Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Therapy Cat Tales from 2/4/11

Tabby writes:

This may be my last Friday visit to H., because of scheduling conflicts with Mommy's work.  Don't worry; we will still visit!  It'll just be on another day, probably on Wednesdays or possibly on Thursdays.  Mommy says for me to be glad I'm a kitty, that I don't need to worry about things like scheduling conflicts or politics or any of that.  I don't care what my schedule is like, as long as I get to eat, drink water, play, sleep, and see my friends!  :)  >^..^<

It was a sad day on Friday.  Rest in peace, Mrs. E.  :'(  I loved visiting with you, and I wanted to come say goodbye to you, but we didn't want to intrude on your last time with your family.  I don't know if you knew, but they were standing all around your bed, talking to you, with the lights down very low.  One was chanting some kind of a prayer.  We stood outside in the hallway, right outside your door, and I lay down in my stroller while Mommy said a prayer for you and for your family.  Much love to you and yours, and I'll look for you when I eventually cross over the Rainbow Bridge!  I'm sure your furry family and loved ones were there to greet you as you passed.

Another friend may not be there when I visit again in two weeks.  May she rest peacefully in God's arms when it is her time.  That's the sad part of my job; saying goodbye to friends, knowing that they may not be there the next time we visit.  We take comfort in knowing that I did my part to make their lives here a bit more joyful.

The first thing I did when I got up to my floor was greet the new nurse.  I love making new friends!  She was so nice, and gave me ear scritches.  Then, she said that two people were waiting especially for me in the TV room!  Wow!  Sure enough, they had their printouts of the day's schedule, with the part with "Tabby the Cat" folded to show on the top!  That's ME!!!!!  :)  >^..^<  G. wanted me to show off my tricks, but I could feel the sad atmosphere from Mrs. E.'s room and didn't really want to do any of them.  However, after about 5 minutes, I did walk on my leash and everyone smiled and laughed.  After that, I asked Mommy for pets, then sat on G.'s walker seat (she was sitting in a chair at the time, so her walker seat was empty) while she petted me and M. petted me.  Then, we made our rounds through the 10 or so people in the TV room, two of which had wheeled down just to see me because they'd heard I was there.  One lady even got to take her medicine a half hour later because she hadn't yet visited with me!

After the TV room friends, we made our way down each of the hallways on the floor, stopping in to see friends and new people.  One lady, who was there for just a few weeks anyway, was just leaving and going to go back home to her very own kitty!  She had her husband stop pushing her chair so that she could pet me.  I purred and purred for them both!  I was happy to hear that she could go back home to her own kitty.

When we were done, Mommy called Daddy and he came to get me.  He and I drove to go get our friend Erin and her little boy JJ, then came back to pick Mommy up after her work.  Erin and JJ got to spend the weekend with us!


Sparkle said...

I am always so impressed with all the good work you do as a therapy cat, Tabby!

Marg said...

Tabby it sounds like you have been very busy. That is so sad about your friend dieing. We are sorry. You sure are a good kitty to do all that great work. Hope you get lots of rewards. Take care.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

You do good work as a therapy cat. I am glad you are meeting new people.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You do very good work Tabby. We are sorry one of your friends died.

meowmeowmans said...

Tabby, you are wonderful. We are so sorry your friend had to go to the bridge. Thank you for the great therapy cat work you do.