Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cat fight!

Rori, alpha kitty of the house, writes:

The giant kitty SpongeBob came in this evening, and I went ballistic! I did NOT want him in MY HOUSE! I puffed up, hissed, and slunk all over. He played for a while, then went around saying hi to everyone. When he came toward me, I hid under the couch. He saw me, and walked over by me to say hi. I hissed, so he walked away. I followed him, slinking behind him, with Tabby following me. SpongeBob walked into the office room, with us following right behind him, then tried to turn around. I was all puffy still, and I lashed out at him. He swiped back and hissed, then I lit into him. When Mommy clapped, he ran away but I turned on Tabby and she and I rolled in a furry, hissing fight into the living room. SpongeBob by this time had run up to the window escaping me, then over by the door. Skylar got scared because SpongeBob ran right by him, and Daddy got scratched on the arm. Mommy and Daddy clapped a lot to try to separate me from Tabby, and we separated after a few tries (the first few times we separated, I attacked her right off again). Then I ran by Smokey and swiped at her, while Tabby hissed and growled. Smokey went into fight mode and lashed out, then ran onto the top of the dishwasher.

Mommy let SpongeBob out the door, then put me into the bedroom. Then she cleaned up in the office, because SpongeBob peed in there when I attacked him. He didn't spray; it was obviously because he was scared, not because of territory. He was just so scared he wet.

Everyone's ok physically, just very scaredy at the moment. Mommy let me out, and I slunk around for a bit, but now I'm almost walking again. Everyone's investigated the spot in the office. Carbon came out from under the bed, and Skylar hopped back up with Daddy. I haven't yet apologized to the others, so they are still avoiding me, and Smokey tried to swipe at me. Tabby wanted to sniff me, and I turned like I was going to smack her again, but I didn't.

Update: I went up to Mommy and apologized. Then I went over to Smokey and apologized to her by sniffing her tail. Then I made the rounds to the others and sniffed them too, apologizing to them.

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