Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to the Twins!

Freya writes:

It's our birthday today!  For a birthday present, we want Sherbet to come out to play, or at least play pawsies with us.  Can you see me sticking my paws underneath the door trying to get him to play?  I'm going to have a fun day running around the house and playing with everyone.

Heimdall writes:

I want Sherbet to play, too, although I've been asking him to play tails by sticking my tail underneath the door and wagging it at him.  It works with everyone else, so why doesn't it work with him?  Our purrents say it's because he likes to be in a box in there, but he can't see the door from his box, so he doesn't see us trying to play with him.  If I were in there, I'd want to have some company and someone to play with!

I've got a goopy eye that's getting better, so I'm going to spend my day snuggling with Mommy either on the bed or sleeping on the desk while she does computer stuff.  She cleans my eye to help it feel better, and that's working.  I may need medicine for it, but that's ok, too.  As long as I get my snuggle hand under my head, I'm happy!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sherbet's Sunday and Portland Cat Blogger Meetup

Sherbet writes:

Hello, everyone.  Yes, I know it's now technically Monday, but I wanted to show pictures of myself enjoying my surroundings.  These are my new digs.  What do you think?  When the Mommy-person met with other cat bloggers last weekend, she told them about my hiding under the bed.  Mom Carole from the Colehaus Cats is very experienced with working with ferals, and had some great suggestions, so the Mommy-person and the Daddy-person rearranged my room.  The bed is gone, so no more hiding under it.  Instead, I have two choices for hiding-boxes.

I was hiding under the Daddy-person's dresser, until he discovered that I was also going to the bathroom under there.  Now it's blocked off so I can't even squeeze under.

These are my choices for box-caves.  I like the bigger one the best.  Both box-caves have towels in them for comfort (and in case I do anything in them).  Plus, my food and water are nearby.

I still get my choice of litter boxes, in the same place they were before everything changed around.  There isn't room to move one of them to another location in the house right now, so the other cats have their usual box in the bathroom that the humans are scooping even more than usual (since everyone else is using it now).  I'm using the box in the corner.

Well?  What do you think?  It will take me a while longer to get used to it, but I've already blinked in response to questions about food and water.  I've also walked over to give the closed door a few sniffs and look at the other cats through the space under the door.  They want to play paws and play tails under the door, but I'm not ready for that yet.  Thanks, Mom Carole, for giving the Mommy-person this idea!

Here are some pictures from the Portland Cat Bloggers Meetup that the Mommy-person went to.  Mom Janiss and Summer from Sparklecat, featuring Summer were participating in a cat show, so the Mommy-person, Mom Carole, and Mom Lori from the Cory Cat Blog all met them.  They walked around the cat show together, visited with Mom Janiss, met the gorgeous Summer, then went to dinner.  Summer entertained in the hotel room after dinner (and a bit before dinner).  A very fun evening!

Sleepy Summer, after a long day at the cat show!

Did someone say treats?  I heard the treat bag!

Posing with Flat Tabby, because real Tabby couldn't come along.

Dinnertime back at the hotel room while the humans talked.

What was that?  Mom Carole let Summer play with a toy.

Showing off for all of us on her favorite hotel room chair!

Two lovely ladies:  Summer and Mom Janiss.

Summer being silly with a gift from Mom Carole of the Colehaus Cats.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary, Starla! Also PhotoHunt: Brush

Starla writes:

It's my Gotcha Day Anniversary today!  I remember when I was gotcha'd.  It was such a nice feeling to be wanted, instead of being abandoned!  My original people took me from my mama cat when they left their apartment complex and moved to a rental house.  They took my auntie cat, Boo-Boo, as well.  I thought life was going to be better, since I'd learned to snuggle with them and sleep on a human bed inside.  Things didn't turn out that way, though.  Soon, they were letting us fend for ourselves out in the new yard.  My auntie got pregnant and had three kittens.  I, thankfully, never got pregnant, although I had the boy cats chasing me as soon as I got my first heat cycle.  Spongebob showed me where to go for food and shelter, so I started staying in my new purrents' basement/laundry room.  Washer and Dryer were my friends, and so was Water Heater, because they kept me warm.  During the ice storm, there were a bunch of us holed up in there, even one of the ferals and an opossum!  My purrents brought Smokey, Little Bit, Boo-Boo, and me up in turns to their house and let us warm up inside.  It was sooo cozy!  I made friends with the inside kitties, although I was still scared of them if they ganged up on me or if they sniffed me too closely.

