Monday, June 1, 2009


Little Bit writes:

Well, I was trying to keep it a secret from the people in the green house until the kittens were older, but they found out where I was keeping them and how many I had. There are not two, like they thought, but 5 kittens, and they're at my "real" house.

I'm not the only new mommy at my "real" house, either. The doggy girl who was born around the same time I was (so she's just over a year old, too) had 8 puppies! That's a lot of babies underfoot (or underpaw)!

The people at my "real" house know about the low-cost spay & neuter programs in our area; they just think it's too expensive to do. That's what their sister-in-law said to the lady in the green house. The sister-in-law just got two dogs fixed, using the low-cost programs. With this many mouths to feed, spaying would've been cheaper. That's why I'm eating over at the green house's food bowl for a while.

For those who find it hard to keep everything straight, the green house is on the north, the sister-in-law's house is next to it going south, then my "real" house. The sister-in-law has two dogs: Seven and Buddy. Seven is Buddy's and Kiera's mom. Kiera is the one who just had puppies, and lives at my house. Boo-Boo Kitty is my mom, and also lives at my house. Then there's myself and my little ones.

The lady at the green house is spitting mad at my "real" people for not fixing any of us, and for not understanding that it's cheaper in the long run to fix animals. The people at the green house will probably end up feeding all my kittens as well. They fed me throughout my pregnancy. The way Boo-Boo and I act, they think our "real" people don't pay much attention to us at all. There's nothing the people in the green house can do about it other than feed us and pay attention to us, because we're "technically" not being neglected. If there's a shelter for us and a place that gives us food, and our "real" people know that, then that's the minimum under the law around here.

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Sweet Praline said...

Now I'm really confused! As long as the kitties and puppies are being cared for, I guess it's okay.

Evy said...

I'm a little confused....but I'm hope you are doing well.

The Island Cats said...

So a low-cost spay/neuter program is too expensive?? We don't unnerstand that at all! We wish the people in your real house were more responsible...but at least the green house people are looking out for you...

Forever Foster said...

The people in your real house are a little bit silly. We are glad that you have good people looking out for you.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Kittens kittens everywhere.
Mom caught the other 2 kittens this morning and all 4 have now been taken to the shelter, where they were oohhhh-d & awwwww-d over. they should have no problem getting homes as long as they all check out to be healthy! Mission Accomplished!
Haven't updated the blog about it though, but you have been so kind with your advice, we wanted you to know right away!