, I opened the door too much and then I got in trouble. I remembered not to pounce on the "bugs in a rug" (her feet under the blankets) this time, so I think I was a really good kitty during her visit. Mommy went to the store and got us new litter for our box, and came back with a little pink bandana for me that has candies on it and says, "So Sweet". I'm such a good kitty! There's been a storm for a long time (a few days), and I don't like it. The rain is fun to try and chase under the door, but I can't get outside to get the rain creature. The wind is what I hate, and it makes scary noises that I run from. Mommy was sick, and I tried to follow her into the bathroom to make sure she was alright and give her reassuring croons, but she told Gramma to pick me up and comfort me instead. I really wanted to be with Mommy, and tried to get out of Gramma's arms, because Mommy was making awful sounds in the bathroom just like I make when my food comes up. I went in to investigate, and it smelled really bad in there, but I couldn't see any mess. I think she got rid of the evidence before she let me in there.

They're back

November 25th 2006 8:18 pm

First Daddy was gone for a while, then Mommy was gone for Thanksgiving. Now they're both back home where they're supposed to be. *happy purrs*


November 27th 2006 11:00 pm

It snowed today! First snow since last winter. Mommy let us have door time to see the snow falling. After door time, Carbon was up in the living room window and noticed there were birds outside. Mommy said they were robins. Whatever they were, they looked yummy, and I bounced from the side window to the front window looking at them! The side yard had a lot, but the front yard was a buffet, if only I could've gotten out there. There were at least 20 of them in the front yard alone!

Mommy went to our store today and got me a new red sweater that fits me so cozy! I love it and wore it for most of today. I dove headfirst into it when it was held up for me, and kept it on with absolutely no complaints. When Mommy wanted to take it off, during one of my naps, I presented my legs to her so she could pull it off.

Christmas is coming!

December 15th 2006 12:02 am

Mommy says Christmas is coming. There's a new scratching post inside, but we're not really allowed to use it. It's fun to rub up against, though. It smells dusty. Mommy brought it up from the laundry room.
It hasn't snowed anymore, so no more birds to watch. I've found other things to keep me busy, though. Mommy used some toys on the tree (ribbon), so I watched her get them out and then took some from the hiding place to play with. It's raffia, she says, so I can't really chew it too badly, but it's fun to drag around the house and "protect" from Carbon. Skylar got his Secret Santa Kitty present, so I had fun playing with some of that. The paper was especially nice, but I started eating it so Mommy took it away. He got this mouse thing with feathers on the top, and I picked it up and took it away from him. Now it's MINE, and Skylar can't get it, na na na na na.

Training update

December 16th 2006 3:52 pm

Mommy and I got a letter today from Dove Lewis Animal Hospital about our therapy team training. She's going to call and set up our initial interview, and then (if we get accepted, which I think we will) she has a training on January 13, then we both do on January 20, and the final assessment is February 3. I'm so excited to be in training for this! Dove Lewis works with Delta Pet Partners, so we'll be registered with that, too!

Thanks, Secret Santa!

December 18th 2006 2:11 pm

Wow! Lydia and I got our Secret Santa gifts today, in one box since they were from the same family! We got lots of treats (two bags), puffies, jingle balls, crinkle balls, and stockings! Also a kitty teaser, but Lydia has claimed that. She also claimed a puffy. My favorites are the blue ball (played with Skylar around the house with that) and the red stocking.


December 18th 2006 11:42 pm

Winter had my name, and I had his for the Secret Kitty! And Summer had Lydia's name! 

Merry Christmas!

December 27th 2006 8:29 pm

Daddy got sick for Christmas. Not a nice present. We've all been piling on top of him, trying to make him feel better. It must've worked, because he's feeling a whole lot better today, and even went out and did some shopping. He got us a new kitty tree! Mommy says it's a kitty house. Whatever it is, I love it! It's got a flat bed on top, and two hidey-holes to curl up in. I tried scratching on it and didn't get into trouble, so it must be ok to use my claws on it.

Wow! Featured diary of the day!

January 1st 2007 12:56 am

Happy New Year's everyone! Purrs to HQ for choosing me for Featured Diary today! What a great way to start out the new year!
Mommy took me visiting the other day. My therapy cat training has been postponed until February - April because the other class filled up, but I still need to keep my visiting skills up. We went on the buses and on the light rail train. Mommy needed to check in on another cat while the people were away, so we went there. I didn't get to meet the other cat, but I had so much fun playing on the stairs (two flights) that I growled at Mommy when she said we had to leave! I love walking up and down stairs. I was ok once we got back on the bus, but really tired, so I curled up and went to sleep. When we got on the Max light rail, I woke up again and visited with people there. I was such a good kitty! We went to our store (the pet store) and got treats and a cuddly blankie (and litter, which we needed), and then went home to tell Daddy all about my very good kitty day! He was so impressed!

White cold stuff! Take me inside!

January 16th 2007 8:49 pm

This is my second winter, and last year I didn't get to do any exploring in the white stuff. Today, Mommy hooked Skylar and me up into our harnesses and took us out onto the front porch. It's been white all morning, and actually all day (snowing pretty hard since about 6:00 a.m.), so it's pretty thick.

It's COLD! Skylar didn't seem to be bothered by it; he jumped off the porch and went for a walk, leaving cute little kitty prints. I wanted to follow, but it looked so different! I stayed on the porch, and then went to the door and asked to be let back in. Mommy opened the door, and Daddy caught me in a towel and dried me off and took my harness off. Skylar and Mommy came in a few minutes later. He got towel dried, too, and curled up on the couch purring.

Tristan's in the hospital!

January 27th 2007 4:35 pm

Our little 4-year-old human friend is in the hospital! Please purrrray for him. Updates are in the forums under "Get Well Soon" and on Cadillac and Boots' pages in their diaries.

My big day ruined!

January 31st 2007 9:24 pm

Mommy and I were supposed to go to my entrance interview for the Dove Lewis Animal-Assisted Therapy & Education training program tomorrow, but she and Daddy are sickies! They caught a bad flu, and made icky sounds from Saturday through today! Mommy says we can't go when we're sick, so now I have to wait a looooong time for the next time we can go in for the interview! It's rescheduled for February 21st at 1:00 p.m. Gramma even had called and wished us good luck, and almost started crying on the phone she was so proud of us, and now we don't get to go in! Mommy's worried about calling Gramma and telling her that, because it was going to be so exciting.

EWWWWW...a bath!

February 20th 2007 9:57 pm

Mommy gave me a bath tonight! I thought she was just playing with the shower curtain, but she shut the door, then turned the loud wet noise on and I was trapped! I tried to get away, but she tackled me and held me under, and then I finally got away. She ran after me, and put smelly bubbly stuff on me, then put me under the water again until it was all gone. Then I got pets with a towel, and finally the door was opened and I had my freedom again. I immediately ran under the bed to hide, in case Mommy changed her mind and dunked me again. She said I needed a bath because tomorrow we're going somewhere important to meet with a lady and a dog. I hope the dog's nice, because I like nice dogs.

Therapy Cat In Training!

February 21st 2007 3:58 pm

I am now officially a therapy cat in training! Mommy and I went on the bus to Dove Lewis today and had an interview for the Animal-Assisted Therapy program there. I have the basics, and the purrrsonality, but need more experience out in public. I was very nervous when I got there, and was switching my tail and my eyes were all the way dilated. It didn't help that there were three big dogs there that were all interested in me! I like dogs, but three was a bit too much.

The lady who interviewed me wouldn't let me get down and sniff around the room. I did anyway, but that's one thing Mommy and I will need to work on with me: not letting me do that. I surprised Mommy by not staying on people's laps, but she and the lady think it's because I'm still young and haven't learned that task properly. The lady gave us a few tips, like starting on clicker training, getting another harness that fits me better (I've outgrown my dragonfly harness from July), hanging out at cat-friendly businesses and being deposited on people's laps for practice, and talking with someone who has a cat in the program and working with her.

All in all, the lady said I can be in the program, with more training first. Yay!!!

Clicker and Treats

February 22nd 2007 10:14 pm

Mommy went to the store today and came home with this weird toy that clicks. She bought some new treats, too, and Carbon wanted some so he got into the sack but she chased him out of there. She said the treats are for me! Later on, we went into the office (computer room), and she brought the clicker and the treats in there, too. I was really excited, because I wanted to have the treats. I tried begging for them right away, but she didn't give any to me. Then, she made the toy click, and gave me a treat. I ate it and looked at her for more, then put my paws on her leg, begging for more. She clicked the toy, and I got another treat. This is a good system! I tried it again, and it didn't work, so I walked away and was going to jump up on my box behind the door. Mommy told me to come to her, and she clicked and I got a treat when I came. Then, she asked me to sit, and I heard the click and got another treat. Then she opened the door and put the clicker and the treats away, and gave me lots of pets and said "Good kitty".

My first visit!

