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Shadow's diary from Catster

Shadow writes:

As our family moves from Catster to Cathugger, we are each publishing our previous diary entries here so that we will still have them and others can read them if they like.  These entries are mostly previous to the creation of "Furry Tails of the PDX pride", and are from earliest to latest, organized by cat.

Watch out for flying cats!

April 25th 2007 4:43 pm

The she in the green house saw me out on the porch and fed me a little bit ago. I got the shock of my life! I knew there were others like me in the house, because they sometimes come to the door to check me out and I can smell them (and their used litter). One of them has even come out the door once and started to eat my food. This time, a huge cat (I think it was the same one who ate my food) flew at me from inside while I was eating!!!!!!!!! I ran one way, it ran the other, and started eating grass. Outside is supposed to be my domain, not that cat's! The she picked up the offending cat and put it inside, then told me it was safe to come back to eat again. She tried to pet me, but I only let her stroke me once.

A few minutes later, I saw two other cats coming towards me and the porch. I thought they were going to eat my food, so I ran a little ways away and watched them intently. I saw the he watching from the door. After they were gone, I came back and finished.

I AM eartipped!

May 4th 2007 6:07 pm

The she in the green house just got confirmation from the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon that I am eartipped according to state guidelines! Yay! That means that I have been spayed, and had all my first shots. My she is so happy for me! :)

Thanks, Catster!

May 8th 2007 1:20 pm

Wow, I'm one of the picks for Diary of the Day! Thank you! My she got me a new food bowl, white with multi-colored paw prints on it, that I absolutely love, but the best thing in the world is having a porch to stay at and people to care about me. :) *purrs*


May 23rd 2007 7:08 pm

1. I am eartipped on my right ear.
2. I live under the porch.
3. I always think the he is out to get me when he comes to put the trash outside.
4. I meow at the door and paw the door for food.
5. I'm friends with most of the other neighborhood cats.
6. No one knows where I came from.
7. I wander the neighborhood.

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Tagged cats:
Elliot J. Somers

Getting used to my humans

May 25th 2007 12:40 am

I'm getting used to my new human family! I love them now! Erin comes out and takes pictures of me, and I love posing for pictures as long as she doesn't have the thing right up to her eyes so she looks like a scary monster (I think the camera up to her eyes turns her into one). Daddy is funny when he sees me through the door/window he taps on it until I look up and waves at me with a goofy grin on his face, and he talks to me constantly when he's outside taking out the trash (doesn't want me to run from the trash monster). Mommy always calls for me when she puts the food out. They're great.

In the house? Maybe later?

June 7th 2007 12:05 am

When Daddy went to work this evening, I was outside by the front porch to say goodbye to him. I always know when he's leaving or coming back from work, and drop by to say hi. :) He waved and talked to me, but I was on my way to the back porch to be fed. Mommy was there, but I beat her to it, and was meowing at the door. I didn't run when she opened it like I usually do, but stared into the space, trying to figure out if I was brave enough to venture in. I walked around a little bit, trying to decide, then put one paw over the frame. Nope, didn't want to go in today. Mommy, this is what I want! (pawed the food bowl) She bent down to try to coax me over, but I stood my ground this time. Suddenly, my eyes got wild again for a minute, and Mommy turned around to see Skylar crouched right behind her, not wanting to come out this time (no food in the dish for him to guard from me, I guess), just watching me and checking me out. She closed the door to get the food scoop, and opened it with Carbon looking out the door at me! Carbon doesn't want to come out and play, because he's as scared of outside as I am of inside, but we had fun communicating in our non-sound little way, sniffing and body language. Then the big outside tom who's my best friend came, and I greeted him happily, rubbing along him because he's my bestie, and we ate together.

Two paws inside!

June 19th 2007 12:41 am

Two days late writing this entry because Mommy hasn't had time to be meowed to until now.

I went two paws inside! :) Houses are scary, but I think it'll be ok. The cat who flew at me before, Skylar, was coming to see me as I was thinking about coming inside, so Erin put him into another room and closed the door. I looked around, just to make sure he was gone, then cautiously put one paw over the doorframe. I looked up at Erin to see if this was ok to do, then put my other front paw inside. Uh oh! Black and white cat alert! I thought it was Skylar, and ran back outside, but my nose told me it was another cat who just looked like Skylar. I haven't officially met this other cat, so I was being safe and ran. Erin told Mommy and Daddy, and they all are so proud of me for adventuring in!

A close call!!!

