Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Skylar's diary from Catster

Skylar writes:

As our family moves from Catster to Cathugger, we are each publishing our previous diary entries here so that we will still have them and others can read them if they like.  These entries are mostly previous to the creation of "Furry Tails of the PDX pride", and are from earliest to latest, organized by cat.


October 11th 2006 1:42 pm

I don't know what's wrong with my humans lately. They are mad at me all the time for some reason, and I can't figure out why. I want to play with Scott, so I curl up when he leaves the couch so that he can play with me when he comes back, but he yells at me and claps loud above my ears. Scott sure spends a lot of time on the couch, and when he gets up he can't walk right. I heard them talking, and saying something about knee surgery and physical therapy, but that makes no sense to me at all. I try to be supportive because he seems sleepy a lot, so I sit on his chest or in the window. I've jumped down onto him a few times yesterday and today, but I just get yelled at again and spanked. I try to tell Karen that I'm just trying to play with Scott, and that I'm sorry for whatever it is I did, but I don't think she understands. I think I'll go lie on the bed and keep out of their way. Maybe Tabby will come over and snuggle with me and clean my ears. She's good at that.


October 12th 2006 4:19 pm

I got to snuggle with Scott today. He's not mad anymore, so I've forgiven him. He told me not to stand on his chest anymore, so I'm lying down on it being petted and purring.


October 15th 2006 7:13 pm

Please vote for me. http://www.catster.com/show06/vote_pet.php?i=398277


October 24th 2006 11:10 pm

Dad gave us cheese today, while Mom was sleeping. We each got a little chunk. Yum! Gramma was here for the weekend, and I slept on her feet each night. She called Mom tonight, and I hopped up on the couch when I heard her voice. Mom had grilled cheese sandwiches tonight, and Dad dropped a big piece of cheese on the floor. Guess who got to it first?! :) No one else even had a chance.

Happy Birthday to Me (and Sis)

October 26th 2006 1:16 pm

We got our present! It's a "Crazy Circle", and I want the ball OUT! Carbon and Tabby have been playing with it the most, even though it's Sis and my present, but that's ok. Our turns will come. It's just fun watching them right now, and Sis and I are staring at them trying to get the ball out. We watched them for two hours straight already! There are pics up on their pages of them playing with it. When it's our turn, Mom'll take pics of us playing with it, too. You can see me watching in one of the pics, and that one's on my page.

Gramma's visit

November 16th 2006 5:03 pm

Gramma came again for a long visit. Dad's gone to Idaho again for a while. I love having Gramma visit, because we get yummies! She got Chinese food this time, and Jenelle and Tristan came over for dinner. I got up in the window and made my way to right behind Tristan's head and waited for my opportunity to snag some food, but Mom saw me and picked me off the couch. I tried again a few more times, but she saw me each time. Later on, Gramma said the "T" word (TUNA!) and I got all excited, but we didn't get any. Since Gramma had said it, though, Mom had to give us a treat, so we got some orange chicken. Lydia didn't want hers, so I got to eat it instead. I think Tabby got Carbon's 'cause he just plays with it and licks it. The only human food he likes is cereal. Weird cat! Mom's been sick for a couple days, and so I've been better at not begging so much for food because I don't want to wake her up when she needs her sleep. It's hard to wait until she's awake, though. She thanked me and carried me around when she got up this last time, because I've been so good about it.

Torturing Mom

November 19th 2006 6:27 pm

Mom's feeling a lot better now, so I'm back to driving her nuts. This morning, I kept uncovering her when she wanted to sleep. She even had to put the sheet up over her head so I couldn't get to her! I just wanted to play! *whines* Then, I kept racing around the house and pawing her lap when she was sitting at the computer. I wanted to play and no one else wanted to play at all, so I was just bored! Dad's coming home tomorrow, and then things will be a lot more fun. I've missed him.

Big food!

November 25th 2006 8:16 pm

Dad and Mom went to Fred Meyer's today and got a lot of groceries. Dad got me this HUGE bag of food! It won't even fit in the cupboard, it's so big! I'm trying to be patient and wait until it's opened, but I wander in and rub my head against it.

My new outfit

November 27th 2006 11:06 pm

It snowed today, for the first time this season, so Mom has decided it's time for our winter clothes. She went to our store (the pet store) and got me a Santa Claws outfit, and Tabby a red sweater. I didn't mind her putting my Santa outfit on, but the velcro scratched me a little. She apologized for that, though, and gave me cuddles. I do look handsome in it, but she'd better not try putting a hat on me.

We had door time during the snow, and I wanted to go outside and play in it. I loved to play in the snow when I was an outdoors cat.

Oh, and Mom opened the big food and we got some of it.

I got my Secret Santa Kitty gift!

December 12th 2006 3:25 pm

Thank you, Secret Santa Kitty!!! My gifts are wonderful! Wow, all the way from Britian, too. I guarded them when they came, and then let Tabby and Carbon play with them a little bit, too. Lydia watched. Tabby also loved the wrapping paper, but she started eating it so it had to go away. Pics will be up as soon as Dad hooks up the regular computer again. The pink ball is a definite hit, and Tabby carries the feather mouse around everywhere while I stalk it and try to get it away from her. The cat grass is going to be yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase got his gift!

December 18th 2006 11:38 pm

My little buddy Chase got his Secret Kitty gift from me, and has got pics up on his page! It's so cute! I'm glad he loves his crinkle sack. :)

My gifts were from The Drifter. Thanks so much! 

Catnip Christmas!

December 27th 2006 8:38 pm

Mom hid the catnip from Carbon's stocking because she's going to give it to the shelter cats later. Somebody figured out where it was and tried to get to it. It was (and is) on top of the fridge, and whoever it is knocked down the cookbooks and a few papers. *wicked kitty grin* She still doesn't know for sure who it was!
Dad got us a new kitty condo. I like curling up in the bottom hollow and being cute. Today I was being very wild, one of my crazy days, but I took a two-hour nap in the hollow.

Snow walk!!!!!!!

January 16th 2007 8:55 pm

When Mom and Dad came home this morning from a friend's house (they had D-O-G smells on them!), Mom hooked Tabby and me into our harnesses for a walk. I hadn't been out in the snow at all last year, but before that I was an outside cat, so I was very excited. I just lay on the couch and let Mom buckle me into my harness, then watched her chase dingbat Tabby around to get her into hers so we could go. Even then, I wasn't sure Mom really was going to allow me out, until she picked me up and deposited me on the front porch!