May 3rd 2007 12:12 am

I had my first training visit on Monday! Mommy's been busy with things since then, so this is the first time I've gotten to write in my diary since the visit. Mommy, Erin, and I went to see Diego's mom, Diana at her office. It was the first time I'd been in an office with computers, printers, lots of chairs, etc., and I was very nervous. Erin carried me in, and Mommy had the kitty bag and my carrier. Diana is so nice! *purrs* After a while, I calmed down enough to go walking around, and boy did I ever walk! Erin even taught me how to walk with her, so now I know a new trick to practice! :) I walked with Mommy, too, and asked Diana for pets, rolled over for tummy rubs, sat in Diana's lap, and sat still on her desk. That's a lot for one visit!

I got tired after about an hour and 15 minutes, so we had to leave. I hissed when we got outside, wanted down, and wanted back in, but Mommy and Erin said it was time to leave. I LIKE VISITING!!! We went downtown to Pioneer Square, but I sat in my carrier resting while Erin and Mommy ate lunch. Then, Mommy saw a guide puppy in training, and asked his person if I could come over to touch noses. Erin got a cute picture of us, which is up on my page. The doggie's name was Forrest, and he's about 6 months old. We sniffed each other, then lay down and snuggled together. We were both tired.

Goopy eye and sneezies

May 11th 2007 7:35 pm

Yucky!!! My right eye has gone goopy! Mommy's been washing it with a wet rag until we can go into the vet's tomorrow, and that helps a lot, but it still isn't very fun at all. I tell Mommy when it's bugging me the most, go up to her and ask by tapping my paw on her arm, then she gets a rag and washes it. I'm so glad I know how to ask! It helps me so much that I can tell her when it's bugging me now.

I've also got the sneezies. Mommy and Daddy think maybe I have allergies, and that's what's causing the sneezies and the goopy eye. They were going to take me in to the vet's today, but Daddy had to run errands for work so they couldn't. I'm trying not to paw at my eye too much, and close it as much as possible.

Back from the vet, into isolation! Meow!

May 12th 2007 6:08 pm

Erin and Mommy took me to the vet this morning to have them look at my sneezies and my eye. You can see a picture of me at the vet on my page, with my squinting eye. The vet said I have a kitty cold! She told Mommy that I should be isolated from the other cats for 7 days while I get over it, and have ointment put in my eye, clavamox, and metacam. I don't like any of it, and I want to play with the others. Carbon and I played paws under the door for a while today, but I kept meowing to be let out so he and I can wrestle. We miss each other.

Even though I barely could see because of my eye when I was at the vet's, I asked the vet tech for pets by putting my paw up! Mommy was so proud of me that I remembered my training even when I wasn't at my best! :) *purrs*

All better!

May 18th 2007 2:11 am

I'm all better now! Daddy and Mommy decided to let me out today into the rest of the house, because my eye isn't goopy anymore and I'm only sneezing a little bit (just one or two occasionally). The first thing I did with my freedom was walk around the whole house, sniffing edges and corners. I've been guarding the bedroom from Lydia, won't let her go in because it's MY territory now! I was in there long enough; it should be mine!

Go Team Tabby!!! Fundraising for CAT and Dove Lewis- Emergency Animal Hospital

May 18th 2007 3:45 pm

I now have my own page for fundraising for CAT (Cat Adoption Team) and Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital! This fundraising event is through Pets in the Pearl, and helps strays get the medical care they need, then find their original owners or get adopted into new, loving homes. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. The cat team with the most donations gets recognition at the Pets in the Pearl event!

If you would like to have a button for this fundraiser on your page, you can go to http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/3779/tabbycatkhi3.jpg and type in the code you see there.


May 22nd 2007 6:21 pm

1. I'm in pre-training to be a therapy cat.
2. I love going outside on my harness and leash.
3. I chase Lydia a lot.
4. When Mommy and Daddy brought me home, I climbed out of the box in the truck and wanted to climb on Daddy while he was driving.
5. I eat just about anything.
6. I know how to ask for attention by putting my paw up.
7. I'm adorable.

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Tagged cats:

Go Team Tabby!!! C'mon, we're doing well!!!

May 31st 2007 3:32 am

Thank you, everyone who's donated so far, and everyone who's posted the link! We've raised $145 for Cat Adoption Team and Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital! Woohoo!!! Let's see if we can keep it going! Mommy and I were so happy when we checked our team page after the holiday weekend and saw how much has been donated! Stray cats, you're going to be a-ok at the hospital! Let's keep it going; the top cat's raised $300, can we?

Having fun!!!

July 10th 2007 8:25 pm

Wow! I haven't written all my exciting new adventures in my diary yet, so this entry will be a long one. :)


On Saturday, June 23, Mommy and I went to an event her mom organized, called a "Yarn-In". People come and sit and knit or crochet, and talk. Each time, there's a call for donated knitted/crocheted/sewn items for a cause, and this time it was kitty blankets for the SW Washington Humane Society! Snuggles!!! :) So of course they wanted a kitty on hand to try them out! *purrrrrrrs* I put on my pretty pink harness and leash and went visiting, sat in people's laps, got petted, asked for pets on my own without being told, climbed up on people's laps by myself, and generally had fun. We were there for a few hours, and I got tired partway through, so I went under the long tablecloth of the banquet table and had a snooze. When I was done sleeping, I meowed once (just like I do at home) and walked right out in the middle of the room with my leash trailing! Mommy was so proud of me! I even ate a little of my food while I was there, which is the first time I've felt comfortable eating when we're not home. Yum! Of course, I was a bit naughty too. I walked on a counter and tried to drink out of the faucet (wasn't on), climbed on a stack of chairs to see if I could reach the top of the window (couldn't, bummers!), and ran from across the room to try to get a ball of yarn a lady dropped (almost made it there before she picked it up, told me I couldn't have it, and petted me while laughing). I also got into Mommy's knitting and got it off the table.


Mommy came home last week with a new toy for us! It's a blue PetGear Ultralight stroller! :) Carbon has a pic of him in it on his page. He hasn't gone outside in it yet, but I have! I went shopping with Mommy and Erin and stayed in the stroller even though it wasn't zipped up all the way. Well, most of the time. I tried to get out once, and did, but Mommy scooped me up and back in I went. Didn't try that one again! We rode the bus to the store and back, and the bus driver on the way back thought it was a human baby in the stroller and asked Mommy to take the baby out and fold up the stroller (rules for kid strollers). He was a little embarrassed when he found out it was ME inside!

I won a cat bowl!!!

July 30th 2007 4:38 pm

OMC! Mommy got a package today in the mail, but she said it was for me! Inside was a pink Bamboo cat bowl with two liners, and two packages of refill liners! :) Now when I'm out for a visit or a stroll, I have my own dish to take along, and Mommy can either save the liners and wash them later or toss them in the garbage. Yay!!!


My Home Depot visit

July 30th 2007 11:42 pm

Mommy took me to Home Depot today. This is the second time I've been there, and I love it! I already have my own fan club among the employees, so when Mommy and I walked (strolled) in the door, we were greeted with smiles. :) We went over to the patio furniture and found a chair, put the "Therapy Cat in Training...Come Say Hi!" sign up, and waited for admirers. I got petted, picked up, sat in laps, the whole bit. I'm a very happy kitty right now, as you can see by my new main picture, taken by one of the employees.



October 16th 2007 2:30 am

I'm a happy pirate girl kitty!!! Mommy and Spooky went to the mall today, and got my new Halloween outfit! Mommy couldn't wait to try it on me! :) I usually don't like hats, but I wore this hat and eye patch well, not even trying to get them off. I'm entered in The World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show with this outfit, so please vote for me. If you don't, I'll make you walk the plank, matey! ;)

Happy Halloween!

November 6th 2007 1:42 am

Ok, so it's a few days after Halloween, but I've had so much excitement this holiday that I had to take a few days off to nap! ;)

On the 26th, Mommy took me to the kids' Halloween party at Sons of Norway, where she volunteers. We got there about 4:30 pm, and didn't leave until almost 11:30 pm! I wore my pirate costume, walked around on my pink harness and leash, and greeted everyone in the whole lodge! I even found a nice little 2-year-old girl (or she found me) named Julia who walked me, held me, carried me around, and I loved it all! :) *purrs*

On the 27th, Mommy and I went to Petco for the Howloween Pet Costume Contest. I was the only kitty who entered...all the rest were woofs! One chihuahua was so scared of me, she backed up and whimpered! All I wanted to do was make friends. I didn't win, but I put on a good show. :) :) :) I also got a certificate for entering, and a pouch of kitty treats. After the contest, I went to see my friends at Home Depot, and they were very proud of me for entering and loved my outfit! *very happy purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs*

It's official!

December 18th 2007 11:40 pm

I am now OFFICIALLY a therapy kitty in training! Mommy and I had our second interview for the classes/training today, and we get to start classes in January! Mommy goes to the classes on Saturdays, and I join her for a couple classes at the end so I can work around wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. Then, on to our final evaluation and final field-test!

I still need to work on staying in laps for more than a minute. I'm doing so much better, but I still feel the need to jump down and explore after being on a lap for a few seconds. If I don't find a way to be more comfortable in laps, then this won't work out, so Mommy's going to focus on that even more now. We went to the Saturday Market (open all this week for Christmas shopping) and I was pretty good about being held in people's arms, but wanted to explore when I was put on a lap. We're going to go there again later this week and try again with the same people, see if I do better next time.