After the ice storm, my purrents talked with the other people about all of us.  The other people agreed to adopt Smokey and me to my purrents!  My purrents originally thought they'd foster both of us, but they only ended up fostering Smokey (then adopted her to Mommy Erin).  That's because, the day that we came home from being spayed, Uncle Skylar decided he wanted to adopt me!  That's right:  I was adopted by another kitty!  I was snuggled up on the futon, and Skylar jumped up beside me.  He'd lost his sister, Lydia, a few months earlier (October) and was severely depressed.  He absolutely fell in love with me, though, and I immediately played tails with him.  He curled around me, helping me regulate my body heat as the anesthetic wore off totally.  When our purrents asked him if he liked me, he looked at them with such hopeful eyes and started purring his motorboat purr!  They asked him if he'd like to keep me, and his purr got louder!

That was six years ago.  Skylar passed away a few years back, and now my best friends are Dare, Autumn, and Tigress.  My favorite person started out as being Daddy, but now it's Mommy.  I love everyone, though!  I still am leery of getting boxed in, don't like or trust unfixed male cats, and all the important things (food, box, water) are in the bathroom.  However, since my illness a little while ago, I have become even more social with the other kitties and with humans!  My favorite toy is the string/ribbon on mylar balloons, and my favorite snuggle spot is on the couch in the living room.  I love being petted and scritched, especially on my back.

I'm soooo grateful for my forever home and family!

Did I mention I love being brushed?  We all do!

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Therapy Cat Tales, Walk your Cat Day, and Saturday PhotoHunt: Wheel

Tabby writes:

Hi!  Happy belated Valentine's Day!  These are my "wheels", my stroller for visiting.  Since we visited a week ago Wednesday, we went with a Valentine's theme for my stroller and outfit.  I wore my "Mommy's Sweetheart" pink dress/shirt over my pink harness.  It was very comfy, especially in the wind when we were outside!  Mommy and I stopped at the Dollar Tree on the way to H. to get the decorations.  The puffy fabric hearts on the top part of my stroller are actually stickers!  Autumn attacked them the moment we got back home, and actually ripped them in half, but they looked very cute while I was visiting.  Once Mommy put them up there, I had to sniff them to investigate.  I then asked her what she'd done to my ride!  She assured me it was just temporary, so I left the hearts alone.  Mommy and S. had a good laugh over my worry, though, and so did I after I thought about it.  I kept on looking at the hearts and purring contentedly.

The red blanket is actually a hand towel, once again from the Dollar Tree.  We love shopping there!  We also got some plastic boxes that are shaped like conversation hearts, except they don't have anything written on them.  We gave them to my friends for Valentine's Day, and they loved them!  Some people were going to use them to collect coins, and others were going to use them for rings.  Some didn't know what they were going to use them for, but liked the idea.  One of my friends just found it amusing to keep opening and closing the box.  That works, too, because it's fine-motor therapy for her hands!

On the way to H., we rode the MAX light rail as usual.  While we were waiting for the train, Mommy was getting me ready and dressed.  One man took out his camera and took photos of me getting dressed, because he couldn't believe he was actually seeing that!  He asked our permission to put the pictures up on Instagram!  Wow!  Mommy doesn't have an Instagram account so we can't find the pictures, but it's really cool to think about that those are out there!

At H., my friend S. took us around with the list of people to visit.  Some were at the social hour, so we had to wait until they got back home to visit with them.  I wondered why they weren't in their rooms, but then it made sense when I saw them later.  One of the nurses stopped us to take pictures of me in my stroller (at the same time Mommy took the pic I posted here).  I love the paparazzi!  I posed for the cameraphone, and even "asked" for my picture to be taken!  See my paw?  That's how I ask for things, petting, and to ask a question of someone.  I taught myself how to do that when I was about a year old, and it's a very useful skill to have!