I immediately started making little paw prints in the snow, Mom thought it was so cute! Then, I jumped off the porch and started exploring. Mom was holding dingbat's leash, and she wouldn't get off the porch and follow me, so I was stuck between the porch and the corner of the house. Lots of good smells there, though, and you can bet I explored every single one of them! Tabby was whining to go inside (her first time being out in the white stuff), so Mom let her in, and then I decided I was cold, too, and hopped on the porch and stared at the door, so Mom let me in. I got a nice towel dry and my harness off, and curled up very content on the couch in a little curly ball.

Tristan's in the hospital!

January 27th 2007 4:36 pm

Our little 4-year-old human friend is in the hospital! Please purrrray for him. Updates are in the forums under "Get Well Soon" and on Cadillac and Boots' pages in their diaries.

Decorating the restaurant!!!

February 1st 2007 11:46 am

Wow, when I started my restaurant, I had no idea it was going to be this huge of a success! We've already catered two parties, and now have three rooms plus the kitchen and the litter room. My whole family and I are getting ready for next week's painting/decorating party, a lot of work, but everyfurry's going to help out. Each room will be a different color, and the furniture will be painted. I've chosen the biggest cat tree I can find for the playroom, and it is HUGE! Also, Autumn requested hammocks, so there's one for the playroom and one for the Fireplace Room. If anyfurry (kitty or doggy) wants to join in the fun, the address is http://www.catster.com/group/grp_page.php?g=5310 or click here.

I'm just so excited about the success of the place that I'm running around like crazy!!! MEOWROWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darn outside cat!

March 14th 2007 7:30 pm

There's three outside cats that have been eating MY FOOD! Well, the food that Mom feeds us out of our bag, anyway. She's been scooping it out for kitties outside, too. Today when she opened the door to feed the little black kitty, I walked right outside and started eating the food she put on the back porch. Well, it came out of MY FOOD BAG, so it's got to be mine. The little black kitty got scared, and I growled at it to make sure it knew who was boss in the house, then Mom picked me right up and put me into the house again and shut the door, and said "Naughty Skylar". Then she had the nerve to watch out the window and talk to the black kitty when it came back, and let it eat the rest of the food outside.

Flights to Freedom!

April 25th 2007 4:37 pm

I got out twice today! Mom was feeding THAT CAT, whom she's named Shadow, on the back porch, and I wanted OUT! I tried sneaking behind her, but she knew I was there. I fooled her and jumped up on the sink counter and took a flying leap over her head (she was bent down by the other kitty) to the porch. Shadow went one way, I went the other, and stopped at the edge of the steps to munch on grass. Mom came and got me, put me in the house, and convinced Shadow to come back up to eat.

Then, Dad went out the front door to check the mail, and I followed. I ran as fast as I could out to the grass, sat down, and continued munching. Dad got me and put me back in the house.

Just now, I put both paws up by the doorknob on the back door, trying to get out. How do humans turn the knob, anyway?

Lots going on!

May 2nd 2007 2:22 am

Thank you, Catster, for choosing me as one of the daily diary picks!

Let's see...hmm...busy the last few days!

1. Ashley Jay & Teal'c's wedding: My restaurant was the site for the bachelor party, and we also catered the wedding. My family, Aldo, and Sweet Secret served the buffet at the wedding reception.

2. Contest: My restaurant is giving away rosettes and stars to cookin' kitties. Sign up at the group forum. Open to doggies as well.

3. Detective agency: Keep those anonymous rosettes coming! Carbon was busted as the Butterfly Kitty, heeeheeeeeheeeee!

4. Cinco de Mayo celebration: Potluck at the restaurant on the 5th.

5. Shadow: Mom, Dad, and Erin have been feeding Shadow still. *sighs* I had to go out to defend my food again. One day, Tabby and I both accompanied Erin outside on our leads for a while and had fun playing with Shadow and the other outside kitty.

Food snatcher, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2nd 2007 12:25 pm
Hahahahahahaha, I ran away with Erin's macaroni & cheese today! She made a mac & cheese tv dinner in the microwave, so of course I bugged her until I got some noodles. Then, when she was done, she set the tray down on the floor so I could lick it. I grabbed it in my mouth and ran under the bed with it. Erin had to crawl under the bed to get it when I was done eating! :)


May 22nd 2007 1:10 am

1. I love FOOD!
2. My littermate Lydia and I have been together since we were born.
3. My favorite human is Erin Dublin, Mom and Dad's friend who's living with us.
4. I hate my fur being brushed.
5. I throw up a lot.
6. I love lying in the middle of the living room floor.
7. I steal people FOOD.

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Tagged cats:
Orangey Orange Kitty Cat-Met
The Billybobs

Horrific Day!!!

May 26th 2007 6:05 pm

Tabby's given her cold to me! I have sneezes now, too. Mom took Tabby and me to the V-E-T this morning. We rode in the big green carrier, on the bus. I'd never been on a bus before, and I got really scared. I was panting, drooling, and yelling my part-siamese head off! MREEOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! I threw up in the carrier when we finally got off the bus.

Then, we went into the V-E-T, and she checked us over. I've lost so much weight, they are really worried about me, and Mom had them give me sub-Q fluids to rehydrate me. Tabby and I both got meds for our colds, then the V-E-T took me into the back room and did a "senior exam" on me: urinalysis, blood tests, etc. I was very good throughout everything, but I was thinking "What?!? You're calling me OLD? I'm only 7, gee whiz!"

Mom called a cab for us to go back home in; she wasn't about to have a screamer on the bus the whole way again. I was good until I was almost home, then I pooped in the carrier two blocks from the house. I was MAD/SCARED at the whole thing!

I've got hyperthyroidism!

May 29th 2007 10:46 am

The vet just called Mom with my test results from Saturday, and I have hyperthyroidism! Explains why I have been dehydrated and losing so much weight. Mom cried a bit when she got off the phone. The only known treatment is to have radioactive iodine, which would cost a little over $1000. The other thing that could happen is that I can be on medication for the rest of my life, which would be about $35 a month plus bloodwork every 6 months. Mom and Dad are trying to decide what to do, but it looks like probably medication because of the costs. We would like to hear other kitties' experiences, please!

Hahahahaha she can't trick ME!

June 1st 2007 10:26 pm

*sings* I'm too smart for Mommy; I'm too smart for Mommy!

Mom picked up my hyper-T meds at the human pharmacy (boy, did they ever have fun with that!) and tried to give it to me a few minutes ago. She tried to disguise the half-pill by putting it in a piece of cheese dog, but i ate around it and licked the pill clean! She picked me up, took me over to a chair, and slid it in around my teeth like she used to do for Auntie Trixie, but I spit it out as soon as I got down! She finally caught me again (I thought I had it made and had escaped to the top of the couch, but she pulled me and my claws off there) and held me until I swallowed it. I held the thing on the tip of my tongue for the longest time, but finally I had to swallow and the nasty thing went down.