All in all, Mommy's thrilled, and I got lots and lots of attention today!



Stopped before I started! *cries*

December 19th 2007 6:04 pm

Here's the e-mail Mommy received today!

Hi Karen,

Because I had some questions and concerns that also gave me reservations about Tabby, I wrote to ask the behaviorist I confer with.

This is what I wrote: If a cat is sweet and affectionate, but it’s not interested in staying on a lap without some mild restraint….and its tail twitches some, it’s whiskers are a bit forward, it likes to Knead, yet it’s pupils are not dilated….what do you think in terms of potential?

She travels well in her stroller. She prefers the floor to laps….

Here is what she had to say about Tabby: Not a candidate. Tail twitching is a sign of irritation. It can be mild (and this cat is showing great restraint) but it usually progresses. The cat should NEVER have to be restrained to stay in someone's lap. This is both frustrating and stressful and when you combine those two and try to extend petting time, you are asking to be clawed or bitten. Not all cats are lap cats or petting cats even if they have lovely temperaments otherwise, and I have yet to meet the cat that can be coerced into changing its habits in this area.

So, I think in light of what the expert says, despite Tabby’s sweet side, we shouldn’t ask this of her.

Thanks for your understanding, Karen!

Me???? Cat of the Day???

February 8th 2008 12:23 am

Thank you, oh thank you, Catster, for choosing me as the Cat of the Day!!!

Thanks, everyone!

February 9th 2008 11:44 am

Thank you everyone who sent pawmail, rosettes, gifties, and congrats on my honor day! Thank you again, Catster, for choosing me as COTD yesterday! :) :) :)

Very happy purrs,


Spooky, you are gone too soon to the rainbow!!!

March 27th 2008 11:51 pm

I just got an e-mail from Spooky/Nyx's new mom. Crying as I type this. His page is #628335


I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Spooky passed last night. It happened so suddenly, noone knew anything was wrong. The vet just called and told me that he died of heart failure, it would seem that part of his heart was extremely thick in comparison. He was found curled up on the bed so we're all certain that he passed peacefully.

I am so sorry that I have to be telling you this, I know just how much you guys loved the little guy. We had no idea ourselves and miss him terribly, he was so much sunshine for us.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Again I am truly sorry to be the bearer of such terrible news.

~ Ashley

My visit to the Pet Expo

April 21st 2008 1:11 am

Mommy and I haven't been visiting for a while, ever since the people at Dove Lewis told me I wasn't ready for therapy cat training. But, today we went out again! There was a pet expo this weekend, and Mommy took me. We went two years ago, but missed last year. As soon as we got off the Max at the Expo Center, I remembered where we were, and started to get excited. I wanted out of my stroller, so Mommy held me for the first bit so I could look around and others could see me.

* Playing with an Aussie puppy
* Having an adult Boxer bark at me, wanting to come out of his fenced pen to play with me because he has a cat friend at home
* Finding a booth with three Golden Retriever guide dogs who were so friendly I jumped out of my stroller to go greet them, walked right up to them, got my ear cleaned by one, and walked under another one and lay down right on his left rear paw!
* Getting a huge lick from a dog who has cats at home, and I didn't even flinch!

AND............*drum roll please*
* Mommy talked with the ladies at the Delta Society booth (they do the therapy training) and finding out that there is an independent evaluator in the Portland area, and the ladies think I'm a perfect (or should I say purrrrrrfect) candidate after all! :) :) :) :) :)

I was soooooo tired after my day out that I came home and took a long nap.

It's that time of year again! Go Team Tabby!!!

April 23rd 2008 3:11 pm

It's that time of year again: I now have my own page for fundraising for CAT (Cat Adoption Team) and Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital! This fundraising event is through Pets in the Pearl, and helps strays get the medical care they need, then find their original owners or get adopted into new, loving homes. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause.

The link to donate is at http://www.petsinthepearl.com/oneTeam.php?teamId=125

The cat team with the most donations gets recognition at the Pets in the Pearl event!

If you have last year's picture link, please change the link to the current URL.



Thanks, Catster, and friends!

April 29th 2008 10:25 am

Thank you, Catster, for choosing my fundraising diary entry as a daily diary pick today! :) So far, Team Tabby has raised $10. Way to go!

Also, thank you to Princess Diana from the "Hey, you look like me!" group for my sparkly celebration picture! :) :) :)

-- A very happy Tabby.

It's my birthday!!!

June 17th 2008 12:25 am

I'm 3 years old today! I got treaties (everyone did, because it's my birthday), LOTS of tummy rubs and snuggles, and LOTS of door time!!!

On a sad note, our friend Lucky Boo had to go to the bridge today. :( Peace, Boo's family!

Team Tabby has raised $20 so far!



Sad day

October 13th 2008 7:32 pm

Our Lydia has left us today! Mommy and Daddy have been sad for a few days, and Lydia has been lying by the door, not wanting to move but watching everyone. I went and licked her a few times, and she sniffed me.

Today, Mommy and Daddy took her away, and what they brought back wasn't really her. It looked like her, but it didn't exactly smell like her, and it didn't move. Mommy picked me up off the bed to go look at it, and I sniffed it, then pushed my nose into its fur. I finally figured it out, and went straight over to Mommy to ask for pets and reassurance. She cuddled me and told me she loves me.

Mommy and Daddy took it outside and buried it in the backyard, then came back in. I hopped up on the couch and snuggled with them and Skylar, and was a very good girl, even lying down the first time I was asked to.



Portland ferals need new homes! (request from a friend of- ours)

October 17th 2008 1:48 pm

A friend who's been taking care of feral (wild) cats needs to rehome them, due to neighbor complaints and the landlord wanting to kill the cats. There are five adult cats and five 4-month-old kittens. These are not pets, are not socialized. They are good mousers and would be happiest as barn cats or with lots of outside territory. They will not come to people.

If you are interested in giving one or more of these cats a home, please be willing to supply information regarding your experience with feral cat colonies, a rehoming fee (used to offset the cost of fixing the cats), a possible home visit, and a contract stating you will feed and care for the cat(s) consistently and reliably.

We would merge them with our colony, but we don't have the space for more.

Thank you!


We're writing hubs!

November 12th 2008 6:57 pm

Mommy is letting us occasionally write articles on her hubpages account. Our articles are getting read internet-wide! I wrote one on learning how to walk on a leash.

Sara's no more

January 5th 2009 4:42 pm

Sara left us today, just like Lydia did. Mommy and Daddy took her, and brought back the other in a box. I sniffed the box and tried to jump on it, but Mommy wouldn't let me. When Daddy lifted the body out, I went over and sniffed it, then went over to Mommy for pets. I'm very subdued right now, very sad, lying down right behind Mommy while she types for me.

Maybe, just maybe?

January 16th 2009 5:29 pm

Friends, there is a possibility that yours truly will be a fashion model in March! We don't know yet, but I'm on the list. Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital is holding a huge fundraiser called Boutiques Unleashed, where designers dress people/animal models and have a fashion show. Some designers provide their own furry models, but some need volunteers. I'm on the list of volunteers! Just me, not Mommy, because she doesn't do fashion shows. But I do! We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything for sure, but I'm glad that they put me on the volunteer list!

A happy fashion model,


Strolling to the vet with Rori

January 28th 2009 5:09 pm

No, I didn't have a vet appointment, although I will soon because my rabies shot needs updating. Little niece Rori did, and I've become her nurse while she's been recovering from her spay. She has been very growly and hissy while she's been recovering, so Mommy thought it might help her if I came along as well.

It was fun to ride through the park, but it was COLD! It had snowed yesterday, but mostly melted by now, and the weather was still very chilly. Rori and I snuggled side-by-side in the stroller for warmth. We also had a blanket over us.

Rori did just fine on her vet check, and they said she's healing well and can play and jump regularly now. I stayed in the stroller while they examined her, then we went back out to Mommy and went home.

Mommy got our Valentine's cards to send out!

January 29th 2009 3:10 pm

Mommy got a package today, and it was our Valentine's cards to send to our friends in the Pen Paws group! Guess what????? They feature ME! Me being a "Love Bug", except I wouldn't wear the wings. But it's me in my "Love Bug" dress, with a heart in the background! You can see the cards we are sending here.

We now have a blogspot!

January 29th 2009 6:20 pm

We now have an actual blog! You can read it here. Of course, we're still going to be updating our Catster diaries as well.

Cat fight!

February 11th 2009 8:47 pm

Everyone's ok now, but see Rori's diary for details.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

February 15th 2009 1:22 am

Happy Valentine's Day/Presidents' Day weekend, everykitty! I went for a Valentine's stroll yesterday to Petco, where they were having picture time. I wanted to be petted by the photographer more than have my picture taken, but they finally were able to get a good one. Then I walked on my leash for 45 minutes! If you go to our blog, you can see the video of me. I wanted to walk in the dog section instead of the cat section, for some reason!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and stay away from your purrents' chocolates!



