Friday, February 18, 2011

Annual Purrformance Review of 2010

 Review of:  Mommy (aka our typist)
Date:  2/18/2011
Reviewed by:  the PDX pride of Rori, Freya, Heimdall, Carbon, Little Bit, Starla, and Tabby

Quantity of Output:

Mommy increased the quantity of her output this year, and detailed the most important events of our lives, including deaths and adoptions, with many pictures and video alongside the written journals.  She has also posted every one of Tabby's visit diaries from this past year, an improvement over the previous year.  She fell short of a purrfect score in this category because she didn't post every week for us, but we give her a high score anyway.

Score:  3 paws

Quality of Output:

As always, we are quite pleased with Mommy's choices of pictures, videos, and anecdotes written on our blog.  Most of us helped choose the pictures by pawing the ones we wanted when she edited them, and meowed our choices of stories we wanted written, and our meows were heard and accommodated quite nicely.

Score:  4 paws

Client Pawticipation:

Mommy has increased our readership in two ways this past year:  Networked Blogs and Tabby's Facebook page.  Both links are on our sidebar, for those on Facebook.  Networked Blogs posts our blog as an item in our followers' news feeds on Facebook, so they can easily find our newest posts and click through to read them.  Tabby's Facebook page has copies of each of her visit diaries, plus pictures and discussion topics.  Our Networked Blog fans are mostly members of the Cat Blogosphere, and we're very glad to have this additional way to connect to our readership.  We have also gotten more comments on our blog through this method of publicity than we did the previous year.

Tabby's Facebook page really took off this year, by leaps and pounces.  She is very happy that more people are aware of and asking questions about her therapy cat work.  Because of this added publicity, she was featured on Marg's Animals' blog and interviewed on the Canidae company blog, as well as offered a sponsorship from Canidae/Felidae (which she has accepted and will be sending in the paperwork shortly).  Most of her Facebook fans are not members of the Cat Blogosphere, although some are.  As of this date, she has 660 fans subscribed to her twice-monthly visiting diaries and other posts.

Score:  4 paws

Pawticipation (Part II):

We have not been to many of the Cat Blogosphere special events, due to the changes in our household that occurred throughout this past year.  We regret that, but it is not Mommy's fault.  None of us felt like pawticipating much.  However, we wish to thank each and every one of you for your support of all of us throughout our grief and the comments and purrrrayers.  We also wish to thank you for your constant support and encouragement of our adoption of the kittens, who have brought us much joy in the midst of our sadness and continue to be a light in our lives.

Score:  3 paws

Client Satisfaction:

We have recieved so many pawsitive comments and feedback on our blog posts; thank you all very much for all of it.  We love reading what you have to say, and are purry glad that we purrvide interesting blogs for you.

Score:  4 paws

Overall Rating, Comments, Suggestions:

Mommy's overall score is very high this year.  She was attentive to our needs, in speech, photos, and video, and also in silence when we needed to take time away from typing to curl up and purr.  This coming year, we hope to score higher in the area of group pawticipation, but we are quite pleased overall and will continue to guide Mommy so that she purrvides more excellent posts and journals for everyone to read.

Final Purrformance Review Score:  3.6 paws out of 4.  Very good, Mommy!

the PDX pride.


Marg said...

Glad you gave Mom a high score cause she is a super Mom. She takes such good care of all of you and the therapy work she does with Tabby is just awesome. Hope all of you have a fun weekend.

Marg said...
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Gemini and Ichiro said...

You are very generous to your Mum

The Island Cats said...

Your mom has done really good!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You gave your mum a very good review and it is well deserved.