Ok, here's the pharmacy story! *nasty, evil laugh*

Mom had to pick up her medicine at Wal-Mart today, so when the vet called to ask which pharmacy she would like the prescription called in to (and human pharmacy at that), she said the same one. Hers was done first, then they called her up to the counter and she had to fill out the thing to enroll me in their system. Skylar, cat, age: 7, birthday: 10/26/99, sex: male. Then, when the scrip was ready, they called "Skylar" (although they spelled it with an e instead of an a because it was a call-in). She had to sign as "guardian" for it! Everyone got a laugh out of the whole thing!!! :) ;)

New addition to my family!!! :) :) :)

July 20th 2007 11:33 pm

I adopted a new mommy! She's living with my two humans, and I've decided she's my mommy instead of my adopted mom. :) Her name's Erin. I try to say her name, and I hope she can understand me meowing it to her. :) I LOVE her, and follow her everywhere! I talk to her from the moment she wakes up, follow her around the whole house. I even jumped in the shower with her once! I climb up the ladder to her bunkbed and snuggle with her, purring. My new mommy is 12 weeks 3 days pregnant, and I love to sit on her tummy right above the baby and purrrrrrrrrrr. While she's gone during the day, I make a nest out of her pink hoodie and curl myself up in it. I've trained her from the day from the day she moved in to feed me her food, and most of the time feed me FIRST. I'll even eat from the palm of her hand. She gives me CHICKEN! When I know she's cooking chicken or anything else I like in the microwave, I jump up on the counter and watch it go around and around. She gives me my own plate of food, especially Mexican shredded cheese. I once licked ice cream out of her mouth, my favorite: strawberry! Mommy Erin's favorite, too. Before she goes to sleep, I mark my territory by rubbing her wrist with my jaw. She makes kissy noises at me, and I come running. I hug her, putting my paws around her shoulders and my face in hers. When I can get to her, I wake her in the morning by putting my face into hers and purring. :) The reason I can't always get to Mommy Erin is because Dad works nights, so Mommy closes her door so that she and the unborn baby don't wake up when he comes home. Dad and my other Mom let Mommy sleep and try not to wake her up when her door's closed. But that means I can't go in and snuggle with her!

Dad thinks I'm only sucking up to her when I want food, but my other mom and my new mommy know better! They know I'm showing I care for my mommy. :) The one who I was calling my mom, Karen, Dad's girlfriend, she knows how I feel about Mommy Erin and she's fine with it. I LOVE my Mommy Erin!!! :) :) :)

I love my new vet!

July 25th 2007 12:32 pm

Mom and I took my stroller and me to the vet today! We went through the park, and I got to see squirrels, kids, humans, crows, trees, and smell all the wonderful outdoor smells. I sat straight up in the stroller and loved every minute of it! Not the loud traffic, though. I meowed at that in protest.

Once we got to the vet's, I was the most well-behaved gentleman. I meowed when we first got there, but then settled right down and not a peep. When we got into the exam room, I even let the nurse take my temperature without ANY protest!!! I did give a growl or two when they took my blood for the hyper-T panel, though. Mom could hear me from where she was sitting! We won't find out results for a couple days, but we'll keep everyone updated. In the meantime, the doc said I was doing well on my meds (which I'm taking without complaint, just clenching my jaw but nothing more).

I have a favorite chair now at the vet's, too. Mom got a pic of me relaxing on it with her camera phone. :) *purrs*

Blood work results

July 27th 2007 8:44 pm

Mom got the blood work results back yesterday from the vet, and my thyroid levels are still high (6.4) but no other systems have been impacted. The vet's increasing my medicine dose to one pill morning and evening (instead of half a pill each time), and a full panel recheck in a month. So, so far so good.


August 31st 2007 12:15 pm

Mommy Erin and I each had doctor's appointments today at the same time.

First, mine:

I had a blood panel recheck for my hyper-T. It was done by a vet tech this time, but I loved her as much as Dr. Bob, so that was fine with me. We'll know the results in a few days. I hated the stroller ride there, and back, and meowed at all the traffic again, and at everyone we passed. The park is the highlight of the trip, though. I was petted by all the kids who were playing there, and purred and purred my contentment to each of them!

Now, Mommy Erin's:

*drumroll please* She's having a BOY!!! 18 weeks along, and doing fine, very healthy (both her and baby). She and her boyfriend Brad (the baby's father) dropped by after the appointment to tell the news to Mom and me, and we're sooooooo excited for them! They haven't decided on a name yet, but we'll let everyone know when they do choose. He's due to be born on February 6th. You can see the latest pregnancy picture as the last picture in my photo book.

A very happy


New tag game!

October 21st 2007 6:25 pm

Thanks, Bear and Grey for tagging me!

Here are the rules. When you are tagged pick ten cats and write something nice about them and the cat that tagged you. Then tag those ten cats you picked and send them an email letting them know they were tagged.

1. Aldo: one of the Master Bakers at my restaurant. He and his sister Tess (apprentice chef at the restaurant) are two of my besties ever!

2. Bluie: always puts that extra special touch on events, no matter what! Also expert decorator!

3. Rocky Ann: one of our family's first Catster friends, and a fellow Hello Kitty friend/super stroller.

4. Edward: another first friend on Catster, and another crazy kitty pal! We love her and the character she was named after!

5. Bear: of course, the greatest fellow Feline Flyer, and one of my absolute besties! (And the one who sent me the tag!)

6. Smudge: my friend from the other side of the pond, who keeps me on my toes with her good humor (or is it humour?).

7. Autumn: another awesome cook, and best friend to my Auntie Trixie.

8. Bruce: my brofur Carbon's buddy!

9. Nurven: my Norwegian pal!

10. Sin: a true friend and fellow detective.

Birthday morning hugs and pets! :)

October 26th 2007 5:03 am

I woke up very early this morning, and Mom was still up. 4:00 in the morning! I hopped up in the chair, sat right against her, and started in purring. *rrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr* I know it's MY BIRTHDAY today!!! I got loves, hugs, and pets for about a half hour, so much so that I shed all over the chair, but Mom and I didn't care. :) Kisses on my ears, too, and ear rubs that I absolutely love! I'm going now to make sure Mom gets some sleep, because I watch over her closely. I chose her and adopted her, so it's my responsibility to make sure she stays healthy.