I got the modeling gig!

February 26th 2009 12:27 am

I AM going to be a model for Dove Lewis Animal Hospital's Boutiques Unleashed! It's going to be March 13th, at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR.

I am going to walk the runway with one of the veterinarians from Dove Lewis, so Mommy is going to arrange a meeting for us beforehand. I also am going to go to the boutique they are assigning me to (don't know which one yet) for a fitting.

This is so absolutely exciting!

-- Tabby, who can't sit still thinking about it!

Press release and meeting my co-star tomorrow

March 5th 2009 8:31 pm

From the DoveLewis e-mail newsletter:

Buy your Tickets NOW for:

Boutiques Unleashed: Fashion for Both Ends of the Leash

Friday, March 13

Wonder Ballroom – 128 NE Russell, Portland

Doors open at 6:30PM. Fashion show starts at 8:00PM.

Local band Another Cynthia will begin playing at 9:30PM.

Join our presenting sponsor, Jeanette Heinz for DoveLewis’ 4th annual pet and person fashion show benefitting the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support program. Enjoy catering provided by Savor Catering and music from Area54 as local celebs walk adorable pets down the runway in the latest fashions from your favorite boutiques! Enjoy hosted hors d'oeuvres and select cocktails, bid on auction items, and don’t forget to wear something saucy!

Make sure to watch live on Fox12 KPTV next Wednesday morning to find out who our mystery model will be this year. Last year it was a llama...be sure to tune in for the big reveal!

Special thanks to Portland Picks and LexiDog for all of their enthusiastic assistance! Additional invaluable backstage support provided by Kalista Salon and Spa and The Blush Beauty Bar.
______________________________________________________ _

I'm going tomorrow to DoveLewis to meet my veterinarian co-star and get fitted for my outfit. Exciting!

-- Tabby.

Back from my fitting!

March 6th 2009 7:15 pm

My meeting and fitting went so well! When we first got to DoveLewis, we rode the elevator, which I don't really like but I put up with. Then, we stepped out of the elevator and saw Heather and Andy. Heather was watering plants, and said hi to us. Andy, a big black lab, came over to Mommy for pets, then went to sniff me in my stroller.

A few more people walked by when we were waiting, and I greeted them by looking at them and walking over to be petted. I also sat in the chair with Mommy, then got down and rolled over on the carpet for tummy rubs. I wanted to follow one lady into a conference room, but she wouldn't let me.

When the lady came to get us, I hopped down and walked with Mommy on my leash while she pushed the stroller. I walked partway, then wanted to go down the other hallway, so Mommy picked me up and carried me while the lady pushed the stroller.

I was fitted with a size large t-shirt. They used the ones from last summer's "Pets in the Pearl" fundraiser to do the sizes, but that's not what I'll really be wearing. When Mommy put the shirt on me, she could tell I loved the fit and fabric! I walked around the table a bit, then rolled over for tummy rubs. Everyone agreed I was being a little ham, loving all the attention (and the two cameras) focused on ME!

Then, I met the man who's going to walk with me down the runway. He learned how I like being held, and we practiced walking and showing off my outfit. He also spent some time petting me and talking with me, so that we could get comfortable working with each other.

My shirt for the fashion show will be something related to being a "rockstar chick". Dr. Brandt will be dressed in something "urban edgy New York rocker" style. Dr. Brandt's outfit will be from a shop called "Urban Edge".

Urban Edge
404 N.W, 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

My outfit will be from a shop called "bentley B".

The next thing...rehearsal and then the main event! The rehearsal will take place the day of, at 5:30 pm. The actual show is at 7:00 pm but doors open at 6:30.

I'm soooooo excited! Mommy gets a backstage pass, so she'll be there with me for everything except the actual runway walk. She's super-excited as well!


March 11th 2009 12:46 am

We just found Bentley, the doggie designer of the outfit I will be wearing (and of my test shirt as well), on Dogster! His page is here!

My fashion show debut!

March 14th 2009 1:14 am

Hi everyone! My fashion show debut went off without a hitch! Forgive us for not wanting to write everything multiple times. I've posted all about it over on our family's blog: the PDX pride. Just click that link, and you'll find all the fun pictures, my tale, and the video Mommy took!



I was on TV!

March 16th 2009 11:29 pm

I was on TV the night of the fashion show! FOX 12 Oregon showed the first few models on their 10:00 pm news, and I was one of them! Mommy's mom saw me!

*dancing around in happiness*

I can't find a link to it, but if I do I will definitely share it.

-- Tabby.

More fashion show photos

March 18th 2009 6:38 pm

Mommy got an e-mail today from DoveLewis that said some of the professional photographer pictures were up! They are at Beth Caldwell's Shutterfly page. We are in some of them. She got a couple shots of me on the runway, being petted by an audience member! Mommy's definitely going to order a couple photos for my scrapbook. :)

This is soooo cool!!!!!

April 13th 2009 6:15 pm

Wow! Mommy checked her e-mail, and guess what she saw?! Diego and I are pictured in the Catster newsletter today, for the battle of the sexes! Diego is a good friend, so I'm glad it's only a numbers battle. MOL! He's another Portland, Oregon, kitty, and Mommy and I have met his mom in real life! PORTLAND ROCKS CATSTER!!!!!

Sir Alfie made a kimi for me to commemorate today, and I'm putting it in my sidebar! Thanks, Alfie!

We found a new place for shots

April 14th 2009 5:08 am

On Sunday, Mommy took me to get my rabies shot, but she didn't take me to our vet. She took me to Petco! I got a general wellness exam, then my rabies shot, then a nice blue flower rabies tag for my harness. The vet that comes to Petco is licensed, very professional, and it only cost $15.

Mommy wrote a review of the mobile vet service for her new blog, "The Frugal Feline". It's here, if you want to read it. Mommy is writing about deals for cats and cat-people when she finds them.

I'm officially working!

April 17th 2009 2:06 am

I went with Mommy to my orientation yesterday for my therapy cat work, at an assisted-living facility. Some of the residents there are senior citizens who simply cannot live at home anymore, and some have medical issues (physical or mental). My visit was supposed to be an orientation, filling out paperwork, and meeting the staff. Well, all that changed when I was brought up to meet the staff on the floor where we will be working. The residents saw me, one of them said "Can I pet the kitty?", and soon they were lining up with their walkers and sitting in chairs so I could be passed from one lap to another! We were there a little over an hour, and it was wonderful! One lady, who had just moved in, was having a hard time adjusting. She had to give up her cats in the transition, and she thought I was her own kitty. She called Mommy and the staff member thieves when it was time for me to visit with another resident. The staff member had to pry me gently out of her arms! I'm glad she loved me so much that she connected me with her cats, but it was so sad. Maybe next time she'll have happy memories instead, though. One lady told us all about her mothers cat. Another one was seated in front of the fish tank, and I watched the fish instead of concentrating on being petted! That person thought it was funny, and at first couldn't figure out what I was watching, but then turned so she could watch the fish with me!

We are going to visit every other Friday. There's a dog who visits from DoveLewis, with their therapy group, so it's him one week and me the next. That way, the residents always have a furry friend each week. :)

A very exciting therapy visit!

May 30th 2009 12:09 am

Yesterday was my day to go visiting. I've been very good all week, even leaving Starla alone most of the time! I didn't want to miss out on my chance to go on my visit! So when Mommy said I could get to go, I didn't even try to hide. I actually kept asking her if it was time, and following her around the house!

We rode the bus and the MAX (light rail transit) there without any hassles from drivers. It was a beautiful day, but hot. It definitely is the start of summer weather = 80 F. We got there a little early, so we sat in the shade and watched the kids at the fountain in the park. Then, it was time!

R. went around with us this time. The last two times, it's been S., but she had a meeting today. So Mommy let R. know our usual pattern, and we visited with almost everyone on the care floor! Two ladies came down from "Independent Living" to visit with me as well, and one of them had been part of a therapy cat team in Juneau, Alaska! It was great to hear a couple of her stories and tell her about the work we are doing here. She was thrilled that we were here. :)

The lady from Alaska told us an interesting fact. Did you know that cats purr at the same frequency as an ultrasound machine? So we really do sense what's going on inside human bodies!

A new lady, A., was in bed when we visited. Mommy told me to hop up on the bed, so I did, and made myself comfortable stretched alongside her legs, just like we'd practiced at home. Mommy was so proud of me for doing that right away! A. petted me, scritched my ears, and talked to me. She joked that Mommy was taking away her time with me when she petted me too! She had a twinkle in her eye and laughed right away, so it was very clear she was joking, then she petted me more! :)

After our visiting time was over, there was an hour break until a volunteer appreciation buffet. Mommy and I strolled to where she used to work, just a few blocks away, to show me off to her former co-workers at the Starbucks inside the Safeway. Mommy needed to eat something, so I waited while she had a bit of a lunch, then we strolled back.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the volunteer appreciation thing because of Oregon's law requiring that no animals (except service animals) are to be in areas where food is prepared or served to the public. I was very sad when Mommy left me in the office downstairs, and I had to watch her go with round eyes! She told me she'd be back, and wanted me to rest for a bit. But I wanted to go too! Too bad I was zipped in my stroller, or I would've just followed her out the door anyway.

