Friday, March 13, 2009

Tabby's Fashion Show Debut!

Tabby says:

I'm so excited that I couldn't wait to tell everyone about my fashion show debut! Mommy brought her digital camera, so we were able to get pictures of the setting-up and some video of my part of the show!

We got there about 4:30 pm, even though we didn't need to be there until 5:30. Mommy wanted me to get accustomed to the environment before a lot of the dogs got there. It took me about 45 minutes to go from my scared spot on the couch to the floor and exploring a little. At first, I was stress-purring really hard and shaking. Mommy just let me be for a while, to let me get used to the situation on my own. Once I calmed down a bit, with her petting me, she put me down on the floor to see what I would do. I sniffed, watched one of the dogs who was there already, then jumped back up on the couch to watch as everyone started filing in.

This is the first dog to arrive, beside Lexi. Lexi is the co-owner of LexiDog, along with her human. They were helping everyone. The dog in the picture is Tucker. He really didn't seem interested in me, other than to sniff the air. In the picture, you can see all of our outfits lined up on hangers on the fence. Each one had the model's name on it, so we could easily tell whose was whose.
This is Gracie the goat. She's a therapy animal with the DoveLewis Animal-Assisted Therapy & Education program. She was the surprise guest model this year.

Eowyn came in wearing a tutu! It wasn't her costume, but she loves dressing up so much that she came in an outfit.

Here is a closeup of my shirt from bentley B. It was really comfortable, and perfect for the "rocker chick" style they were going for!

I just chilled in the middle of the "mini dog park" in my shirt, and let everyone love on me. All the handlers came to see me and pet me, and the dogs came over to sniff me and lick me. I got lots and lots of doggie kisses!

Koda really liked me. I was the first cat he's ever seen! He sniffed me, sniffed some more, drooled a bit on me, then licked me, then sniffed some more, and then pawed me gently to see if I would play with him! Then he rolled over on his back, showing me he definitely wanted to play! I was his favorite friend there!

Oliver also thought I was a good friend. He's a year and a half, and all puppy! He followed me around, and constantly wanted to sniff in my face and see what I was doing!

Next, we met the other cat team: Karen and George. So it was Karen & Tabby meeting Karen & George! We all thought that was hilarious! George spent most of his time there in a carrier, but he walked on his leash when it was his turn on the runway. First we looked at each other, sizing each other up.
Then we touched noses! Immediately after touching noses, we both hissed, causing our mommies to laugh. We were fine around the dogs, but didn't want to share the spotlight with another of our own species!

We don't remember the name of this little pup, but I hung out with her for a while. She wore two outfits in the show. Mommy liked this one, so she took a couple pictures of it.

Showtime! There I am, being held by veterinarian Dr. Curtis Brandt. He and I are both in our rockstar outfits. Check out his pink-striped hair! We're just going up onto the stage here. We were the third pair to go onstage.

Mommy went upstairs to watch my part of the show. Here's a shot of the stage, right before they turned on the spotlights.

She got some video of my part, so we put that at the end of this post. When she came back downstairs, the goat was getting dressed!

There's the other cat, George, on the tv screen. They had a live feed set up, so we could watch the rest of the show from downstairs.

There were more models than that, but we couldn't get pictures of them all. There was also an intermission with an auction. It was all so fun, but I was glad when Mommy came back downstairs. Dr. Curtis had handed me to one of the volunteers, and I hugged her around the neck then lay in her arms until Mommy came for me. I hugged Mommy for a while, then sat behind her in the chair while she watched the rest of the show.

Here's the video of my part in the fashion show. The announcers are from Fox 12 Oregon.


Tuck said...

Tabby there's no doubt you were the star of he show!! You looked like a rocker cat in that outfit!

The Island Cats said...

Tabby...the audience loved you! And we loved your was a cool rocker shirt!

Cory said...

Tabby, we are all so proud of you! What an amazing modeling job with all the lights, sounds and DOGS! You are a star! Not everyone can walk the runway!

Elin! said...

U are so amazing!! Sure the audience loves a super adorable cat like u!

I hAve an award for u!
Grab it in my blog!

Daisy said...

Tabby, you were amazing! You were so professional and very, very brave! I would have been shaking and trying to hide the whole time. I am so proud of you!

Forever Foster said...

Congratulations, Tabby! You did a wonderful job!:)