Jarek is born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 13th 2008 4:57 pm

Mommy Erin's baby, Jarek Lachey Jeseritz, joined the world yesterday at 1:51 pm. He is 6 lbs, 9.6 oz, 20 inches long. Lots of blonde hair, just like his parents, and blue eyes. Mom: Erin Theresa Dublin, Dad: Bradley Jeseritz. Picture at the end of my photo album and as Rori's first picture.

Mommy Erin is Mom and Dad's friend who lived with us for most of last year. I adopted her as my second mom, and Rori is her kitten (but Rori still lives with us).

Announcements, announcements, announcements!!!

July 8th 2008 4:06 pm

Mom and Dad are officially engaged!!!! They got engaged on July 5th. They will be getting married by the end of this year, probably the last weekend in August!!!

Happy purrs,


I'm happy Mom and Dad are so happy!

July 8th 2008 9:01 pm

Definitely makes me happy to see them so happy!!! I've been purring, sitting on Mom and Dad all the time, purring in their faces, rubbing up against them, snuggling with them more, more, more!!!

Today, Mom got little guest books where the guests can write messages to Mom and Dad, and I went right over, hopped up onto the couch, and drooled on a corner of the box! Mom laughed and made sure they weren't where I could get them, but she could tell I was happy, happy, happy!

I is a CELEBRITEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

July 27th 2008 7:26 pm

The picture site Global Warming Hates Kittens has chosen me as spokescat for yesterday! Me, Mr. Cool in front of my a/c, linked to a news article on the worst summer heat in Europe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! *bows in front of my adoring crowd*

My sister's dying :'(

October 11th 2008 12:34 pm

My sister's dying. She's got a mass between her stomach and her liver. She had bloodwork done today, and we're waiting on the results, but it's 99% certain she has cancer.

See her diary for more information.

I sat with her and groomed her when she came back today, helping her know that I care. She, Mom, Dad, and I snuggled and Mom and Dad petted us and cried. She and I meowed softly, and I purred.

Lydia's gone

October 13th 2008 7:24 pm

I'm snuggling with Dad right now, to comfort him and for him to comfort me. Mom snuggled with us for a long while too. I'm missing my sister already. When Mom and Dad brought her body back from the vet's today, Dad picked me up and set me down by it. I sniffed, then lowered my head and rubbed against Dad, then against Mom, then made a circle around Dad, finally sitting in the middle of the floor. It's always been the two of us; what'll I do now? I didn't even want to eat any of the fast food hamburger or fish sandwich Mom and Dad were eating, too sad.

*sad cries*



October 14th 2008 9:09 pm

I stuck to Dad like glue last night, all night long. Slept by his side, or on him, the whole night. Followed him around this morning until he went to deliver firewood. He woke Mom up so that she could sit with me when he left, so I would have someone there. Rori's been cleaning my ears for me, and snuggling hard with me.

I ate, drank, and used the box regularly, so it's "just" that I miss my sister. I even let Mom know when it was time for my medicine, but not as insistently as usual. I haven't been talking at all.

Last night, I wondered where she was, and I went over to the door looking for her. Not there. Looked on top of the clean laundry. Not there. Stuck my head in the kitty carrier. Not there. Looked at Mom and Dad, and they picked me up and cuddled me, telling me she was gone, and that they loved and missed her too. They told me they love me so much, and they know I'm sad and miss her.

A very sad


Sad Happy Birthday to me!

October 26th 2008 1:19 am

It's my ninth birthday today! Happy birthday to me! I wish my sister were here to share it with me. I miss her so much. I've not been the same goofy me since she died. I cling to Dad and Mom, preferring Dad if he's around, sitting on Mom's lap if he's not there. I just got up from a two-hour nap, something that used to be very uncommon for me. I haven't talked once in the last two weeks, except to purr a little. Rori keeps coming to check on me, and Tabby snuggled with me yesterday, burying her nose in my fur. I'm eating fine, drinking fine, and using the box. I even showed interest when one of the outside cats came in for a bit, watching her and walking past her. But I'm very subdued.

We're writing hubs!

November 12th 2008 7:02 pm

Mom is letting us occasionally write articles on her hubpages account. Our articles are getting read internet-wide! I wrote one on planning a pet-friendly Christmas 

I went on vacation!

November 12th 2008 7:10 pm

Last week, I got to go with Mom and Dad to the beach! They packed the kitty travel bag, put my harness and leash on, and carried me out to the truck. I snuggled, purred, and slept on the way down there. We stopped at Gramma's house, and I got lots of pets and cuddles from my human cousins. Storm even dressed me up in a doll bonnet! Hey, what do you expect from a little girl. Lucky I love her. :) Then, off we went again. When we got to the beach, Dad drove the truck down onto the sand and opened the window a crack so I could smell the nice salt air. I stood on his lap and looked out the window at the waves and sand. They stopped the car and took me out to feel the sand on my paws, but it was too windy and rainy for me, so I told them in no uncertain terms I wanted back in where it was warm and dry. Once in again, I stood at the window watching everything.

When it was time to leave, I snuggled up again between Mom and Dad and fell asleep purring.

It was medicine time on the way down, and I wasn't sure that they had remembered to bring it since we weren't home. I got kind of worried, and looked at them funny. Mom reassured me, and pulled out the bottle of pills. I took my meds, and then purred at the top of my lungs, headbutting both Mom and Dad and giving them jowl rubs! I was soooo happy they remembered!

Trouble pooping!

November 16th 2008 7:01 am

I'm having a lot of trouble pooping. Actually, I can't go at all. I've been trying and trying, but nothing is coming out. I tried pooping in the box, on the living room floor, on the kitchen floor, even on Mom! Mom and Dad both looked up information on the web, and saw an article on PetPlace about Dulcolax being prescribed sometimes for constipation. Mom gave me a 5mg tablet (the size it said in the article was ok for cats) about 15 minutes ago, and so we'll see if it works. I really, really, REALLY hope it will!

Went to the vet

November 17th 2008 10:51 pm

I went to the vet today, and had a urinalysis done, plus got fluids. I've not been eating or drinking at all today. I'm still not pooping, but I've got a runny butt, so at least something's working back there. Waiting to see what the results will be. I want to snuggle with Dad, but he won't let me on his lap with my runny butt. Not fun! :(

Back to normal again!

November 20th 2008 6:46 pm

Whew! Thankfully, I'm back to normal again! My urine results were normal, and I'm eating and drinking on my own again. Mom and Dad have seen me use the box, even.