Mommy took her digital camera with her so that she could show pictures of me and the video of me walking on my leash. The people who hadn't yet met me were very glad to see those, so they could get an idea what I was like. The volunteer appreciation thing was fun, Mommy said, and she got a candy bar, a keychain, and a pen all printed with the name of where we visit. She spent a lot of time chatting with a group of people from the "Independent Living" floors, and that was a blast for her! They might even come down to the floor that I visit on next time to see me!

The most exciting part of the thing, though, was that another volunteer is the activities director at another nursing home. She wanted to know if we would be interested in visiting there as well! Of course, Mommy said yes, so now it's just setting up the schedule! :) :) :) Yay, another place with people to charm!

S. came down before Mommy did, and opened up the office where I was waiting. I saw her, and looked around for Mommy, but didn't see anyone else. I started crying a bit, wondering what had happened. S. took me out of the stroller and petted me, then strolled me out to the main hallway to sit with me until Mommy got there. She only was about five more minutes, but it seemed like an eternity! Once I was in Mommy's arms, I purred and purred. She cuddled me and told me that she would never leave without coming back for me. I know that, but I was still worried. But I know she would never leave me; she's my Mommy!

We went back home without any trouble, and told Daddy all about the big adventurous day! He was really happy everything went well, and definitely was excited to hear that we would be going to visit somewhere else also! I was so nice when I got back home; I waited until Starla went out of the kitchen before I got something to eat and drink. She wasn't sure what I was going to do, if I was going to chase or not, so she slunk around the kitty tree. I looked at her, looked at Mommy, and walked around the other side. Mommy put her hand on my back very gently to tell exactly which direction my muscles were headed, but I just wanted to eat and have some water now that I was home. Then I took a good, long nap! 

It's my birthday!

June 16th 2009 12:19 am

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!

*runs around the house singing*

I'm four years old today! Mommy says that later on she'll take me out for a birthday stroll around the neighborhood before she goes to teach. Yay!

Thank you to Lilly-Rose and family for my awesome birthday picture!

Hey, that's us!

July 1st 2009 6:01 pm

Wow! Rori and I just saw ourselves on Catster's homepage! We're advertising a video of a kitten falling asleep! The video isn't us, but the picture next to the blurb about it is Rori snuggling with me, hugging me, when she was a kitten. How cool is that?????

I'm on Catster's front page!

September 16th 2009 4:24 pm

Mommy logged on to Catster and saw me right away! Saturday is "Meow like a Pirate Day", so remember to tag your pirate photos with "pirate" to be included in the stroll.

I love my pirate costume! I really don't like hats, but I let Mommy put my pirate hat on me for the picture and also during a Halloween kids' party where she works. :)

Unhappy Therapy Cat

October 20th 2009 1:47 am

Last Friday, Mommy and I went visiting at the nursing home. I hadn't been for a month, because we'd had the tiny ones and then Daddy had been sick. But I was all excited to go on Friday to see my friends again! I did my rounds, hopping out of the stroller at each room and walking in on my leash.

When I walked in to see E.M., someone I don't visit regularly but who is on the floor I visit, she asked if it was a dog on the leash. The people I visit are the ones who need the most care, so some of them have Alzheimer's or other major disorders/illnesses. When Mommy explained that I was a cat and asked her if she'd like to visit with me, I walked right up to her chair. She kicked me! I sidestepped, then looked at Mommy with a horrified expression on my face. No one had ever kicked me before!!! Mommy called me over, picked me up, and we walked into the hallway. She put me down on the floor and gave me cuddles and pets, telling me that I was a good girl and that she was sorry that the lady had done that. After a few minutes, she could tell I was ok to go on to the next room.

I watched feet and wheels really closely after that, the whole visit! I was also growly, but Mommy understood why.

We won't be visiting with that lady ever again. Mommy made sure to tell our contact person about that, and asked that we not visit that lady. The contact person totally understood.

I went to Mommy's Norwegian class that evening, and charmed all the students, so the day ended on a happy note.

Our new house!

December 30th 2009 2:51 am

Moving is fun! What an adventure! I didn't know what to think when everything started being packed up and the furniture and boxes kept disappearing.

There were so many interesting smells and fun things to investigate! When we got put in harness, I thought maybe I was going to go visiting but then the others were put in harness and carriers so I thought maybe not. I loved the car ride, and watched out the windows most of the time. At one point, I climbed into the back and rode in the big kitty tree behind Mommy's seat, watching out the window. I rode on the sewing basket as well. Fun stuff!

I was not at all sure about this thing called a "fireplace". What did it do? Mommy said I'd find out. Then Daddy put wood in it, then flame, and it burned but it stayed caged. What was it?

I investigate the heater vents in each room, too. I stand over them with my nose to them and wait for the warm air to fluff my fur. Then I look at Mommy.

Yay! Visiting again!

February 19th 2010 9:09 pm

Today we got to go visit at H. again! We haven't been for about a month, because of my being a brat to Starla (Hey, Mommy, you weren't supposed to type THAT!!!) and because of getting settled in our new house. It was a beautiful day, but a cold wind. I had my brown jacket and a fleece blankie, though, so I was ok.

We got there, went in to see the wellness directors first, but they weren't in their office. I really wanted to see them! I looked and sniffed around for them, but they weren't there. Why not? Where did they go? Mommy said we should just go up and visit with my friends, but these are my friends too and I wanted to visit with them first, so I growled low when Mommy said that and picked me up. Just then, one of the ladies came around the corner and greeted us, so I was soooo happy!!!

All three of us went up to visit with my friends. I must've visited 80% of the floor! Of course, everyone loved me. How could they not? They missed me as much as I missed them, for the ones who remembered seeing me. A lot of our people are Alzheimer's patients, so they don't always remember seeing me. Mommy told me that a lot of the people we visit are as old in human years as my "auntie" Sara Kitty was. Wow! She was 19! My human visiting friends are doing really well for being 19 kitty years old.

I love G.'s bed. It's just the right softness to knead on and lay down on, and roll over for tummy rubs. :) M. sang a song to me! It's called "Babyface", and she sang it to me while stroking my face with her fingers. I purred and purred, and pushed my nose into her hand.

After our visit, we went back to the little office and my other friend was there. S. and Mommy told her how I'd growled because they weren't there when we got there, and she laughed at that and petted me. Mommy told them about my new "nephew" Spooky, who's a floppy kitty. Mommy and Daddy say he has something called C.H. (cerebellar hypoplasia). Mommy was telling the ladies that we're training him to be a therapy cat as well. He and I won't be visiting together though, because I want to have all the petting and attention to myself and it wouldn't be fair to ask me to share it. Or for him to have to share either. He won't start his official training for a while, though, because he's not been around wheelchairs or walkers yet. S. and R. liked the idea of another visiting cat, though, so that's very cool!

Then Mommy and I went shopping and then to her class. I got canned food to eat there! Daddy came to pick us up, but I didn't want to leave (of course) so I told him that in no uncertain terms. He said I had to go back home. He held me while Mommy packed up the rest of the canned food (I wanted to eat it all instead of take it home), then I got to look at the cars going by while we drove. Did you know that cars come from behind you and go in front of you? 

New friends while visiting!

March 6th 2010 12:24 am

Such a bright, beautiful day today! It was still cold enough that I had a fleece blankie in my stroller, but not so cold that I had to have a jacket. There are so many things to sniff and look at now that spring is coming: cherry trees, magnolia trees, rhododendrons, trailing flowers, people and dogs out and about.

H. was a busy place today, because there was a formal party for all the residents. The party wasn't until after our visit, so we had plenty of time before our friends had to get dressed up, but the decorating started early. I sniffed decorations while Mommy put our things in the office (my carrier and her book bag), then we went to see who we could find. On the way, I visited with one of the ladies in the office, and with the receptionist.

There are more people on the floor! Lots of new faces, hands, and laps! I met a little human boy, his mom, and his grandma. The grandma is living there, and the rest of the family came to visit her. The mom pointed me out to the boy: "See the kitty?" Mommy told them all they could pet me, and they all three had the biggest smiles! The grandma had heard about me, but not met me yet, so she was overjoyed to actually meet me! Then I created a traffic jam in the hallway by the elevator, because more people wanted to visit with me, and one of the ladies' security alarms made the elevator alarm sound. That was soooo loud, but I was ok with it. I basically ignored it, which made Mommy proud.

I saw all my regulars, except for one of the ladies whose name starts with P. had died. We are sad about that, but happy that she isn't suffering anymore. I guess that's what happens when you work where I do. There was another room that didn't have anyone in it, but the bedding was being changed, so that means that there will probably be new friends there again next time I visit.

