Friday, July 10, 2009

Foster Friday/Photo Friday: Eyes

Cousteau and Tabby Boy write:

Being twins is fun! No one can tell us apart (except our mama cat) unless they look at our noses. Can you tell us apart?

Cousteau is the top picture and Tabby Boy is the bottom picture! Our personalities are different, but we look identical (except for a little line on Tabby Boy's nose, and slightly different shade of fur).

Cousteau writes:

I'm going on my home visit today! Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy are taking me to visit the lady and her roommate who want to adopt me. I don't know if I'll like the truck ride, because the other time I was in a car/truck was when I went on the horrific ride to the shelters and back, then to my foster home. I hope I'll like the lady, and she'll like me! I'm coming back to my foster home for another two weeks with mama cat, even if the visit checks out. All of us little boys are now 6 weeks old, but Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy want to wait until we're 8 weeks.

Little Bit writes:

All of my kids plus Boo and Michelle either have home visits scheduled or are in the process of having them scheduled! That's such good news, but no one has asked for me yet. I'm glad my kids will all have good homes, and that my little sisters will also, but sad that no one wants me to be their kitty yet.

My babies are being litter box trained at the moment, and I supervise every time Foster Mommy picks one of them up to put him in the box. There's two extra boxes set up now, each where they have been going potty. They're an Avon box lid and a tv dinner tray, with litter in them. Someone went poop and pee in the tv dinner tray one, plus others have gone pee right beside it (on a lap pad that's set up there). Cloud is adamant about using a spot underneath the couch, so Foster Mommy may set up another box there.

Boo and Michelle write:

We're going to a home together! We have a home visit scheduled a week from Saturday, and we're so excited about it!

Cloud and Tabby Boy:

We're going to have a home visit at the end of the month, and will go to a home together! We're glad we'll have each other to play with at our new home.

Squishy writes:

Foster Mommy hasn't heard back on times for my home visit, but she's got someone else lined up for me if the first lady doesn't come through.

Photo Friday


Eric and Flynn said...

You two are such cuties.We would never be able to tell you apart. We hope the home visits go well and you all get lovely forever homes. We hope someone soon comes along and falls in love with Little Bit.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

They have lovely eyes!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Darling little kitties!!!
So much to learn about the world!

julier said...

Good for you to wait til they are 8 weeks old. There is so much to learn from their mommies that 6 weeks are simply not enough. I am very happy for them.