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Lydia's diary from Catster

Lydia writes:

As our family moves from Catster to Cathugger, we are each publishing our previous diary entries here so that we will still have them and others can read them if they like.  These entries are mostly previous to the creation of "Furry Tails of the PDX pride", and are from earliest to latest, organized by cat.

I miss my snuggle buddy!!!

October 9th 2006 10:14 pm

My snuggle buddy (aka Scott) has been gone for two days now. Karen says he's on a trip to Idaho and will be coming back tomorrow. I'm going to ignore him when he comes back, to show him how mad I am that he's not here.
I had a substitute snuggle buddy this morning: Karen's head. I slept on her pillow curled around her head purring. Tabby was curled behind her knees, but I didn't want her there, so I told her to go away. I was too sleepy to put up much of a fight, though, so I went back to my pillow and ignored her.


October 14th 2006 11:10 pm

I decided to play with Tabby this morning. I usually stay away from her, since she's a little kitten (well, she used to be, so I treat her that way still). I wanted to play today, so I ran into the bedroom and hopped on the middle of the bed, then went to the side and chirped at her from the edge for a few minutes. She looked up, wondering what I was going to do, then I leaped down on her and let her chase me into the kitchen. I got bored, and swatted her, but it was fun until then. Sometimes I wish I could play more, but I'm too proper to do that a lot. The others play rough-and-tumble, and I want to keep my fur clean.

Gramma and Grampa came today, and I played with Gramma's shoelaces. They're fun to play with, and she didn't even notice right away! When she noticed, she took them away, but it was fun for a little bit, anyway. Scott and Karen like when I play, and encourage me to have fun. Scott played tails with me a lot this evening. That's the best game ever! Tabby played tails with Skylar's tail, and everyone was laughing because it was so fun. After Gramma and Grampa left, I moped around the house and snuggled with Karen. I like Grampa, and miss him when he leaves.


October 24th 2006 11:13 pm

Mom was playing with string today, and she wouldn't let me play. Bummers! :P She's making fleece blankets, and sewing them with string, so I jumped on the table to get closer to the string. She knew what I was going for, though, so I just lay down on the blanket. I got bored with that after a while, and sat on her pattern so she had to pay attention to me! The blanket was cozy.

Birthday notes

October 26th 2006 1:21 pm

We got our present: a "Crazy Circle". I love watching the little ones make fools of themselves trying to chase the ball around. I like the noise it makes, but haven't tried it yet. Even though it's my brother's and my present, we're letting Tabby and Carbon play with it most, because it's fun to watch them being silly. Skylar's tried it once, but mostly watched. There's pics of it on the others' pages, just not on mine because I was sitting on my basket watching, and that's too far away for a good pic.

Mom didn't change the kitty box on time today, so I was naughty and peed on the towels to show her it needed changing. She rubbed my nose in it! I'm mad now, but at least the box got changed.

Mom's sick

November 16th 2006 4:57 pm

Dad went away to that Idaho place again last Friday. Mom says he'll be back next Sunday. Gramma came for a long visit this time. She's one of my favorite people. I snuggled with her and gave her licks while she slept all the nights she was here. Mom got sick the last night Gramma was here, REALLY sick. We've all been very worried about her and snuggled with her on the couch when she's lying down. She's up right now, so we're doing our own things, but I'm waiting for her to lie down again so I can make her feel better.


November 25th 2006 8:23 pm

Dad and Mom are both back home. Mom came back smelling like turkey, but she didn't bring us any. Dad got us a big bag of food today, though, and my bro thinks it's all his.

Snow and Gramma

November 27th 2006 11:08 pm

It snowed today, and we got door time. Skylar and I wanted to go play in it, but it was just a bit too cold, so Mom wouldn't let us out. Gramma's here for two days, so I spent most of the day snuggled with her.

Snuggles for everyone

December 15th 2006 12:09 am

Mom's been really stressed lately, so I've been constantly snuggling on her lap to try and help her feel better. Today she was lying on the couch and I snuggled on her side. Yesterday, Jenelle and Tristan came over with a new person, and I knew the new person would be kind, so I went over to her and meowed. She didn't know what I was saying, so Mom had to translate. I wanted to sit on her lap, and she let me, so I snuggled with her. I was right: she is kind. I guess she lives with Jenelle and Tristan now and is Tristan's new babysitter.

