Monday, December 12, 2011

Lots of changes and a Christmas tree!

Hemming writes:

Whoa, what is that thing up there?  It's got shiny balls on it, pretty ribbons, and lots and lots of branches.  It looks like a tree, but what's a tree doing inside?  It doesn't smell like my apple tree outside, the one I used to use to trim my claws.  In fact, it smells like plastic, not like any tree I've ever smelled.  It certainly doesn't smell like the forest I was born in, just a few yards away from the house, where there are trees that look like this one.  But if this is a Christmas tree, then I guess that's what it is.  My foster uncles and foster aunties all say that it is one, even though Uncle Heimdall and Auntie Freya only saw a little tree last year in this house.

The tree went up a week ago, with all of us investigating and "helping" put the branches into the trunk, then watching in surprise as Foster Mommy put the top on and put a cloth around the bottom of it.  Freya and I batted at some of the ornaments and were told "no".  Foster Mommy took some pictures of the tree and of us gathered around looking at it (and tasting it, batting at ornaments, etc.), so I'll post those here in a slideshow:

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What is this thing called Christmas?  Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy say that I'm a Christmas kitten for my new mommy.  What's a new mommy?  I thought I already had two mommies:  my momcat and my foster mommy!  I'm going to meet this new mommy and this place called a forever home this afternoon.  Everyone's excited for me, and the others are saying this is special, but I'm not sure about it.  I think once I'm there, I'll hide like I did at that other place.  I'll find a good hiding spot to watch what's going on in this place called a forever home.  My foster parents say that's ok to do, and that my new mommy understands.  Good!

I wonder if she'll have a Christmas tree?  If I'm a Christmas kitten, then don't I belong under the tree as a present?  That's what Auntie Tabby says!  After our tree here was up, Foster Mommy supervised us for a while then went to sleep.  She woke up because she was dreaming about playing ping-pong.  Well, guess what the ping-pong ball was?  I had an ornament and was playing with it, down the hall, into the bathroom, bouncing it against the tiles!  All the ornaments are kitten-safe plastic and cloth, so she laughed as she went to retrieve it, wash it, and put it back on the tree.  Soon, I was at it again!  A few days later, she found one of the bows in the middle of the hallway.  Guess who?  Yesterday I tried to climb the tree, but it fell over!  I guess it's not for climbing.  When Foster Mommy was editing the tree pictures on the computer, I tried to get to the tree!  Yep, I'm a tree-obsessed kitten!

I'm also 7 months old today!  Wow!  I told my sisters that, through the window while they looked at the Christmas tree, and they love that we're all a month older!  They don't know what this Christmas thing is either, but as long as it involves food, water, and talking to the inside kitties through the window, it's ok with them!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Hemming, we're very excited for you that today's your adoption day! We hope this mom truly does understand that you might want to hide for a while and that she gives you the time you need. :-)

We also hope she has a Christmas tree in her house too--that'll be extra fun. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be a real one (we'd love to see a real one, ours isn't).

Paws crossed for you!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Happy 7 month birthday! I hope that this is the perfect home for you and that you settle in wondefully!

Sparkle said...

If you are a Christmas kitty, Hemming, then that means you can do anything you want with the tree - I do believe that is a Cat Rule. Paws up for having a new home waiting for you too - actually I think that is an even better present than a whole tree with cat toys, i.e., ornaments!

The Island Cats said...

Hemming, we hear today is your adoption day! How exciting! We hope you will be very happy in your new home!!