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Trixi's diary from Dogster

Trixi writes:

As our family moves from Catster/Dogster to Cathugger, we are each publishing our previous diary entries here so that we will still have them and others can read them if they like.  These entries are mostly previous to the creation of "Furry Tails of the PDX pride", and are from earliest to latest, organized by cat (or dog, in this case).

I miss you.

November 10th 2006 11:46 pm

Trixie, it's been twenty years today since you died. I miss you so much! I still think of you as my sister, the only sister I ever had. I'm starting my own family now, of four fur kids and a soon-to-be-husband.

I remember how you were on the day we took you in to the vet for the last time. You were so sick, it hurt to look at you. Torn leg and scratched, bloody eye from trying to get the fleas away (you were allergic to them). Ear mites on top of the other things. Mom wasn't home when Dad and I came to get you, because she couldn't take the thought of seeing you leave. It was a Wednesday, and a school holiday for me because of Veteran's Day. Dad and I came and got you, and Dad had gotten you a whole bag of fresh green beans at the store. You gobbled them right up, your favorite! I cried, because I knew it was your last meal. I know you knew what was going to happen. I could see it in your eyes. You knew, and you were glad the suffering was going to end. You were 13 years old. Dad and I took you to Lieser for a run, and some rough-and-tumble play. We couldn't agree on who should play with you the most, because we both were going to miss you terribly.

We put you in the car with the seat down in back so you could ride with us, and you put your head down in between our seats in the front. Then, off we three went to the vet's. You walked in and sat down right by the counter, as you always did, and got a dog bone treat from the lady at the desk. One of my teachers, Mrs. Short, was there with her cat (for a regular appointment) and she came over and met you and gave Dad and me hugs. You, too, and you licked her back on her wrist. When your name was called, Dad and I went in with you and the vet took you with him to the back room. He came back with your collar and tags. Dad and I both cried so much that we couldn't leave for a few minutes, so we sat there in the office crying. Then we went out to the car and cried some more.

We still tell stories about you. I have one of my favorite pictures that Mom made into a magnet, on the fridge. It's from one of our many trips up to Mt. Hood, and we're coming back from filling your red plastic water bowl. I was about 5 or 6, so it was in the last two or three years of your life. We're looking at each other, probably talking, and you're smiling that doggy smile of yours that I loved.

Your people-puppy sister forever,


My birth family

December 22nd 2006 8:54 pm

I know you're not supposed to start out an autobiography with "I was born", but so what! :)
I was born on St. Patrick's Day 1973. My mom was a beautiful Golden Retriever, and my dad was an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. I had at least three siblings, one sister named Taffy who was all cream-colored, and one sister who was brown and white (typical Australian Shepherd) with different-colored eyes.
My first human family was really nice, but all the puppies were too much for them! I don't blame them; we were very rambunctious! They decided to adopt us out, and one of the first places they asked was the grocery store where they shopped: Grand Market in Vancouver, WA. Mom's human She took us to the store in a box and showed us off as soon as she could, and we met everyone! It was so exciting, and we got lots of pets and smiles and gave lots and lots of licks! One of the humans who worked at the store would always say hi to mom when she came with her people, and he said that he would ask his wife about getting a puppy when we were old enough.
When I was old enough to find a home of my own, the wife of the man at the store came to our house with one of her friends. Our She had just vacuumed, so I was hiding underneath the couch as far back to the wall as I could be. I hated that vacuum until the day I was died. The new Shes petted and played with all of us, and took Taffy and me in the car with them to a new house with a yard, trees, and a fence. The He met us at the door, and was quite surprised to see both Taffy and me. The Shes couldn't choose, so they surprised him with both of us. Neither of us had a name yet, but Taffy was named because of her fur coloration, and I was named "Trixie" after Trixie in the "Hi and Lois" cartoon strip.

Happy for Natalie puppy!!!