Thank you, Secret Santa!

December 18th 2006 2:16 pm

A box came for Tabby and me today from our Secret Santas, from the same family. Dad put it right up by me, because it was my gift (well, both of ours, but he wanted me to know it was mine, too). Mom opened it for us, because it was taped. I got a kitty teaser and a white yarn puffy! I picked the yarn puffy out of the box myself, and Mom got a pic of me doing that! I love the kitty teaser (strings, meow!). We got a bag of Temptations treats each, and other fun toys, and a stocking each, but I was most interested in the two I picked out. Thank you, thank you, Secret Santa! *sleeping now, tired out from playing*

Summer was my Secret Kitty!

December 18th 2006 11:48 pm

Summer got my name for the Secret Kitty, and her brother and Tabby got each other's names!
I drew Toffy's name, but I don't think he's gotten his gift yet. I hope he likes it when he opens it!

Merry Christmas!

December 27th 2006 8:43 pm

Dad was very sick on Christmas. Not a nice gift to have! He's feeling better now, since we've all been snuggling with him to help him get better. Mom's feeling sick now, but not as sick as Dad was.
Dad felt better yesterday, and went out and got us our Christmas present. It's a new kitty house! I tried it out, sitting on the top nest, and then curling up for about five minutes in the bottom hollow. It's got two "rooms" besides the nest on top.

Tristan's in the hospital!

January 27th 2007 4:37 pm

Our little 4-year-old human friend is in the hospital! Please purrrray for him. Updates are in the forums under "Get Well Soon" and on Cadillac and Boots' pages in their diaries.

Uff! Medicine!

March 28th 2007 6:21 pm

I had to go to the vet today. I've been really hurting for a few weeks, but I've tried not to let on that I hurt, because I didn't want to worry anyone. Dad figured it out, though, and Mom took me in today. My right hind leg/foot hurts, and twitches unexpectedly. I was calm during my vet visit, even when they took my temperature (I didn't flinch at all!). Mom left me there for a couple hours while they tried to run tests and feel my leg to see what was wrong. They tried to take x-rays, but it was hurting so much that I protested. Didn't scratch, just told them in my no-nonsense way that it hurt too much. Mom came and got me, and gave me icky medicine for the pain and Clavamox for infection (my teeth are really bad, too). When Mom and Dad can afford it, they will take me in again for x-rays and a dental cleaning under anesthesia.

Hating my foot

April 19th 2007 2:30 am

I'm off my meds now, and still able to jump up into bed with Mom and Dad. Our friend Erin moved in with us, and I've been sitting with her sometimes, too. She took new pictures and video for our pages. Sometimes I need help to get up into the chair with Mom or Erin, but they help me without hurting me. Today, I sat with Mom while she was playing computer games, and figured out a way to sit where my foot was out straight and propped up on the computer keyboard shelf of the desk so it was stabilized. It'll be about two weeks before I can get into the vet for my dental and x-rays (doing all of it at the same time so I only need to be anesthetized once). It was going to be sooner, but Mom has to go to the dentist and have a root canal done, so that takes the money. She wishes it were the other way around and I could go in first, but Dad says no. Since Mom and I have both been hurting, we've been snuggling together. One day, she was sleeping and woke up to me climbing under the covers with her and curling up against the small of her back. Comfort to both of us. :) *purrs*


May 23rd 2007 6:55 pm

1. I hate being picked up or held.
2. My littermate Skylar and I have been together since we were born.
3. My favorite human is Dad.
4. I LOVE to snuggle!
5. Tabby chases me a lot.
6. I have my own sewing basket to rest on.
7. My favorite place to be petted and scratched is between my shoulderblades.

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Tagged cats:
Stinky Sargent

Funny snuggles!

August 31st 2007 11:18 pm

I usually snuggle under the covers with Mom and Dad, and purr and purr, falling asleep with my chin on a wrist or an arm. But today when they were napping, I first fell asleep with Dad under the blanket, snuggled against his arm, then woke up and went over to Mom and put my neck and head under her chin and fell asleep with my ear around her nose. I woke up, and she was breathing right into it! :)

Whaddaya mean it's my birthday?