A very happy, cuddly, purry



November 22nd 2008 12:14 am

Wow, thank you Catster HQ!!! I'm Diary of the Day today!!!!!!!!! Mom's going to give me lots and lots of snuggles and loves today (not like she doesn't anyway). So glad I'm feeling better so I can enjoy my special day!

A very happy


Meowy Catmas!

December 27th 2008 6:44 am

It was a very strange Christmas this year! We've had snow for over two weeks, so Mom and Dad didn't go anywhere for Christmas. They barely could get out of the driveway!

The day before Christmas, we got a present! Rori and I knew right away it was for kitties, and sniffed and rubbed up against it. Mom had ordered it online, shopping the new Catster Marketplace, since she couldn't go regular kitty-toy shopping (and wanted to get us something extremely fun and special this year!).

So, when Mom got up, she opened it for us and handed the paper-wrapped package to us, after taking off the pretty ribbon and pin. Rori and Carbon drooled all over it, and Carbon swatted a little at Mom when she took it back to unwrap it all the way.

It is a catnip-filled fortune cookie and tea bag from Jake and Micah's store! We all have played with them, and have taken them from each other, fought over them, drooled on them, licked them, and bunny-kicked them. I even licked the cookie while Mom held it in front of me, then rubbed my head against it!

In other mews, I went to the vet's on Christmas to get fluids. I've not been drinking water, so they sent home an I.V. bag for me and showed Mom and Dad how to give it to me. I'm doing so much better now, and I get all excited when I see the bag because I know it helps even though the needle poke hurts. We're going to see about putting me on kitty Prozac too.

MY friend came inside!

January 2nd 2009 9:20 pm

Lately, Rori's friends have been coming inside. Well, they're all of our friends, but they're closer to her age than to mine, so I consider them more her friends. I go and sniff them, but then continue with my own business rather than follow them around like everyone else.

But tonight, we had MY friend as a visitor! That's right, the big (even bigger than Carbon or me!) tom cat goof named SpongeBob came in to visit us! I go onto the porch to say hi to him all the time when he comes over for snacks, but this time he came in the front door when Mom came home! He saw Mom come, and ran over, waited for her to open the door, and walked right in for a visit! I jumped off the couch and ran over to say hi, sniffed and rubbed against him, then went back to the couch so he could visit with the others. When he ate a snack from our food bowl, I went back over to observe so that he wouldn't eat all of our food, and to say hi again to him.

He stayed in for about 5 minutes, then meowed his large, deep meow so Mom would know to put him outside again. Sure enough, we could hear his people calling for him from their house across the street, so it was time for him to go home.

A happy


Very, very sad

January 5th 2009 4:46 pm

Sara Kitty left us today. I knew she was going to, and am very sad. I didn't even go smell the body, because I didn't have to. I knew she was gone. I knew where she was going when Mom and Dad took her out to the truck, and I knew she wasn't coming back. After the others had sniffed her body, and Dad went outside to bury it, I got down off the couch and walked slowly to the bed to lie down.

Yay for fluids!!!

January 12th 2009 1:38 pm

I had a couple days where it was very hard for me to go poop again. Mom and Dad are worried about me. They've been giving me fluids every day since my last vet appointment, and it's REALLY helping, but I'm not drinking much on my own or even eating much on my own. My poops are as small as Rori's!

Dad went to pick up my new fluids bag from the vet's today. I got soooo excited when he came home with the bag, because I knew what was in there! I started actually racing around Dad, and hopped up on his lap the minute he sat down! He said he had to hook it up first (the tube to the bag), so I got down again and raced around him some more, then back up into his lap, purring the whole time. Mom put the new needle in and poked me, and then it was done in a few more seconds!

I love my fluids!

Keeping Mom's head warm

January 24th 2009 8:58 pm

Mom finally let us into the bedroom again! Rori's been secluded in there after her spay surgery, but she's out for the most part now. Yay!

Last night, I went into the bedroom to sleep. Mom was already asleep, so I picked a spot and curled up. When Dad came home, he woke Mom up very quietly and told her not to startle me. I was curled up around her head on the pillow! I slept that way until she got up this morning! She says she slept so well, she didn't even want to get up. She had very pleasant dreams, too.



We now have a blogspot!

January 29th 2009 6:21 pm

We now have an actual blog! You can read it here. Of course, we're still going to be updating our Catster diaries as well.

Mommy Erin came to visit!

February 5th 2009 1:05 am

Mommy Erin came to visit for a little while tonight! I was so excited to see her that I sat up very straight on Dad's lap when she came in the door! She sat on the couch and picked me up to sit on her lap. I purred so loud, and she snuggled me. She was quite shocked to see how skinny I was, compared with the last time she saw me. She cried when Mom and Dad told her that I've been failing since my sis died last October. I'm still eating and drinking, but I'm losing weight and have to have fluids at least twice a week. The vet can't find anything wrong.

My new main picture is Mommy Erin and me. She kept hugging me and snuggling me, telling me how much she missed me. I've missed her too. She's going to move back closer to Mom and Dad, so we'll get to see her more often.

Cat fight!

February 11th 2009 8:48 pm

Everyone's ok now, but see Rori's diary for details.

DAD, I want to SNUGGLE!

February 22nd 2009 3:06 am

Yesterday, I really, REALLY wanted to snuggle with Dad! I hopped up on the couch, got right in his face, and screamed at him to tell him I was there. I then hopped onto his side, hopped down, then back up, making sure he knew I was really there with him. Then I lay down on his side just like my sis Lydia used to and took a nap with him.

Mom and Dad are trying to decide if my increased snuggling is a sign that I'm feeling worse. I'm starting to act the same way my sis did before we knew she was dying. They know I probably won't last out the year, but I'm still able to get around the house and do my normal routine (eating, drinking, litter box, up on the bed and on the couch). I have fluids almost every day now, and love getting them still. So, all in all, I'm doing ok for my 9 years!


February 24th 2009 8:34 am

Skylar here. Mom's typing this for me, because I'm busy getting TREATS! Mom refilled the treat ball, and the others each got a turn. When they all decided they were done, I nosed it and a treat came out. So I've been nosing it and pawing it, getting all MY TREATS. Yummy!

Saturday Sit-Down Dinner

February 28th 2009 5:03 pm

We're starting a Saturday sit-down dinner! Social "hour", with dinner by our chefs. Rotating menu. It's drop-in, service when you get here and are seated, so come anytime from 4:30 pm Catster to 7:00 pm Catster.

We're going to host it the first few times, to get it going, then ask for volunteers if anyone wants to make up a menu, serve, etc. It will be open to anyone, as all of the restaurant events are.

Come by the Chef Skylar's Restaurant group to join in the fun!