I got to visit with C. twice. She got a new wheelchair, so now her legs are raised up more and she has more of a lap for me! I settled right down on her lap this time, and she was so incredibly happy! She had a huge smile, twinkles in her eyes, and petted me as she watched everyone going by to see if they saw that she had a cat on her lap! A couple people stopped and mentioned that I was on her lap, and her smile got wider and wider! :) Of course, I just settled in more and purrrrrrrred away! Then, after she went to her room to lie down for a while, we were making our rounds and stopped to see her roommate. After her roommate visited with me, I got to visit with C. again on her bed. I lay down alongside her, and she petted me, smiling.

I wanted to play with G. today! I love her bed, and she gets quite a kick out of that. As she was petting me, I reached out and tagged her hand (without claws, just batting it)! Then, I reached out again and touched her finger with my paw. She picked my paw up and moved it a little, then went back to petting me, laughing. We did that game a couple more times, then I rolled over for tummy rubs on her bed while she made jokes about the bed being too big for me. I thought it was just the right size!

M. was getting a little mixed up with her chronology today. She told me that her cat, the one she always tells me about, had been lost but had just come back home. Other than that, she was making sense. She's in her mid-80's, and doing really well for her age! Mommy told her that, and she smiled and said it was because she knew her limits and knew when to ask for help. We believe that! We love visiting with her, and she loves me.

Well, EVERYONE loves me, and I love EVERYONE! :) >^..^<

A., another new person, had family visiting as well. Her niece and nephews were there. As soon as I came close enough so they could see who/what I was, one of the men said, "Is that a therapy cat?" Mommy was happy that he could tell that right away! They all petted me and talked to me, and I did some of my tricks for them. The lady (the niece) asked for the name of somewhere to get a cat certified for therapy work, because she has a cat at home who she says would be perfect for this kind of work too! Yay, another working feline! I'm proud to have inspired another probable cat team. :)

Another lady had her granddaughter visiting, but I walked right in anyway. They said it was just fine, and the lady patted her bed, so I got up there and charmed them completely. Her neighbor in the next room was in her wheelchair in the hallway waiting for me when I got back out there, and didn't want to hold me but wanted to ask a million questions about me, my training, and my harness. At this point, I was out of the stroller walking on my leash. I wear my harness all the time, with Mommy holding my leash, for safety reasons. Sometimes I walk, sometimes stroll, and sometimes Mommy carries me. It all depends on how long we're there and how many people we visit. I love to both walk and stroll, but sometimes I get too tired to walk around.

One of the last people we visited was Mr. G. He had some papers he was working on, but he quickly put them aside when we walked in. He loves cats and had quite a few growing up and as an adult. I sat on his lap and he petted me. He said one of the saddest things, but also one of the happiest, that we have ever heard. He said, "I'd forgotten how soft their fur is." Imagine forgetting what kitty fur feels like! I'm so glad that he can remember, at least for a few minutes, while he pets me! 

Exciting therapy visit!

April 18th 2010 9:58 pm

(from Friday)

Lovely day; bright and sunny and kinda warm!  It's the first time I didn't need my jacket since last fall!  There are all kinds of smells in the air from the plants blooming, and birds singing and flying.  We walked through the park on the way to H. and people were sitting on the benches enjoying the sun.  I got petted by one of Mommy's friends who asks for money in the park.  He was a customer when she worked at a grocery store around there, so now she talks with him for a bit when she sees him in the park.

At H., we knew something was different the moment we got to the parking lot.  There was a big trailer building there, that Mommy says is a health clinic on wheels.  She thought maybe the people at H. were getting their blood pressure checked and things like that.  We went inside the regular building, and there was a health fair going on!  Tables were set up along the sides of the lobby and the hallways, and people were at the displays talking.  R. said we could sign in and go see the tables before our visit.  We got Mommy's nametag and signed me in (I have my own sign-in sheet with my name on it), put our bags (my carrier and Mommy's bag) in the office, and went back out into the hallway.  I wanted to go back into the office because I didn't know what was going on in the hallway.  I wasn't scared, just a bit startled, so Mommy picked me up and held me.  We stood for a few minutes, looking and listening to everything going on, so that I could get used to the disruption of my regular routine.

Some of my friends came walking by us and greeted me, so I felt better about what was going on.  After a few minutes, I wanted back in the stroller again, so Mommy let me sit in it.  Then we started going around to the tables so Mommy could see what there was to see.

The first table we stopped at didn't have anything on it, but it had two ladies sitting at either end of it.  They had papers, and were there to talk about what was on their paper, but didn't have a formal display.  One of the ladies petted me, then kind of laughed.  She told us, "I was going to make a joke about the cat when I saw you over there, but then I thought better of it and figured that she must be here for a purpose."  Mommy said yes, then explained about my therapy work.  She and I answered a lot of questions from that lady, demonstrating how I ask for petting by putting my paw up, and demonstrating how I am so calm with everything that goes on around me.  While we were talking, residents walked by and stopped to greet me by name and pet me.

As we made our way down the hallway, we saw two ladies at another table with a display waving to us and calling us over to their table.  Puzzled, Mommy wheeled me over.  It turns out they were from DoveLewis Animal Hospital, and had a booth about their planned giving/legacy fund (designating their nonprofit in a will).  DoveLewis also has an animal-assisted therapy program, and Oddard the dog (who visits the weeks we don't) is part of their program.  The ladies had just been talking about therapy animals, and were wondering if there were ever cat teams.  They had just decided that cats wouldn't do well in this situations, then we appeared!  So, of course, we answered a lot of questions from them and I got lots of petting from them too!  Mommy explained that originally we'd wanted to go through their group, and had trained using the Delta Society manual (the same one they use), but that I didn't qualify for the DoveLewis program.  So that's why my certification is going to be through the therapy animal program at SARA instead.  They thought that was wonderful that there was some place I could get certified, because they know how important my work is and could see that I am well-qualified for it.  Afterwards, they told the assistant wellness director that they loved talking with us and meeting me, and were so glad that there was a therapy cat who visited there!

We talked with a couple other people and looked at quilts, therapeutic gardening programs, medical alert systems, and chocolates (looked, not tasted, as chocolate is toxic for me and the ones offered as samples had peanuts, which Mommy is allergic to).  Then we went up to visit with my friends.

I was in a semi-silly mood, because of all the excitement.  I didn't want to sit on laps, but loved being on everyone's beds kneading their blankets.  There was a new nurse on the floor, and one of the other nurses introduced me to her, then told us that one of the people I used to visit with, who had gone back to her real home (she was recuperating at H. under doctor's orders instead of as a resident), had absolutely loved visiting with me.  Mommy smiled and nodded, and the nurse looked a little surprised that we remembered exactly who that was!  We remember all of our friends there.

My friend M., who now has a room of her own, was using the bathroom when we got to her room.  She was the last one we visited for the day, but we didn't want to pass her by, so we waited outside in the hallway until she was out.  She was so glad to see me as usual, and even remembered that it had been a long time since I'd been there!  I was so happy to see her, too!  She was standing up, using her walker, and I walked around it and her the whole time until she got over to her chair.  Instead of sitting in the chair, she offered it to me, so I hopped up there so she could pet me better.  She talked to me and I listened, then she talked with Mommy, too.  I got down off the chair and went around M.'s feet and walker some more, so she bent down with one hand still on the walker to pet me.  I hopped up on my hind feet so that she could pet the top of my head!  They both were sooooo proud of me for doing that, so that M. could pet me more easily!  I did that a few times, alternating with going around feet and walker, then hopped onto the chair again.  I wanted to get up on the little tray table, so M. picked up her lipstick container from there so I wouldn't knock it down.  I sniffed a stuffed kangaroo puppet that was new since the last time I was there, then headed toward a flower.  Mommy scooped me up and held me, since she didn't want me eating the flower!  M. and she laughed at that, and I wasn't really bummed because I was getting cuddled and petted. 

Last Friday's visit

May 5th 2010 1:08 am

There are such highs and lows in this job! I'm sorry this note is a few days late, but I've been thinking about how to write down the emotional rollercoaster that was our last visit.

When we were on the MAX light rail train, a whole class of middle schoolers got on. I'd been almost snoozing in my stroller as Mommy talked with her seatmate, but I quickly woke up as a boy bumped into the side of the stroller. His teacher told him to watch out, and after that he didn't bump into me anymore, but I remained afraid that he would and was ready to hiss and/or growl if he did that again. He and another boy were swinging around right in front of me using the handholds!

We got off a few stops later, and I was soooo glad! My fur immediately went back down to normal. Mommy petted me and helped calm me down for a few moments before we strolled through the park. Let me tell you, I was QUITE ready to be in the building! We got our list and I said hi to S. & R. I kind of wanted to just stay with them my whole visit, but they said that I had to go up and visit with my other friends too. So I let Mommy carry me out of the room and wheel me into the elevator to go see the other people.

Once we got to our floor, I was content visiting, and actually quite happy to see my friends there. I'd calmed down from the traumatic start to the day, and asked my friends for pets, headbutting them as well. Some of my friends were waiting in the lobby area on their floor, so I visited with them first, and met a new staff member (or at least new to me). Then, we went to the first room, where someone had human visitors already! I love when that happens, because it means more pets for me! One of the visitors was sitting on the edge of the high bed, and I sat on the floor under her feet and looked right up at her, trying to figure out what she was doing there. Was I supposed to ask her to pet me? Try to jump way up into her lap? Jump on the bed? Wait to be lifted up? Mommy picked me up and put me on the lady's lap, and then I made myself quite at home there, curling up and being petted. The lady was thrilled that there was a visiting therapy cat who came to see her relative! The man in the chair smiled the whole time, watching his smaller visitor and his human visitors interact. I sat with him, too, and sniffed the brace on his knee.