October 26th 2007 5:06 am

*yawn* I'm going to go snuggle with Dad in a few minutes, but just thought I'd write a bit first. Skylar and I are 8 years young this morning; and, as usual, he made a big deal about it already, even though it's still really early. He came out and got pets and kisses from Mom. I got a few pets too, but preferred to sleep through it all. I get pampered every day, why should today be any different? Mom's taking us to the groomer's this weekend to get our fur done as our birthday present.

I hurt

December 6th 2007 11:06 pm

I went to see Dr. Bob (our vet) yesterday, and stayed there for almost the whole day. I was very groggy after they gave me my shot, and I don't remember a lot. When I woke up, my mouth felt funny but better, and I knew I would be better. Dr. Bob told Mom I have acute stomatitis, which means that I have chronic gum disease, probably a condition I'll have the rest of my life now. My teeth are very healthy, but my gums are very inflamed (looks like masses rather than tissue). I'm on steroid antibiotics now, going in for my first shot treatment for them in two weeks. I'm on pain medicine now, and supposed to be on Clavamox but the vet tech forgot so I get that starting tomorrow.

Mom's very sad and feels guilty for not taking me in earlier, but I headbutted her hand last night to tell her it was not her fault. She says hopefully I'll learn to be better about taking my medicine, and that she hopes I'll respond well to treatment.

I scared Mom and Dad!

January 17th 2008 12:35 pm

Mom took me into the vet this morning, because I had tarry poop and wasn't eating much or drinking much! I did have my steroid shot for my gums a couple weeks ago, and they are doing a little better, but then on Friday this other happened. I didn't have any energy either, and Mom could see I was very, very dehydrated!

Dr. Bob took blood samples, and my blood was almost as dark as my fur! VERY dehydrated! They gave me sub-q fluids and medicine for home for the next few days, and Mom got me canned food to get my weight up and get me eating again.

The original blood test for Felv/Fiv was negative, the only good thing about the visit. The other sample's being sent out and Mom will get a call when they get the results back.

Results of my blood test

January 18th 2008 5:35 pm

Mom got a call from the vet today, with the blood test results. I have a VERY high white blood count, off the charts as far as the vet's concerned! That means I either am having a very bad reaction to my mouth infection, or it may be the big C. I go in for another blood test on Monday morning to see if the white cell count is better, then we'll go from there.

I'm eating my special canned food really well, and tried to eat dry food but couldn't chew it. I love my canned food, though! My eyes, though still sunken, are brighter and I'm moving around a little bit better.

Doing a lot better!

January 24th 2008 6:15 pm

I've had to go into the vet's a bit more, for fluids and for more blood tests. The latest blood test (two days ago) came back with VERY GOOD RESULTS!!!!! My white blood cell count is almost back to normal! I'm not dehydrated anymore, my coat has returned to normal (actually better than normal, because of the oils from the canned food), and I've been eating and playing a lot.

The vet says I have to have at least four teeth pulled (back molars), because my infection was caused by my body rejecting my teeth! So, Mom and Dad are getting the estimates and deciding when to have that done for me.

Toothless me!

April 29th 2008 6:20 pm

My teeth are gone! I still have my canines (Mom's dad says it should be "felines", hahahahaha), but my other teeth are no more. Now my gums and mouth should be healthy, as should I overall, because they're not there anymore to reject!

It was raining today, but I missed most of it. It was dry on the stroll to the vet's, then I was inside all day. I was in the rain on the stroll back home, though, but Mom did her best with a cover over the stroller so not much rain made it in to me. Now, I'm home, a bit groggy still, in my spot on the top of the kitty tree, lady of the house once again.

I have medicine to take for a few days, and different food to eat (though I was so hungry when I got home that I started eating the crunchies right away, before Mom fixed my plate up). I know it's all for good, though, and I'm sure I'll feel back to normal, or better than normal, soon.

Mom and I had to laugh when we were going to go home from the vet's. There was a new vet tech there, who didn't know me, and she asked if I had a carrier. Rose said, "She has a STROLLER!!!" with a huge smile on her face. The new lady carried me out, and I hopped right in (of course), to her surprise! She said, "She knows where she's supposed to be!" Mom said, "Yep, and she loves her stroller."

Well, off to hide from Mom, medicine time!


Lady Lydia of the near-toothless mouth.

Mom's got a kitty job!