After our visit, Mommy took me to a pet store to get some new toys.  I found something I wanted to take home, but Mommy said we couldn't do that.  Bummer!  Does it count as a wheel, too?  It didn't roll, though, but it was fun to be in.  We did get a new crinkle ball and a big kitty straw to take home.

Walk your Dog/Cat Day is tomorrow.  Our friend Summer reminded us of that!  Are you going for a walk?  If so, please stay safe with your human!

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tabby's Therapy Cat Tales and Starla's Vet Visit Report

Tabby:  How are you doing today, Starla? I'm glad that you're out here on the couch with me! That's a huge improvement!

 Starla:  I'm doing a lot better, thank you! I've been eating and drinking more normally on my own, and I've used my pee pad and the tub, and even used the box a few times! Mommy and Daddy don't seem so worried, either.

Tabby:  Let me do a cursory exam. *checks ears by sniffing in both of them, checks fur and skin color and smell, and checks butt for "output" issues*

Starla:  *licks the top of Tabby's head once, quickly, in thanks*

Tabby:  You smell more normal and aren't as yellow. You don't smell as sick anymore!

Starla:  When I had my week checkup last Monday, the doctor said my blood sugar levels were normal again, my bilirubin was still high but high-normal this time, and the rest of my levels were within normal range.

Tabby:  That's such good news! How was the vet visit, in general? Any more out-of-control woofies?

Starla:  No, thankfully!  There was a woofie, but he was behaving himself in the waiting room.  The same nurse that took me back for bloodwork was there again, just ending her shift, and she saw my name on the board.  She immediately asked if she could be the one to bring me back for my bloodwork again!  She wanted to see how I was doing!  *smiles*

Tabby:  Sounds like a nice lady!  I'll let you rest now, but I wanted to see how things were going.

Starla:  Thanks, Auntie Tabby!  *curls up for another nap on the couch*

Tabby:  Now on to my therapy cat report from a week ago Wednesday:

I was so excited when Mommy said we were actually going visiting again!  I'd missed a lot of visits because she wasn't feeling well, but she's feeling better now so I get to see my friends again!  I didn't even pretend to hide or cry when leaving the house, so she knew I was super-excited to be going to H. again!  I did, however, check over my carrier bag, because it smelled of Starla, even though it had been washed since her vet visit.  I knew I wasn't going to the vet, but the wash doesn't get all the smell out for our sensitive kitty noses!

When we were going down the sidewalk toward the bus stop, we saw a blue heron in the marsh!  That's Mommy's favorite bird, and they always appear to her when she needs a little cheering up.  It was huge!  I'd never seen a bird that big before, so I perked up to watch it better!  It was so cool!

There was a little girl on the bus who didn't really want to be there.  Mommy offered to let her pet me through the carrier, and that cheered her right up.  I like humans of all ages, so that was just fine with me, too!  The little girl was just learning how to talk, but she could say "kitty".  She kept on saying it, pointing at me, and smiling to everyone.  After we got off the bus, Mommy told me how good I had been about letting the little girl pet me.

At H., we went around by ourselves, although I got to see R. when she handed us our list.  We visited seven people, plus a couple nurses and a therapist, but that was just fine.  It's never about how many people we visit; it's about the quality of visits and getting to the people who need to see me at that time.  A few of my regulars were somewhere else, so I didn't get to see them, but I probably will next time.  I wondered where they were, but Mommy told me when I stopped in front of their doors and looked at her questioningly.  One of my friends was sitting in a chair in the hallway, so I got to visit with her three times!  That's how many times we passed her, so we stopped each time because she had forgotten in the minutes inbetween that she'd already seen me that day.  That's what happens with some of my friends, actually with a lot of them.  I guess when you're as old as they are, that happens a lot.  Auntie Sara Kitty had kitty Alzheimers, so I remember how it was being around her.  Same thing with the humans.