Then, I could hear people in the lobby area clamoring for me again, so I dragged Mommy off to visit them! Everyone laughed at that. I said hi to four more people, including one who wanted to follow me instead of have us follow him to a chair. We finally got him to sit down, then rolled the stroller over so he could pet me once I'd hopped back in. I also met a stuffed animal doggie that a lady was showing to another friend of hers. They wondered if maybe I'd think it was real, but I sniffed it, looked at it funny, and promptly ignored it. Everyone had a good laugh over that, too!

I peeked around the corner of the next room, wanting to visit the person there, but was told that she was sleeping. Nope! She was awake, and moved her hands when she heard, so we went in. I met her lavender kitty neck pillow, and curled up with it! Mommy was amazed by that. E. loved seeing me and petting me, and will be looking forward to our next visit.

The next two people didn't remember me, but I remembered them. I wanted to climb into their laps, but consented to being on their beds instead. Not remembering me happens a lot with my friends here. I don't mind at all, because I know that I visit with them, whether or not they remember later on that I was there. Some of my best friends were sleeping, and I hated to pass their rooms, so I kept sticking my nose in at the door and then not budging until Mommy picked me up to move me on to the next room.

We visited with B., who had been doing visual acuity cards with a therapist right before we walked in. They were just finishing up, so we were waved inside. B. petted me and talked with us while I rolled over and over for tummy rubs and jowl rubs. B. cannot see well, so sometimes she didn't know which end I had facing her, but then she would feel either my whiskers or my tail and be able to tell. She was gentle petting me.

One of the ladies we visited is only going to be there a short time and then will go back home. She has a cat at home waiting for her, so we heard all about her. She also has friends who are looking to adopt cats, and took Mommy's phone number to give to them so that maybe our foster cat Little Bit can find a home with one of the lady's friends. Something may or may not come of that, but at least a lead is out there.

After two hours of visiting, I was definitely ready to go, and telling Mommy I was ready, but we couldn't go without saying hi to M. She's one of my two favorite friends there. I growled when Mommy picked me up to be petted by M., but was fine being set on the bed for pets. I was just too tired to be held and wanted to curl up and enjoy my last friend of the day. M. was having an excellent day, we thought, able to remember that she had talked with us and almost able to remember my name. She also remembered that we had heard her favorite cat story, involving a kitty she grew up with, so she and Mommy partially retold it to each other and had fun with that. She read Mommy's nametag and called her by name, which she'd never done before! But then, she told us that her mother was coming and bringing her cat next time. She looked so happy that we might get to meet this kitty from the story, but we knew that was never going to happen because her mother and the cat have both long since passed. The topic of conversation moved once again to me, and then we said our goodbyes.

Such a bittersweet day, but truly such is life for all of us. 

Yesterday's visit

May 15th 2010 1:46 am

(written yesterday)

No noisy kids on public transporation this time, thank goodness! All in all, it was a pretty calm day.

This morning, I played chase and pounce with Rori, Little Bit, and Spooky. We'd gotten a new catnip toy from one of our Catster friends, so we were all on catnip highs! Racing from one end of the hallway to the other, around the living room, and back! Mommy wanted to sleep in a few minutes more, but I pounced on her to make sure she was up. Scared Starla half to death, because she was snuggling with her, but I jumped down and ran around some more instead of chasing Starla.

At H., we found out that two of my friends I regularly visit had died. One died last week, but the other died just yesterday morning. Rest in peace, R.G. and K.D.

I was tired from my fun morning, so I spent most of the time visiting laying down, either in my stroller or in people's laps. Everyone was very glad to see me, and commented on how pretty I am. I was so glad to see my friends, too! S. wondered if I would react to the rooms that had been occupied, and I did sniff them, but then walked by. I was much more interested in the living people who needed me now.

The last room I visited is home to a new friend, E. She thought I might not like her, but I settled right down on her bed and didn't want to leave. I sat on her lap, snuggled with her, kneaded the bedspread, and almost took a little nap! When one of the nurses, J., whom I love, cam in to see me and talk with E., I hid behind E.'s back so that J. wouldn't try to get me to move away from E.! When Mommy called me, I came and then let J. pet me, but I wanted to stay with E.

We had to leave after a while, though, so I had to get back into the stroller. On the way down in the elevator, a man who was visiting his mom saw the stroller, then did a triple-take! He was about to say, "That's one hairy baby!" Then he almost collapsed in giggles against the side of the elevator, because he realized what he was seeing! When we got out of the elevator, he hurried over to the reception desk and told the receptionist, still giggling and leaning against the desk for support!

I went to class with Mommy and helped her teach by walking on the tables and lying down on books. Well, I thought it was helping, anyway! Then her dad picked us up and I got to see all sorts of interesting things on the way home in his car, including geese flying when we got into the driveway at home. Boy, are those birds LOUD! 

Last Friday's visit

June 16th 2010 2:14 am

I have been pretty quiet at home, with the occasional chase up and down the hallway with my foster sister Little Bit. So when I got to H., I wanted to WALK!!! I hopped out of the stroller as Mommy was signing us in and getting her nametag, and took off towards the door to the office! One of the residents was coming back from lunch and saw me, so she went right up to the desk and said, "There's a cat by itself over there! It's not supposed to be there!" Mommy told her that I was with her and that it was alright.

I waited until Mommy had signed in, but she was taking a little too long getting her nametag so I meowed at her to hurry up! C'mon, Mommy, we've got work to do! >^..^<

She FINALLY got done at the desk and let me in to the office. I went right up to see all my friends there while she put her stuff down and got our visiting list. Then, off we went, with me walking. I even walked up to the elevator! I wouldn't cross that space that goes down forever, though. That was way to scary for me! Mommy lifted me over it, and I was just fine standing in the elevator while it moved. Then, there was that scary space again, so I got lifted over it again. I gave it the evil eye just in case, though!

As usual, as soon as we stepped out of the elevator we were "on". Chairs turned, walkers moved, and people were calling for me. I love it! I walked right up to the first person and rubbed up against her, then Mommy lifted me up onto her lap for some petting. We went to the tv/sitting room and I sat with three more people there. One lady clicks her tongue when she's petting me, which confuses me a little because that sound is what Mommy and Daddy use when I've been bad or when they want me to change what I'm doing. But this lady just makes the sound all the time. I'm getting used to it, though. Mommy keeps reassuring me that I'm being good after the lady holds and pets me.

C. was in bed when we got to her room. She's usually up and about in her chair, so that was unusual for me, and her bed was lower than it used to be. I was able to walk right up to her bed and sniff the top of it from my height! I got up with her and she was so happy to pet me! I settled down for a bit, then walked around being petted. After a while, I decided I wanted to sniff her face and touch noses with her. She wasn't so sure about that, and looked at Mommy to ask what was going on. Mommy told her that I was just wanting to say hi, so C. looked at me again and I leaned closer to sniff and touched noses with her! She laughed and smiled at that! I love her laugh! I always try to make her laugh when I visit her. :)

One of the ladies was getting a massage when we visited, so she was too relaxed to visit with me. She was almost asleep, she was so relaxed! Mommy talked with the massage therapist for a while, but then I was getting too restless so we walked to the next room. That was more of a human visit than a kitty visit.

When we went to see if M. was in her room, she wasn't. We visited some more people, then saw M. being wheeled back to her room by the massage therapist. She said that was fine if we came too, so we followed along behind. By this time, I'd walked around the whole floor and I was ready to stroll again. I lay down on M.'s bed, taking a break from everything for a while. I wasn't quite napping, but almost, just relaxing. M., the massage therapist, and Mommy talked about cats, visiting, and memories. When Mommy gets a car, she's going to ask the massage therapist for recommendations for additional places to visit! That would be so much fun to go to more places, too! We already are going to go visit an individual at another place on Thursday.

Our last visit of the day was to a lady who was really missing her own kitty. She has been at H. for a little less than two weeks, and hasn't been able to see her own cat. She's got a neighbor looking in on her cat and playing with her every day, but that's not the same as being there. I visited with her roommate first, who's a dog person but loved me. Well, everyone loves me, so why not? Then, Mommy picked me up and set me on the cat lady's bed. I immediately purred my best purr and went up to be petted. I investigated toes and the table, then settled down with my chin resting on the lady's ankle and one of my paws wrapped around her foot, with my body against her leg. I knew she needed some kitty loving! While she and Mommy talked, I purred and kneaded. At one point, Mommy wanted to pet me but I meowed softly to tell her that I was working and not to bother me! She and the lady laughed a little at that, and agreed with me. They both said I was doing an excellent job, and to keep it up. 