May 31st 2008 10:12 pm

Mom started her new job today, and she gets to hang out with cats and dogs three days a week! She came home smelling like dogs today, but they all smelled friendly. Of course, I had to check her hands and clothes to make sure. She is now working as a demo lady for a pet food, and goes to three different Petcos to tell people about the food. I'm not sure if the Catster HQ will let me say which food, so if you want to know you can p-mail me. I pawmise I won't give you the whole spiel, though!

Along with the money she gets for working, she also got a "sign-on bonus" of a whole bag of cat food, plus coupons for every month she works for them. We love it, because it's one of our favorite foods anyway! We're so happy that Mom's doing something she loves, with a company she loves and we love too!

Along with the normal brochures and cat food bags on the table, she gets to bring along pictures of us to share. Today she brought a picture of Tabby, but the frame broke because she accidentally dropped it showing it to someone. Now, she's got a sturdy red frame with fishies and "MEOW" on it, which is purrfect for a picture of Carbon! Eventually, she'll have pictures of all of us on the table with her at work, so she'll feel like we're there even though she can't take us to work with her.

I'm dying :'(

October 11th 2008 12:31 pm

I was throwing up a lot yesterday and this morning, and have lost a lot of weight, so Mom and Dad took me to the doctor today. I have a mass about the size of an egg between my liver and my stomach, and have lost over 2.5 lbs. The doctor gave me an antibiotic, fluids, and took bloodwork samples.

Mom and Dad were crying buckets, and decided to wait until we get the results of the bloodwork back. When I got home, I was up on the couch and let my bladder go, having no control over it right then. Dad put me on the floor, and I just lay there. Mom put a special blanket down for me, and I walked over to it to lay on it, and she wrapped me in my yellow blankie. That's where I am right now, and Mom took a picture (it's my main pic now).

When the bloodwork results come in, Mom and Dad will decide exactly what to do. They want to be sure it's not anything else, but right now it's 99% certain it's cancer. They don't want me to suffer anymore, so they'll make the tough decision, but they want to have the results back before they say for sure.

The other kitties know, and they've been coming to check on me, especially my brother and Rori. My brother even snuggled with me and groomed me.

Update: 3:00 pm Saturday

October 11th 2008 3:03 pm

I threw up again, not as much as before, but it still racked my body. I fell over twice, and had to have Mom help me to stay upright so I wouldn't choke on my vomit. I lay down again afterward, and Mom lay down right by me so I could be petted and have a hand to rest my chin on.

Now, Carbon's curled up where Mom was, resting by me so I won't be alone. I'm resting, not sleeping, just taking it easy. I don't have much energy at all. 

Update: 10:30 pm Saturday

October 11th 2008 10:51 pm

Mom made fish, but I wasn't even interested in the smell enough to lift my head. She put a small bite by me, but I didn't lick it. She also put some water there, and I sniffed it, but didn't drink any. Rori came over and sniffed me, then tentatively reached out a paw for the fish. I let her take it. She tipped the water over drinking it, so Mom put a new pee pad down. When she lifted me onto it, I lay down, but my front legs were too weak to put them in the right spots. Mom straightened them out for me, and I lifted my head and looked at her, meowed once, then put my head down again.

Carbon and Rori have each been spending time by me, letting me know they love me. I had to pee, so I meowed loudly to let Mom and Dad know beforehand. I don't have the energy to clean up after myself, let alone go to the box.

Mom made some very watery canned food, put it in a bowl, and tried feeding me with a syringe. I got about 1/2 ml in my mouth, and swallowed. That was in three tries, but at least it was something. Mom and Dad's friend Kellee, a vet tech, talked to them on the phone and said to try that, so we tried. Kellee's going to come tomorrow (out of town today) and see me, see if there's anything she can do to make me more comfortable until Monday.

Skylar kept on stealing the watery food out of the bowl when Mom was trying to feed me!

Update: 8:00 am Sunday

October 12th 2008 8:22 am

I made it through the night, and am awake, moving my head around. I tried to switch how I was lying (currently on my tummy with my paws under me), and rolled over, but got back to my current position. When Dad left this morning to deliver firewood, I looked at him. He woke Mom up so she can watch over me. Tabby and Rori came and said hi to me. They don't know what's going on, but they're concerned. Skylar knows, of course; brothers always know.