Mean Mommy Erin!

March 19th 2009 8:57 pm

*stares out the screen door as the car leaves*

Mommy Erin is soooo mean! She came with a cat carrier and took Smokey away instead of me! She cuddled me and said hi to me, then put Smokey in the carrier, petted me, and left! I watched her go, then watched the place she had been until Mom shut the door.

Mean Mommy Erin to take Smokey instead of me! Except I would really miss Mom and Dad if I left here. I'm going to ignore Mom until it's time for her to sleep, but I'll go snuggle with Dad for a bit.

P.S. I'm feeling sooo much better now that Starla has come to live with us! My depression is totally gone, and I'm eating and drinking more. I'm still having some trouble pooping sometimes, and still taking fluids, but doing better than I was.

Playing tails with Starla

March 26th 2009 10:31 pm

*giggles so much that he almost falls over* Just go read Starla's entry! She played with me! :) :) :) :) :)

A very happy,


April Fools from the vet?

April 1st 2009 2:33 am

Skylar: Whattaya mean, no medicine? I have to have my medicine! *follows Mommy around*

Mommy: I'm sorry, buddy. The vet gave us the wrong thing!

Skylar: You're not April Foolin' me, are you?

Mommy: Nope, I wish I was. See, your label says it should be methimazole, but the bottle label says it's fluoxetine and it's definitely not shaped like your regular stuff.

Skylar: But I want my medicine!

Mommy: *pets Skylar and tries to reassure him* I'm sorry. It will have to wait until after 11:00 am. I'll call the vet right away when they open.

Skylar: After my 8:00 medicine time? I don't get my 8 am medicine either? *looks very, very sad*

Mommy: I'm so sorry, hun.

Skylar: *goes to sulk by the food bowl where Rori is eating* They better have the right stuff at 11 am. *goes to stick his nose in the bag where the other bottle is*

Medicated at last!

April 1st 2009 1:06 pm

Mommy just came back with the CORRECT medication! Someone new at the vet's office had put the other stuff in the wrong cupboard. All taken care of now, and I have my meds. :)

Preparing for the inevitable :(

April 13th 2009 11:22 am

Mom and Dad have been watching me really closely since I begged Dad to adopt Starla. From what they've seen, they think I'm preparing the household for my death. They saw this with Lydia when she passed, too.

1. I told Dad to adopt Starla.
2. I've taken myself out of the daily household activities and am spending my days snuggling with Dad or on the bed sleeping.
3. I am not vocal at all, even in situations when I would shout (think Siamese!), but now I don't even make any sound.
4. I am teaching Starla how to snuggle and observing her interactions with Mom and Dad, so basically teaching her to fulfill my role in the household.
5. All the other cats come check up on me throughout the day, and Rori monitors my every move, even walking with me wherever I go.
6. My body processes are slowing down. I'm not taking in much of what I'm eating, and my poops are kitten-sized. I'm rapidly losing weight. I fall over sometimes when I walk. Some days, I can't jump up to the couch and wait until Dad or Mom picks me up to set me on the couch.

Mom and Dad think I have 2-3 months left. All tests come back normal; we think it's "just" old age and the pain of not having my sister around.

OMC, we won!

June 16th 2009 12:28 am

Our family won the overnight stay for one cat at the Pet Smart Hotel! The one that's the prize from Skeezix's/Catster's/The Cat's Meow contest for the travel series!

Now, to decide who gets to use it. What, Mom, you say we might all get a vacation stay? But there's only one free one. *looks confused* Oh, you'd pay for the rest of us? You have to talk with Dad first? Ok!

Mom says she and Dad might go to the beach overnight sometime and have us stay at the pet hotel.

My Fourth of July road trip!

July 9th 2009 12:09 am

On the 4th, I went to see Grandma & Grandpa! My cousins were there, and I had a great time with them. Mom, Dad, and Mommy Erin went to the beach, but it was too hot to take me all the way. I didn't mind at all, because then I got to spend time with the fam. :)

If you want to see pictures of me with my cousins, and of the beach, you can go here.

Happy birthday to meeeeee!!!!

October 26th 2009 12:22 am

It's my birthday today! :) I'm celebrating by snuggling on top of my best friend in the house: Starla. She's kind of glaring at me, but allowing me to sit on her, MOL!

Sorry I haven't written in my diary, but being an uncle to 6 foster kittens plus Little Bit took all my energy this summer! They loved to play tails with me, climb on me and over me, jump at me, ambush me, and snuggle with me! Playing and snuggling with the very young ones has kept me semi-healthy and very happy. :)

Sis, I love you and wish you were still here to celebrate our birthday. Miss you, Lydia!

Thankful for Silliness on Thursday

November 12th 2009 5:54 am

Silly, silly day! First, I didn't get my medicine on time. Mommy and Daddy said that Dr. Bob didn't want me to have it! I kept begging for it, but I didn't get it. Then, finally, I got it when I was supposed to get my next dose. They completely skipped one of my doses!

Then, while I was begging for part of Daddy's hamburger, he was teasing me! See the picture of me with the straw wrapper on my head? Daddy said that being silly helped relieve some of the stress of my blood work results from Tuesday's vet appointment.

I have anemia (17% red blood cell count) and my creatinine levels are elevated considerably. Dr. Bob told my purrents that this may be caused by too much methimazole in my system (my medicine for hyperthyroidism), but that it doesn't usually present in that way. It also may be a sign that the hyper-T was masking kidney disease.

Mommy and Daddy are both very sad about that, even though they knew that there might be something majorly wrong (which is why they took me in to the vet in the first place). The first course of action is to decrease my meds to twice a day, which is why they wouldn't let me have one of my doses today. They're hoping that it will do the trick and help everything within a week. If not, then it's more serious than just a response to my meds.

I go back in for retesting of my blood in two weeks, regardless of if I'm feeling better by then. If it is kidney disease, I won't be doing better by then and my creatinine levels will still be elevated, Dr. Bob says. Mommy and Daddy are praying that it's not kidney disease, because if it is then they say that it will be time for me to join my sister at the Bridge, because they wouldn't want me to suffer more (and for it to show up it would need to have been diseased for some time already).

So that's why we're having a silly time right now. It's so stressful around here, we need the laughter and smiles!

Doing a lot better!

December 2nd 2009 11:54 am

My purrents took me in so the vampires could take more of my blood this morning. Dr. Bob said that my red blood levels are soooo much better (26% now) and so it was just that my medicine was too high. We still don't know about my kidneys, but the anemia was the main thing that was worrisome to Dr. Bob. So we're so glad that it's much better!