Therapy visit from two weeks ago

July 8th 2010 10:50 pm

A couple weeks ago, Mommy said we were going to a different place to visit. I wasn't too sure about that, because I love my friends at H., but Mommy said we were going to the new place AND to H., just on different weeks. That's fine with me!

I didn't really want to leave the house (but I never want to leave anywhere: home, H., Mommy's work, etc.) so that wasn't a real surprise. The surprise was that it took a lot longer to get to the new place than it does to get to H. It's in a different town than we live in, and a different one than H. is in, too! We had to take three buses to get there. The cars downtown scared me, so I curled up in my stroller while Mommy petted me. Then a nice lady came to sit by us, so I poked my head out and said hi to her, while she petted me and talked to me.

The lady we were going to visit, E., had been told we were coming but had never met us before. Her granddaughter had contacted us to ask if we could visit E. What a nice person, to do that for her grandmother! E.'s son made the arrangements with the facility, then told us their schedule.

After we got off the last bus, Mommy said we had to walk a long way on a road. Wait a minute; don't most roads have sidewalks? This one didn't! It was sunny and shady at the same time, and smelled funny. I sat up straight in the stroller with my nose high in the air, looking around then looking up at Mommy, then looking around and sniffing deeply again. Mommy said we were in something called a "forest" or "woods". I know what wood is, that's what goes in the fireplace and what the bookshelf is made out of. So this is where it comes from? I wanted to get out and explore, but I couldn't because we were walking along a "highway". Why is it called "high" when it's on the ground? It must be a back road, because there were almost no cars. No, Mommy said it really is a highway, but there was construction so it wasn't as busy. There were bike lanes, so it was pretty safe for us to stroll, but not for me to get out and explore.

We crossed to the other side and went down a ramp, and finally I was let out to explore. Dirt, barkdust, and all kinds of smells! Woweeee!!!!!!! Oh, do I REALLY have to go down the sidewalk??? Can't I PLEASE stay here in the dirt for a minute more? Mommy wiped off my paws with a cleaning wipe and put me back into the stroller, leaving the mesh open so I could ride and see everything more clearly.

The lady at the front desk was so excited to see me! She has cats at home, and knew just how to scritch my back. I even rolled over to let her pet my tummy. She thought we were there to meet the person who coordinates the therapy dog visits, but then was just as happy that we had been contacted to visit E. Turns out the person in charge of visits is allergic to cats, so we can't visit everyone at that facility, but we saw a few people in the halls as we walked. That was just fine with everyone!

E. was absolutely THRILLED to have a cat come see her! We stayed for about 45 minutes, although I wanted to walk down the hallway to explore the next couple rooms. I kept looking out the door and tugging on my leash. Hey, it was a new place and I wanted to see who else was there! E. was very nice, and I could tell she was a kitty person right from the start. She wanted to hold me, and I curled up on her lap for a few minutes while she petted me and talked to me. I looked right up at her, listening to everything she was saying. After a couple minutes, I jumped down again and explored her room with Mommy at the other end of the leash. Then, it was back to going between E., Mommy, and looking out the door while E. and Mommy talked.

All of a sudden, there was a beeeeep! I didn't like it, and tried hiding under a chair. Mommy said our goodbyes (for me as well, since I was scared of that beep) and we left the room. The beep was some kind of signal to the nurses, and was coming from a room farther down the hallway. We got away from it fast, then found a nice lady in a wheelchair in the hallway. She and two other ladies (the others worked there in various jobs) wanted a demonstration of me walking on my leash, and I happily obliged by jumping out of the stroller and promptly walking into the tub room! It was interesting, but I wasn't allowed to be in there so I got turned around towards the hallway again. One of the ladies joked that she could give me a bath if I wanted! Um...no thanks, Mommy gives me those.

We made our way back out to the reception area, where I was mobbed again by five people and a little girl. It was kind of overwhelming, but I did great with it. They wanted me to walk on my leash, come over to them, roll over for tummy rubs, and ask for pets: all my favorite things! :) >^..^<

Then, back through the forest, stopping at a store to get some icewater. I didn't drink any, but Mommy put some on my ears and the back of my neck to cool me down. That helped a lot. It was supposed to have been in the mid-70's, but had gotten almost to 80. On our future visits this summer, like the one tomorrow, I will have my cooling collar.

We're going to alternate weeks visiting E. and going to H. This week it's H., next week we will see E. again. 

Therapy Visit to H. and Mommy's grandparents' house on- 6/20/10

August 27th 2010 2:23 pm

Yay, we got to go visiting again last week!!! :) >^..^< I sooo missed seeing all my friends! We took the bus & MAX light rail there, but Mommy said we were going to get to ride with Grandpa for going home. I love my grandpa! He always wears a special shirt when he comes to visit so that our fur doesn't get snagged in it, which means that he can hold us and pet us more.

We had some extra time downtown Portland, so we stopped at a store. Mommy bought some cute Hello Kitty pajamas that were on sale, pink leopard-patterned ones!

At H., I hopped out of the stroller and walked to the office door, then turned around and lay down to wait for Mommy to finish signing us in. That's become my new habit now! A couple of the residents stopped to pet me, and the receptionist walked over to pick me up and hold me. *Purrrrrrs* Then she let me in the door, and Mommy followed with the stroller. I walked in and said hi to S., then we got our list. Mommy showed S. the pajamas, and S. took them to show a couple other people, who all thought they were cute too.

I strolled into the elevator this time. On the way to the elevator, we saw R. and another lady. The other lady was afraid of cats! The receptionist took my leash while Mommy was showing R. the pictures of the new kittens, and I wanted to go into a room with lots of boxes on shelves. The receptionist said it was called a mailroom and the boxes were people's mailboxes. They looked like good sleeping spots to me!

We only had time for a short visit, because we were going over to Mommy's grandparents' house afterward to visit for a while. It was her uncle's birthday on the 15th, so we were going to go see him and them. I got to see three friends at H., though, and visit with one other new friend there! The new friend, I., loved seeing me, and talked with us about her experiences growing up on a farm. She had pet pigs and pet calves, along with the other animals!

It took a while for Grandpa to come pick us up, and I got bored waiting. R. came by just before Grandpa came, while we were still in the lobby, and was surprised we were still sitting there. Traffic was terrible, so it took about twice as long as Grandpa had thought it would to come get us. I knew we'd had a short visit and not seen everyone that I normally see, so I tried to go back inside when we went to get in the car. Mommy and Grandpa said we were leaving, so I turned my back to them and sat down facing the door to H. until they got the stroller folded and in the car. Yes, I was pouting!

I was fine once we got going, though. I love riding in cars! Not buses so much, because some of the bus noises scare me, but I love cars! I usually sit on Mommy's lap in the passenger seat and watch through the side window. If I'm really tired, like I was on Friday, I lay down on a lap and rest. Traffic was bad on the way back, too, so we sat a while. At one point, we were sitting and there were people with signs on the side of the road. Grandpa said they were asking for money. They were looking at the people in the cars because they were bored, too, and then one of them saw me. Grandpa's window was down, and they were on that side, so the man called to me! I flicked my ears, but I was so tired that I just stayed put. The man asked Grandpa and Mommy a couple of questions about me, and the lady thought it was cool that I was riding in a car so calmly. Then it was time for our car to move again.

When we were almost to my great-grandparents' house, I suddenly perked up and looked around, sitting straight up in Mommy's lap. What did I smell? Was that a creek? Wait a minute, why was the water on both sides of the road? Grandpa told me that we were crossing over the creek. I sniffed toward one side of it, then the other. Nice!

At my great-grandparents', we weren't sure that I could go in right away so Mommy and I went out to the backyard first while Grandpa asked if it was ok to bring me in. There were some lovely flowers, but I stuck my nose right in them and then sneezed! Some blue jays were taunting me, so I was very glad to go in the house rather than be outside. Not nice, birdies, when I can't chase you!

I walked up the steps into the house, then stopped to sniff. A carpet! Purrring, kneading the plush carpet with my paws/claws, total luxury! We used to have carpet at our old house, but it was torn up. Besides, it wasn't like this: thick, nice-smelling, great on the paws! I tipped over and rolled on my back on the carpet.

I walked all the way in to the living room and met my great-grandma and great-grandpa, then Mommy took my leash off so I could explore without it following me around the house. I investigated the hallway and two of the rooms, then went back to the living room to get more pets from Great-grandma. Great-grandpa was in a huge chair that made funny sounds when it moved, because it was all electric, so it took me a while to go over on my own to him. I finally did, though, and he petted me and told me what a good kitty I was. They both did. I love them, too! Then my great-uncle and Grandpa came in from the yard and I went right over to Great-uncle to be petted. He sat down on the couch, so I hopped up there too. I thought, since I'm allowed on the couch at home, that I would be allowed on the couch there, too. Nope, I wasn't, but I was allowed to sit on Great-uncle's lap. I really, really wanted on the white couch, though, so he had to keep putting me back on his lap. After a couple times of that, I cooperated.

After a while, I hopped down again and went to get pets from everyone else. Uncle D. decided to sit down on the floor so that he could pet me better, and I loved that! He did, too! Everyone loved my visit. :) >^..^ 

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