Update: 9:00 am Sunday

October 12th 2008 9:05 am

Mom went to try to syringe-feed me watery canned food, and I wanted to get up. She watched me walk, and I went in to the bathroom and peed in the litter box! I collapsed on the floor afterwards, but that made her happy that I accomplished that. She picked me up and brought me back to my spot, fed me one syringe full of food, and now I'm curled up resting again. I cleaned myself sometime during the night, because I don't have vomit on me anymore.

Update: 3:30 pm Sunday

October 12th 2008 3:27 pm

Thank you, everyone, for your kind p-mails, rosettes, and gifts. We appreciate and love every one of you!

I gave myself a bath for my face and ears, with Mom and Dad supervising to be sure that I wouldn't fall over. I've been resting, mostly. Skylar's been sitting with Dad, comforting him, since I can't sit on his lap right now.

Update: 3:45 pm Sunday

October 12th 2008 3:57 pm

Mom put the watery food by me, and I got up and walked over to where Dad was on the couch. I hopped up by him and lay down to snuggle, but then felt that I had to go pee. I meowed to let them know, and Mom picked me up and put me on the pee pad. I went pee as soon as she put me there, kind of flopping a little (no bladder control again). Then Mom fed me almost a syringe full, getting most of it in my mouth with two tries. Very weak, no attempt to clean the food that missed off my fur.

Update: 5:30 pm Sunday

October 12th 2008 6:08 pm

My friend Kellee, a vet tech, is over with us now. She has been out of the state for a week, or she would've come by sooner. She checked how I was doing, and agreed with Mom and Dad. She said that, if nothing comes up in the bloodwork, that she can be the one to "put me to sleep" at her clinic and take care of all arrangements. They all cried buckets at that.

I was able to hop up in Dad's lap again and snuggled with him and with Mom petting me for about an hour. Then, I jumped down and went into the bathroom, didn't try for the box, didn't need to go pee, just wanted to be in there on the cool linoleum floor. Mom picked me up and brought me back out, under vociferous protests from me. Once she put me on the pee pads, I stayed there, and am there now, resting.

Update: 7:15 pm Sunday

October 12th 2008 7:14 pm

Mom gave me 3 ml of the watery food, in two syringes. I took most of the first syringe without spilling it.

Update: 11:30 pm Sunday

October 12th 2008 11:32 pm

Mom just syringe-fed me 4.5 ml. She had to force some of it a little, but I'm not too upset with her. She gave me a blankie again to curl up in.

Update: 12:15 am Monday

October 13th 2008 12:14 am

My brother just came over, sniffed my head, walked around the house, came back and sniffed my head and licked me again. Mom and Dad worry how he's going to react. Already he's acting a bit lost.

Update: 7:00 am Monday

October 13th 2008 7:03 am

Mom syringe-fed me 3 ml in one syringe. Rori came over and sniffed my tail, and I looked at her. Last night, Sara sat within two inches, nose to nose with me. It looked to Mom like we were having a heart-to-heart talk.

I'm curled on top of my blankie now. I gathered it together, making a little nest out of it, and slept that way in the night.

Thanks for all the purrs, rosettes, and stars. We really apuuurrrrrciate it!

Update: 10:30 am Monday

October 13th 2008 10:41 am

Mom syringe-fed me 3 ml of watery food. She had to put Skylar and Sara into the bedroom, because they were trying to get to the bowl. She's been giving the bowl to the others after she's done feeding me my portion. She gives me what's in the syringe, but always offers me the bowl, too, even though she and I both know that I won't eat from it. Rori ate a little from the bowl while Mom was feeding me, then sniffed the syringe. She also hopped up to the sink when Mom was cleaning the syringe after feeding me, then sniffed it once it was clean. She's trying to figure out what's going on, but doesn't get it.

Goodbye, my friends! I love you all! >^..^

October 13th 2008 1:58 pm

Mom just heard from my doctor, with the bloodwork results. It's definitely cancer, my results are all over the place: protein at 1.6, red blood cell count at 8%. Doctor Conradi says she can't believe I'm still breathing, that I made it through the weekend!

We've made my appointment for 3:00 pm today, just a little over an hour from now. We're going to my vet for it. Mom's taking me, and Dad's going to meet us there. They're going to bring my body back and bury me in the backyard. Mom wants to plant flowers there, because I love flowers so much.



