Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Road Trip!

Skylar writes:

Sorry this has taken so long to post, but we've had a busy week watching over the fosters. The little ones are learning how to use the litter box, so we've been alerting Mommy when one or more of them starts scratching in the spots they like to use. Then she picks them up and "flies" them to the litter box, where they go potty and are praised and petted.'s the pictures and video from our Fourth of July road trip to Long Beach, Washington, USA. It's the world's longest beach!

The road trippers were Daddy (driving), Mommy Erin (in the front seat holding on to my leash), Mommy (in the back seat), and me (laying between the driver's and the front passenger's seats. Mommy Erin is like a younger sister to our parents, and lived with us for a year. I adopted her as my second mommy, and get jealous whenever she pets the other cats. She's also the one who adopted Smokey, which most of you remember.

We stopped at Daddy's parents' house for almost two hours. They live in Clatskanie, Oregon, about halfway between here (Portland) and the coast. It was soooo hot traveling, so when we got there Mommy showed me where the food bowls were. Daddy and Mommy's nieces and nephew were there visiting from Idaho, so they pampered me and played with me. I got to eat some Fancy Feast, and the kids set out a water bowl especially for me!


Raven (on the left), Davina (top), and Storm with me on the couch

Storm found me two black & white friends!

This train squeaks. I was ok with it, but didn't really want to be bothered to play with it. I'd much rather play with the kids!

Mommy, Daddy, and Erin left me at Grandma & Grandpa's while they continued on to the beach, or as I call it, the big litter box. I was having such a great time there, and it was so warm out. Plus, they didn't know if the fireworks would upset me too much or not. They don't at home, but out in the open might have been different. I had a wonderful time at Grandma & Grandpa's house! I got to beg for and eat mashed potatoes, got a lick of a popsicle, and watched tv on Grandma's lap. Plus, Storm and Raven walked me on my harness all around the house many times, so I got plenty of good exercise. I tried to have a bite of chocolate ice cream, but I wasn't allowed that.

I didn't get to use the litter box when I was there, though. Their cats don't have one! They use the yard, because they're inside/outside cats. Grandma & Grandpa live on a farm, so they don't have to worry too much about roads or getting lost. Because I didn't get to use the box, I had an accident on Mommy Erin's lap on the way back home. She forgave me, but it was a bit smelly for a while in the truck.

Here are some more pictures from where Daddy, Mommy, and Mommy Erin went while I was with the family.

There were many flocks of herons at the beach! Mommy talked with someone the next day who had seen 80 herons, and that is unheard of in this area. Must've been lots of good fish!

A jellyfish! Lucky I didn't go all the way to the big sandbox, because I would not want to feel the sting from one of these! Mommy Erin had her shoes off, and Mommy told her she'd better put them back on. After seeing this, she knew why!

They went into the town of Long Beach, Washington, and ate dinner there. They went to a "museum" which was more a kitschy store than anything else, then drove to the beach just north to find a spot to watch the fireworks. It was too crowded directly on Long Beach!

People come down to barbecue and hang out during the day. You can even have fires right on the beach, but you need to bring in wood because they don't let you use the driftwood there. It was very smoky because of all the fireworks, so the picture's a bit fuzzy. People can drive down onto the beach as well, so there were motorhomes and campers.

The fireworks started as soon as it got dark! The display wasn't put on by the city; it was what people had brought themselves! Mommy, Daddy, and Mommy Erin all had a great time, and thought it was a wonderful fireworks display.


Forever Foster said...

It sounds like a great trip!
You are very good to help your mum litter train the babies :)

Sweet Praline said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Watch out for those jelly fish in the big beach sandbox.