Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hemming will be coming back here

The PDX pride Mommy writes:

Baby Hemming will be coming back here as soon as he's in the trap again.  :(  He did go in the trap last night, and they brought him into a smaller room.  He was all lovey, rubbing his head on their chins and wanting as many pets as they could give him, so at least they saw his sweet side!  The second he saw the door open, though, he was out and ran to his hiding spot again.  He's just not happy there, so they baited the trap again and will let us know when he's trapped.  We'll go get him probably tomorrow and bring him back here.

I'm just so discouraged, because we really thought he'd do ok with another family!  Even though he was born feral, he's just so social that we really want him to have a family of his very own.  :(  I guess he just needs more time.  I think we'll ask the next people on the list if they want to come over here and meet him after another week or so, to give him time to get used to them in an environment where he feels secure.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Am I being stupid? I thought it could take weeks or even months (sometimes years!) for a cat to settle in. It doesn't seem they gave him much time at all...But obviously if they expect an instantly well-adjusted young cat, they're not the right humans for him. IMO!

-Mom Kim

The Lee County Clowder said...

Come on, beans. Give him a week, at least.

Leave some food and water out for him, and let him explore in peace for a while. He'll find his way around while you sleep. Odds are after a few days, you'll wake up one morning with a new kittie dozing along side of you.

PDX pride said...

Yeah, we think the new humans should have given him more time to get adjusted, too! It's not fair to him that they only gave him a couple days before deciding to give him back.

Sparkle said...

That's too bad it did not work out. Kittens that are feral, even semi-feral ones, need a lot of work. Boodie hissed at ALL humans when my human brought her home - she had to isolate her from Binga and all other distractions for a week to get her to stop hissing and realize humans were all right. Even so, she is quirky and shy, especially around strangers... even a decade later.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

We're quite sad that they didn't want to give it longer--I think finding a family who understands that he is feral and will keep working with him, understanding that he might always feel a bit shy is the best. We hope he finds that.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Please don't be discouraged! This may set him back a little, though. Sounds like he just needed more time! We agree that family just wasn't right fur him. Purrs and pawsitive thoughts to Hemming and to you too!