Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goodbye & Hello

Trailer Kitties write:

Our trailer's gone! The people in the green house left, took all their stuff, and took the trailer! There's just a bare patch of brown grass where it was. We can still go into the basement to hide and be dry, but it's not as convenient as the trailer was.

The lady and the man said they'd miss us all, but they were moving to a bigger house in a different place. We'll really miss them, and our daily two bowls of food.

Love, forever,

Grey Kitty, Tux, Dot, Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, the siamese from the next street over, Spongebob (neighbor's pet cat/welcoming committee), and all the rest.

Shadow writes:

The people in the green house haven't been around in a while. They don't come home anymore. Spongebob's dad, George, said they left a note with him that they really wanted to have me come live with them, but they would have to trap me to do that. They asked him to help them trap me. He hasn't called them back about it.

The lady who types my diary for me is the lady from the green house. I'll let her tell what's going to happen next.

Karen here:
We're going to let Shadow stay with Sponge & George, because she's happy there and she and Sponge are best buds. George will feed her and take care of her the best he can, and hopefully she'll learn to trust him more. Scott's going to go over and talk with him one of these next weeks and explain what techniques we were using to get her to trust us more, and so hopefully those will work for him as well.

It breaks my heart to give her up, just as it breaks my heart to give up the rest of the Trailer Kitties, but it's best for them to stay where they are. We'll never forget you!!!


Mommy/the lady who lived in the green house.

Spooky writes:

I'm at my new forever home! No, I didn't go somewhere else. I got to stay right here with my foster family, who are now my REAL family! Mommy and Daddy had a serious talk tonight, and they told me that my new last name is the same as theirs now. Yay!

Happy snuggles,

Spooky T.


Everycat said...

We hope the Trailer Kitties will adapt to having a new carer and get regular food. This sounds a worrying time for you. Ferals enter our hearts as much as our house cats do.

Whicky & his Mum

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yes we also hope that about the trailer cats. We are very happy about Spooky