M. was very glad to see me, because she'd missed visiting with us the last few months.  She's the one resident there who genuinely wants to know how Mommy's doing and how everyone at home is doing as well as visiting with me.  She's the one who used to be afraid of kitties until she met me!  She still second-guesses when I ask her for pets and when I rub up against her fingers with my mouth, but she only pulls back a little when I do those things instead of flinches totally away from me.  I'm so proud of the way she's gotten over her fear over the years!

A.M. held me and petted me, telling me how nice a kitty I am.  She got to feel me purr this time!  I don't always purr when I'm on a visit, but when I do it's a rumbly-purr that my friends can feel as well as hear (if their hearing is good).  A.M. can't hear me purr, but she could feel it!  I also kneaded away, because she was wearing a blankie.  She called it a lap-blanket, and it was crocheted.  It felt so good under my paws!  I never scratch when I knead, and there are blankies that Mommy can ask for if someone needs to have one on their lap for me.  I'm very careful with my claws, though!  A.M. thought it was so neat that I kneaded for her!  She was as happy about that as she was that I came to visit her!

One of the residents isn't my friend, and doesn't even like cats.  Normally we stay away from her, but she called out to us as we passed her door.  She thought maybe I was the dog, but then she asked about me when she found out I was the kitty.  We didn't go in, but Mommy talked with her through the doorway.

When we got back home, Daddy played a rousing game of red dot with us and we got canned food!  Fun and yummy!  It was a great day!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Newsflash: Starla's eating again!

Starla writes:

All of a sudden, yesterday evening, I felt my tummy rumbling in a good way!  I was hungry!  I went over to my food plate to see if there were any crunchies there, and licked up two tiny pieces.  I wasn't sure they would taste good, but I figured it was worth a try.  Then I lay back down on my beloved heat vent to rest some more.

Daddy brought out the red dot and I heard the sound of the keychain it's on, so I walked down the hallway to the dining room to watch the others play.  I tracked the dot around for a while.  When Tabby and Mommy came back from visiting (she's doing a report on that tomorrow or the next day), we all got canned food.  I came out again for that, but Mommy force-fed me my two baby spoons of it.  I had some water, then everyone played red dot some more.  I put my paw out for it a couple times!  Heimdall didn't want me so close to it, so he smacked me in the face, but I knew he didn't really mean it so I didn't react.  He jumped over Dare at one point, running after the dot!

I got fluids again last night and this morning, then I ate some more crunchies twice on my own.  Five pieces at once the last time!

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts, well-wishes, purrs, grrs, prayers and rumbles!  I can feel everyone's love and caring, and it's really helping me!  I go in for a recheck and more bloodwork tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Purrs Requested for Starla!

Starla writes:

Could I please have some purrs?  I don't feel very well at all.  Mommy, Daddy, and the other kitties are very worried, and so am I.  I had to go to the vet place on Monday, and almost had to go back yesterday.  My pee is very yellow because of something called bilirubin.  My body's not producing red blood cells right now, and those I do have are bursting.  I don't want them to!  I'm very sleepy, anemic, and turning somewhat yellow.  The doctor thought maybe I have an infection and/or fatty liver disease.  She really wants to have me stay at the clinic for intubation (for feeding and fluids) and meds, but that costs too much (unfortunately).  Daddy went and got a bag of sub-q fluids for me, and now I understand why Uncle Skylar liked getting them so much!  I actually felt like walking out to the big water bowl (in the dining room) to have more water and walking back to my room (the bathroom) after I had the fluids!  I am being force-fed canned a/d food by syringe every few hours, because I'm not eating on my own and haven't been eating on my own for a couple days.

Please understand that our family is doing what we think is best for everyone.  Thank you all for your love and understanding!  We'll keep you posted.

P.S.  Mommy's been lying on our bloggie about my age and Rori's for the past few years, and only tonight realized it!  I'm 8 years old and Rori (my cousin's half-sister and the alpha of our household) is also 8 years old.  Sorry about that!