Mommy's uncle sent home some turkey for me on Thanksgiving, and I smelled it the second my purrents got home! I followed the bag into the kitchen and yowled for it until Mommy put it on a special plate for me. I shared with the others in the house too, of course. Yum!

Our new house!

December 30th 2009 2:43 am

Moving again? Okay by me! I was totally unconcerned with the moving process. When it was time for us kitties to move, our purrents put my harness on and carried me out to our friends' Expedition that they let us borrow.

They had to stop at the store to get new litter boxes and some food for us, so Tabby and I waited in the driver's seat until Daddy came back. Then I sat on Daddy's lap the whole time while he drove.

Once we got there, Starla and I shared a room and the others shared another room. Tabby and Starla still need to be separated, so they figured that was best for us. Once we were all allowed out, I saw my chair had arrived so I hopped up into it and settled right down.

As long as I have my chair, I'm fine! Spooky and Starla like it, too. :)

Not feeling well

June 20th 2010 1:45 am

Mom & Dad took me in to the vet on Friday. It was time for my routine doctor appointment and bloodwork, but they were worried as well because I've not been grooming myself. I keep my face, paws, and chest clean and smooth, but the rest of my fur is matted. Mom plucks my "feathers" (fur that has come out but is still stuck in the rest of my coat) every day, and picks apart my mats. Sometimes I let her; sometimes I yowl until she stops. They were also worried because I've lost a little over a pound since Thanksgiving!

So, off we went. I complained when it took longer than usual to get there, but then my purrents reminded me that we live farther away than we used to. That made sense, so I settled down again. I like to sit on Dad's lap while he's driving, and watch the cars go by out the window.

There was a new doctor at the clinic on Friday, a relief doctor, because the others were gone for the day. As usual, when I got there I wanted down and pulled at my leash to go back into the back (treatment) room to say hi to everyone! Nope, Dad wouldn't loosen the leash and let me run back. Bummers! My sis used to do the same thing. Mom & Dad are glad that I like my doctors and staff so much that I immediately want to greet them! Believe me, I wouldn't run away, I would just run TO someone to be greeted!

The vet tech took me into the back to weigh me, then brought me back out and talked with Mom & Dad after she stuck that thermometer in me. :P After she went into the back, I stood on the exam table and looked at the door for a few minutes, then YOWLED! Ok, so where's the doctor? I'm ready, so come in! Everyone laughed at that, then Mom put me on the floor and I went to sniff both doors and then yowled again at the back.

FINALLY, the doctor came! Should it really take her 10 minutes to get done with the doggie patient and come look at me? She talked with my purrents, consulted my chart, then took me into the back to have the vampires take some of my blood. They also took my urine. Hey, you could have just given me a box instead of poking me! Mom & Dad could tell exactly when they were poking me, because I think they could hear me down the street. There's something to be said about being half-Siamese! ;)

We got the results back on Friday evening: possible kidney disease. It's what my purrents were afraid of, especially considering that my kidney levels were elevated back in November. I'm anemic, both my BUN and creatinine levels are elevated, I'm dehydrated, and I've lost that pound. My thyroid levels are also low, but that's kind of a separate issue.

So, on to the next steps. First off, I'm only going to get one pill a day, to even out my thyroid levels. I've been looking at Mom funny when she doesn't give me my evening meds but takes hers, although I give up after a few minutes so she knows it's more from habit than anything else. I still get my morning meds.

Then, I will be getting my own special food! The doctor recommended giving me yummy canned food! I don't even have to share with anyone else, so I'll get fed in a separate room. Yay!

My blood & urine will have to be rechecked again sometime, but I don't mind that. I may have to go back to getting sub-Q fluids, but that's not a big deal either.

Properly managed, which is a see-saw because it can change from day to day, I may have another year or three. But it's different for every cat, so we'll just take each day as it comes and be grateful for every minute. 

Weird question....

June 23rd 2010 6:09 pm

Mom talked with my regular doctor today, and we have a strange question! Including the vet, who doesn't know the answer to this either!

Has anyone ever had their thyroid levels continue to go low? I had mine checked back in November, after 4 years with hyper-T my meds were decreased from four to three, then two pills a day. Redid tests, and it was normal again. Now, after my vet appointment last week, my thyroid levels are low again, so we're trying half a pill per day.

The vet has no clue why I'm suddenly "getting better", or at least my thyroid levels are! My creatinine & BUN are slightly elevated, just out of the normal range, not as bad as we'd originally thought (we got the exact numbers this time). That part's to be expected, and I'm still going to have my yummy canned food and my sub-Q fluids to try to keep my kidneys semi-under control. But we're (and the vet is) absolutely clueless as to why my thyroid levels are normalizing!!!

Any advice/help/experience would be appreciated!

-- Skylar.


July 17th 2010 11:20 pm

Tonight, I let Mom "speak" with me, commune with my inner self. I don't know how humans explain it, but it's how we cats talk with each other. Mom can do it, and Dad can, too, but not often, just under the right circumstances. Everything has to be calm.

I'm aching. All my joints are hurting. Mom says it's something called arthritis. It hurts to move, hurts to lie down. My vision is a bit blurry, too, and Dad had to clean my eye twice today because of mucous. That's from a "kitty cold", mostly.

I'm hungry a lot. I get my wet food twice a day, but I used to "graze" instead, eating small bites throughout the day. It's tough to get used to eating only twice, so I'm hungry during the middle of the day and let my parents know it. When it's food time, I run down the hallway to Tabby & Carbon's room (aka the spare room), starting up my yowl as soon as I hit the doorway, and stand on my plate so that Mom has to move me to put my food on it. Then, I eat my fill and curl up on the chair in that room, yowling once to let everyone know I'm done for the moment. Then, Mom lets everyone else in to get a treat of what I've left on the plate.

I seldom snuggle with my parents anymore, but did this evening with Mom, to let her know what's going on with me. I was shaky as I stood on her, looking her in the eyes. Then, with effort, I lay down, wanting my chin scritched while she went over my body to "see" how I was doing. I'm still not putting on any weight, and my fur's still matting. She brushes me with the slicker brush, and that gets a major part of the mats, but not everything and I hate being brushed. My bones are rubbing my skin in some places, like my shoulders and my heels. Massages aren't really helping.

My favorite places are the bathtub and the kitty tent. I've given up sleeping in my recliner, preferring to curl up in one of my two chosen places instead. Dad has to lift me out of the bathtub when he comes home from work, or else I'd stay in there until he turned the water on for his shower. I get out when it's Mom's turn for a shower, though, for some reason. I'm using the box normally, and drinking water normally.