February 11th 2008 11:37 pm

Spongebob and I had a close call on Friday! Karen was just leaving the house, and we were across the street. Of course, we came running to say hi, and I rolled over on the street because I was so happy! :) We got to the other side of the street after greeting her, then realized she wasn't following. A truck was a couple houses away, but Spongebob knew he had time to get back across before it got there. I didn't look (! I usually always look!), just followed along behind Spongebob, and Karen shouted and waved. Luckily, the lady driving the truck was paying attention and slowed down, but it was too close and shook up all involved. Karen made sure to call Scott and watched while he put food out and we went and ate. Karen called us goofs for almost getting hit! I'm so glad she was there to protect us! *shudders*

A shaken up
Shadow Kitty


October 28th 2008 1:00 pm

I thought these new ones would be gone soon, so I didn't think much of sharing the porch with them. But now it seems they're here for good! They eat from MY food bowl, drink from MY water bowl, and barge in when it's MY turn to be on the porch! Mommy lets them inside and pets them, so I guess they're ok, but they can be annoying. She calls the little ones Baby Chiba, Fluffy Girl, and Smokey, and the mama one Mama Chiba. I tolerate them, but I also have to show them who's boss. I've hissed, swatted, told them off, but still they keep coming back! I don't mind when the other ferals eat there, hey, we all have to have a food source, but these other ones have another home. Why do they need to eat here?

The white stuff is here again!

December 14th 2008 8:16 pm

Oh no! When I woke up this morning, the cold white stuff was coming down from the sky! I have to jump through it or plow through it, because it's up to my tummy. I came and ate this afternoon, but the snow had almost completely covered the food bowl. NOT HAPPY!!! When the lady opened the door and called to me, I actually came in to the kitchen a little ways, then saw Tabby and headed back out. She put Tabby in another room, then opened the door again. I came in about a foot, but didn't feel comfortable staying inside. At least I was warmer for about two minutes while I stood there, though! She put food in a protected area of the porch, on the bottom of a shelf that's under the kitchen window, so we'll have food still during this storm.

We now have a blogspot!

January 29th 2009 6:21 pm

We now have an actual blog! You can read it here. Of course, we're still going to be updating our Catster diaries as well.

Not seen

March 3rd 2009 1:06 pm

The people in the green house haven't seen me for over a week. I may be coming when they're not looking, but they usually see me out and about. SpongeBob's been around, but not me.

I'm here

March 4th 2009 7:04 pm

Mommy saw me this afternoon. I'm doing fine, just very hungry. She thinks I may have been hiding from all the construction people.


September 29th 2009 2:49 am

Yesterday I had a great idea! The other people who feed me and take care of me haven't been around as much, so when I went over to the green house for my usual meal I stared at the lady for a while without eating. She figured I wanted some water, so she came out with the mug to fill the bowl. Nope, that's not what I wanted, but I head-butted the mug to tell her that I appreciated the thought. She asked me what I wanted, and I rubbed up against the porch step then stared right at her. Finally, she got the idea!

I let her put her hand up to me, and then sniffed it and arched my back a little. She put her hand on my soft fur and petted me ever so gently. We were both shy about me being petted, but she was gentle and I turned around and around to be petted on both sides and my back. I even let her pet all the way from the back of my ears to the tip of my tail!

Then, finally, after about 5 minutes of me allowing her to pet, she said she had to go back inside. I didn't want her to stop petting me, so I followed her up the porch. She pet me one last time, and then went back inside. I stared at the door, wanting her to come back out again.

Later on, when I went back for my next meal, the man was there watching me from the door. I looked at him, then looked around for the lady. He said she had gone someplace else, but she'd be back later. Maybe today she'll be there and pet me some more?

Not quite sure what's going on....

December 29th 2009 12:11 am

I'm not quite sure what's going on. The people in the green house haven't been around as much as usual. A few days ago, they were trying to get me to eat out of this big green box, so I did. Not too bad, same food. Then today, as I was letting the lady pet me and was purring for her, she took the back of my neck and lifted me up, then tried to put me in the green box! I realized I was inside it when I was halfway in, stretched out my legs, and the lady was caught off-guard. She didn't close the door quickly enough, and I scratched her on the way out. I didn't mean to scratch, and I was very gentle, but I did leave marks. I just was so scared, and ran toward the back fence.

The lady said she was sorry and said she'd be back to pet me again in a few days. I love her, and love her petting me, but I wasn't at all sure what was going on today!

Spongebob (my friend cat who lives across the street from the green house) said the people in the green house may be moving. He went inside their house today, and called for their kitties to come out, but there were no other kitties inside anymore! The lady said they had all moved to their new house! She told Sponge that they want me to move with them. Maybe that's why she wanted me in that box?

Not going anywhere

January 14th 2010 1:42 am

The people in the green house haven't been around in a while. They don't come home anymore. Spongebob's dad, George, said they left a note with him that they really wanted to have me come live with them, but they would have to trap me to do that. They asked him to help them trap me. He hasn't called them back about it.

The lady who types my diary for me is the lady from the green house. I'll let her tell what's going to happen next.

Karen here:
We're going to let Shadow stay with Sponge & George, because she's happy there and she and Sponge are best buds. George will feed her and take care of her the best he can, and hopefully she'll learn to trust him more. Scott's going to go over and talk with him one of these next weeks and explain what techniques we were using to get her to trust us more, and so hopefully those will work for him as well.

It breaks my heart to give her up, just as it breaks my heart to give up the rest of the Trailer Kitties, but it's best for them to stay where they are. We'll never forget you!!!


Mommy/the lady who lived in the green house. 

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