Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Therapy Cat Tales from 5/4/11

Tabby writes:

Wow, today was so warm that I didn't need my extra coat!  I had a snuggle blankie, though.  On the first bus, I heard about a cat who went through a dryer and lived, and one that didn't.  Please be careful that your pets don't get into your laundry as it's going into the washer or dryer!  The first bus driver wasn't sure he could let me on the bus in my stroller, so he kept on calling his boss on the radio to make sure it was ok to have me riding in my zipped-up stroller.  He'd never seen a stroller designed specifically for pets before.  On the second bus, I heard all about a bird that lived at a nursing home.  It would fetch slippers, put itself in "time out", and greet all the residents by name.  Wow, that's one smart bird!

I met some new friends today, and one lady came down from her room on another floor specifically to visit with me!  I sat on laps, made nests on beds, and got lots of pets, chin scritches, and tummy rubs.  Yay!  I was kind of sad, though, because a couple of my friends didn't want to visit with me today.  Mommy and S. asked them if they'd like to see me, and they said, "No, not today."  G. didn't know I was there to visit with her.  She thought that S. was asking if I was her cat, rather than asking if she'd like me to visit.  When we left, the receptionist thought that I might not be feeling well because I curled up in a fur circle in my stroller.  Mommy tried to explain that visiting takes a lot out of me, but we don't think the receptionist quite got the idea.  No, I wasn't sick, I was just very tired!

After we got off the last bus, I jumped out of the stroller and walked alongside Mommy, looking at the grass, road, sidewalk, marsh, and everything else around me.  I walked a long way!  Mommy took some good pictures of me, and the tip of my tail was wagging in excitement!

 We're almost home!  *sits up big and tall in the stroller*

 Wow, what's that car doing?  I know I'm safe on the sidewalk!

 Ready to walk again

Relaxing in the sunshine


Sparkle said...

Tabby, I am always impressed by your therapy visits! You do a great job!

Hannah and Lucy said...

What an amazing cat you are - no wonder you were tired when you set off for home. We know everyone you visited enjoyed every cuddle you gave them.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Cheysuli and gemini said...

And it's fun when the sun is out!

meowmeowmans said...

Tabby, you are wonderful (and so is your mom) to help all of your friends as you do. Thank you for sharing your lives with us! :)