I told Mom tonight that I'm not quite ready to leave even though I'm hurting and confused, and she said that all I have to do is tell them when I can't stand it anymore and they'll release me. My kitty nieces and nephew aren't ready yet, so I'm going to stay around until they can handle the transition. I can tell Mom and Dad will never be quite ready to let me go, but they will do what's best for me. Rori knows what's going on, knows I'm close to leaving, and has been watching from a distance rather than her usual headbutting-following-me-around behavior. Death always troubles her, and she hides from it and then picks up the pieces. That's why my sister chose her to be Big Kitty of the Household. She came and sat with us on the couch tonight as I was talking with Mom, just sat, watching and listening, then walked over and rubbed against me telling me that she understands. Then she let Mom pet her, too.

We don't know how long it's going to be. No one ever knows.

Mom says that she talked with the vet about a week and a half ago, when she ordered my fluids (which I've been taking every two days). Dr. Bob now thinks I may have cancer, since my behavior's changed so abruptly. Nothing in my behavior seems to correlate with kidneys or hyper-T, in fact some of it counterindicates. So cancer is their next guess. If it is, then it's in a place where it's not showing up yet and not a mass, maybe in the bone marrow. That's what Dr. Bob said, and Mom and Dad think that's most likely, too. That's what they've been thinking for a while, and sensing from me as well.

We just don't know anything for sure, but who ever does? 

Going to the Bridge this week or next. :'(

July 19th 2010 6:10 pm

Hi friends,

I'm going to be making my journey to the Bridge sometime either this week or next. I've been vomiting tar-like liquid, plus my other symptoms (see my diary entry from a couple days ago). Not good, so Mom and Dad talked with Dr. Bob today and he confirmed that it's my time to leave. My purrents are scheduling it so that Dad has the day off from work and so that my other mommy, Mommy Erin, can be with me as well when I make my final journey. We will let you all know when we schedule it.

Sad purrs,


It will be Friday

July 20th 2010 5:56 pm

I'm in the bedroom, resting on the bed with Rori and Starla, so I'll let Mom type this. My appointment's set for Friday morning at 9:40 am. Everyone at the vet's is sad, too, because I'm a favorite patient there. None of their other client families have cats who come in on leash and are well-behaved in the waiting room like I am! Imagine that!

Dad can't get the day off, but he has the morning off at least. Mommy Erin is trying to get a sitter for JJ so that she can be there, too, to say goodbye to me.

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers, purrs, rosettes, treats, special gifts, p-mails, notes, etc. Hugs to everyone from all of us!!!

Sad purrs,


Journey to the Rainbow Bridge

July 23rd 2010 6:38 pm

This morning, I woke up on the bed curled up with Dad, Mom, and Starla. Rori was at the foot of the bed, too. I woke Mom and Dad up when the alarm went off, and Mom fed me TUNA! She and Dad got ready, while I lay by the water bowls in the dining room, exchanging sniffs with Carbon, Tabby, and Little Bit.

Then, Dad went out to the truck, and I got up to follow him. Mom said to wait, so I lay back down while she put my harness and leash on. She went to wash her hands, because I had jumped in the tub while she was getting ready so I had water all over my tummy. I got up to follow her, but Carbon bit my leash and pinned me! I lay down under the table instead, then Little Bit pinned me by my leash, too!

Mom picked me up, petted everyone, and we went out the door. When we got in the truck, I walked over to sit on Dad's lap so I could look out the window, like I usually do. They said we were going to pick up Mommy Erin. Why? I looked right at them when they said Mommy Erin's name, knowing who she was (which I sometimes forgot, but I was forgetting a lot of things recently).

When Mommy Erin got in the truck, Mom sat in the back so I could sit with Erin, but I kept switching between her and Dad. Then, we turned onto the street where my doctor is, and I knew that's where we were going! I went over to sit in Erin's lap, looking out the window, until we got there, then I looked straight through the windshield at the doctor's office!

We all got out of the car, and I wanted to walk. Nope, Mom insisted on carrying me. In we went, straight into a room. We were only there a few minutes before they switched rooms on us because another patient was coming in who needed an isolation room. No one minded, because no one cared which room we were in. The vet tech came in with paperwork, which Mom signed, and Mom and Mommy Erin took pictures of me. Finally they put me down so I could rest! I lay on the floor, purring. I knew somehow, the doctor was going to do something for my pain and make me feel better. The doctor always helps me; I love my Dr. Bob and Dr. C.!

Dr. C. came in, and she DID give me something for my pain! She gave me a shot that made me VERY sleepy! I didn't want to go to sleep, but Mom and Mommy Erin said it was ok. Dad was sitting in the chair, and he said it was ok to go to sleep, too. Mom and Erin petted me until I fell asleep, then Dad came over and petted me, saying his goodbyes to me, and kissed me. He went out of the room, but at that point I wasn't in a position to follow him.

Mommy Erin picked me up, and my tongue stuck out of my mouth! I wiggled it, but I was too sleepy to put it back in! Dr. C. said that might happen, and it was normal for sedated cats. What Mom and Erin didn't expect, though, was to hear me PURRRRRRR!!!!! I was soooo sleepy, but I wasn't in pain anymore, and I was happy, they were holding me and petting me, and I was comfortable, more comfortable than I've been in years!

Dr. C. came in and made pawprints for Mom and Mommy Erin. She shaved parts of my fur off my leg and over my heart, and gave the fur to them as well. Then, she tried to give me the other shot. She couldn't find my blood vessel in my rear leg! She said I have "old man veins"! Hmm...I don't think that was meant as a compliment! She used a vein in my front leg, which she could see after shaving some more of my thick fur, but not all the shot would go in. Enough of it went, though.

My heartbeat slowed, breathing slowed, then everything stopped.

I was floating, looking down on everyone as my body was wrapped in blue surgical sheeting and given to Mom. Mom and Dad drove Mommy Erin home, then drove home and let the other cats sniff my body. Dad brought Starla out of the bedroom to sniff, too. Then they buried my body in the backyard right next to Spooky's body.

I floated higher, then saw my sister Lydia coming toward me! Lydi! We greeted each other, purring together. Then, I saw both our little Spooky and our foster Spooky/Nyx, Sara Kitty, Squishy, and all the other angels waiting for me. All my angel Catster friends were there, too, gathered underneath Calvin's sign!

I asked if I could visit my family from time to time, and everyone said I could. I know they are really going to miss me, and I'm going to miss them, but I know they did the best thing for me. They took all my pain away, and that's the best gift anyone can give. I love you!

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