Death and Burial

October 13th 2008 6:24 pm

Lydia, sweet one, your death day was beautiful: bright sunshine, not too cold. We told everyone to go say goodbye to you, and they all, one at a time, went over near you. I carried you out to the truck wrapped up in a blankie, and you looked around and meowed. Little Smokey kitten from two doors down heard you, and he and Mommy Chiba came running to see. They watched the truck drive away from the house. You lay down on my lap, very interested in what was out the window. You meowed and peed on me because you had no bladder control, but we understood. Your dad and I petted you as we drove to the vet. At one point, you hopped up and looked out the window, fascinated at the cars in the parking lot we went by.

When we got to the vet, we took you inside. There was another cat there, waiting to get a checkup, with two little girls. They thought you were so beautiful, and we told them it was your last day. You meowed at the cat and at one of the resident kitties and looked around. Your dad started crying and had to sit down. I held you and cried.

We went into the room, and I set you down on the table. You immediately hopped down to the floor and lay in the corner. Your dad and I petted you, and told you we loved you, and how much we would miss you. You got up and walked around, while we cried and petted you. You meowed a few times, especially when you heard the other cats meowing. We picked you up to see if you wanted to be on our laps, but you wanted down so we let you be there. We kept on telling you how we loved you and we didn't want you to suffer anymore. I know you understood.

The doctor came in and took you into another room. She gave you sleepy medicine, and then the shot. You went peacefully, just as we had hoped you would. She made a pawprint in clay for us, and brought it and your body into the room where we were. I burst out crying again when I saw your body, and couldn't even look at the pawprint. She put your body, wrapped in the blankie, on my lap, and I just held it, warm but so still. We sat there for a few minutes, then picked up your body and went back home.

When we got home, we unwrapped your body, placed it and the blankie on the floor, and brought the other cats, one by one, to it so they could sniff and know what had happened. Rori wouldn't come, so we moved your body over to her. She sniffed, and then walked away, then came back and sniffed again. I got scissors and cut a little bit of your fur to keep.

Your dad dug a hole in the backyard, and I brought your body out there. Little Smokey kitten, Baby Chiba kitten, little fluffy girl kitten, and Mommy Chiba were out there watching, and Mommy Chiba sniffed your body. The kittens were too interested in playing with the dirt to realize what was going on. Your dad curled your body up in the hole like you were snoozing, and we each shoveled dirt on top. We put the old dishwasher on top of the dirt so that Seven doggie next door wouldn't come over and dig it up.

Your brother is very sad, too, and he's snuggling with us. He didn't want to eat any of my fish sandwich. He misses you. Tabby's very subdued, too.

We love you and miss you very, very much, sweetie. You are forever in our hearts. Thank you for the love, memories, and snuggles of the past three years. It is almost three years to the day since I adopted you, sweetheart. Too short, but it was time, and you are at peace now.


Mom Karen and Dad Scott. 

Thank you everyone

October 18th 2008 11:59 pm

Mom's not able right now to send out thank yous individually, maybe after a while. But she has read all your rosette notes, gift notes, p-mails, forum posts, etc.

From Mom:
Thank you so much, from all of our family. It helps, knowing that you care and that you cared for Lydia, even though you never met her "in the fur". Eventually, I'll post a couple things that people have sent to me that are especially meaningful, but I can't do that right now. Just thank you to everyone, and know that your caring and friendship eases this burden of grief.


Karen (Lydia's mom).

Happy birthday, sweetie

October 26th 2008 1:24 am

Today would be your ninth birthday. Skylar is celebrating by snuggling in my lap, acting like you used to. He, your dad, and I are still grieving. In some ways, I wish you'd made it the almost two weeks to today, but we knew it was time to let you go. Today I will bake the clay pawprint the vet made on your last day.

Happy birthday

October 26th 2009 12:44 am

Thinking of you on your birthday, sweetie. Thank you for sharing your life with us and accepting the move, our home, and our love. Thank you for the three years we had with you, and for being the best "big kitty" ever! You trained Rori well, and she has taken over where you left off, growing into her role this past year and guarding the household & caring for everyone just as you did.

Your brother's celebrating his 10th birthday with snuggles on Daddy's lap, in the spot that he knows you used to occupy. He took it over when you left for the Bridge. His new companion, Starla, used to live outside and you met her a few times through the door. She's a lot like you in personality, though submissive instead of alpha. She's a total snuggler, just like you were once you knew someone.

Miss you, love!

-- Mom. 

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