January 18th 2007 10:17 pm

My earth puppy friend Natalie got her new forever home today, and tomorrow's her 3-months woofday! What a great woofday present!!! Her first human mommy, Nancy, is going to keep her page on Dogster and keep everyone updated on how she's doing! WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Dogster HQ!

January 21st 2007 10:31 am

Thank you, HQ, for the honor of being Featured Diary of the Day! WOOF!!!!!

Tristan's in the hospital!

January 27th 2007 4:38 pm

Our little 4-year-old human friend is in the hospital! Please bark a prayer for him. Updates are in the forums under "Get Well Soon" and on Cadillac and Boots' pages in their diaries.


June 7th 2007 1:27 am

1. I am a bridge doggy.
2. I lived in Vancouver, WA, USA, with my Mom, Dad, and human sister.
3. I understood English and Norwegian, and did my tricks in either language.
4. I herded ants, making them stay on the sidewalk by putting my paws down between them and the grass.
5. My favorite food was green beans, and I would do every trick I could think of to get them, without even being asked to!
6. My Dad knew my doggie mom, and I got to go on visits to see her and one of my sisters/littermates.
7. I lived to the ripe old age of 13!

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Tagged dogs:

I've got wings now!

July 19th 2007 3:30 pm

Thank you so much, Kadie, and the A-Team, for my new wings picture! I love it. :)

Embarrassing cake story

December 21st 2008 11:56 pm

This happened in Spring 1985.

When my human “people puppy”’s great-grandma died, human Mom baked a chocolate cake to bring along for the gathering after the funeral. I knew I wasn’t supposed to eat it, and I normally was very, very, very, VERY good about leaving things alone (even food alone) that were on the counter. But that smell of freshly-baked cake was just too delicious to resist! I didn’t even touch the counter, just stood on my hind legs and bit just the tiniest piece off the corner of the cake! My human mom came back in the room and saw what I’d done, and I got a talking to, while licking my lips. I was ashamed, but it was so good! Human mom cut around the cake where I’d bit off, frosted it with a little extra frosting at that corner, and took it anyway! 

Human mom vs. the cocker spaniels!

December 22nd 2008 12:06 am

Another time, I had gotten out to go play in the neighborhood, and human Mom went to look for me. Well, she found me alright, but I was surrounded by a pack (5 or 6) of cocker spaniels! Now, cockers are alright, as long as there’s only one or two of them, but they were nipping at me; this was too much and I wanted out of there! Mom saw my predicament, and went in screaming and kicking. It’s just a wonder she didn’t get bit! She was so afraid they’d bring me down that she went into the whole pack to save me!

It's my birthday!

March 17th 2009 9:10 am

It's my birthday today! I'm celebrating at the Bridge with my friends here, and watching my human grandma and my human uncle celebrate their birthdays on Earth. Sis and Dad are going to go out to dinner with Grandma and the family for birthdays tonight. For part of the drive to Grandma's house, Sis and Dad will probably tell "Trixie stories". That's their little tradition to keep my memory alive.

Happy Birthday to me and family!

March 17th 2010 2:54 am

Once again, it's my birthday! Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! May the luck of the Irish be with you, even if you're not Irish. :)

Sis and Dad are celebrating Grandma's birthday tomorrow, but Sis will call her today and wish her a happy birthday. Same with Uncle Bill, who also shares today as a birthday.

When I was alive, I'd always get a bit of corned beef as a special treat on my birthday. I could smell it out, no matter how hard they tried to hide it! One time, I almost ate some foil because I was eating the beef out of the foil package, BOL!

Sis' cats do something I did, that makes her laugh every time. You know those trays from t.v. dinners? Well, that was a special treat for me. I'd get those after my people were done with them, usually from mac & cheese with spiced apples & green peas. I'd put my left paw in the spiced apple section and lick the tray clean on the other side. Then, I'd chase the tray around so that it was headed the opposite way and put my paw in the pea section and clean the rest of the tray. Then, of course, I'd lick my paw. I just LOVED those food trays! So do Sis' cats. Her husband puts the tray on the floor and they go crazy for it! 

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