Friday, March 27, 2009

Fundraising Update

Tabby writes:

Phooey! There have been no new donations for Team Tabby this week! Even if you can't donate a lot, every penny goes to a good cause: The Cat Adoption Team. They provide medical care to strays and abandoned cats, ferals too! They also find foster homes for the adoptable ones, outside homes for the ones too wild to be pets, and then forever homes for those who are ready for a human family.

If you can donate $11, that is all it takes for them to test one cat for FELV/FIV.
If you can donate $22, that pays for a "baby bag" for a kitten to take to its foster home.

To donate, click the button on my sidebar under "Care-A-Thon to support Cat Adoption Team".

Thank you! Go Team Tabby!


hrgottlieb said...

If you need some good fundraising ideas I would suggest you use Easy Fundraising Ideas as a fundraising resource.

They have lots of no risk, no cost fundraisers.

PDX pride said...

Thanks, but this is something that I'm a participant in, not an organizer.