Thursday, February 12, 2009

13 things that happened yesterday

For this week's Thursday Thirteen, we'd like to present 13 things that happened yesterday at our house (photos are Starla, SpongeBob, and the candles):

  1. Mommy went to the doctor's twice. She's getting tested for things that may have caused iritis (inflammation inside her eye). She's ok, though, and over the iritis, but we'll know more when the lab results come back. It's probably just a random thing, but they want to make sure.
  2. Daddy's dad went home from the hospital. He had a urinary tract infection and a staph infection for a week, but the antibiotics worked well enough that now he's able to be at home again.
  3. Starla came inside to visit.
  4. Rori hissed at Daddy when he went to lie down in the bed, because it meant she had to move.
  5. Smokey treated Mommy like a big squeaky toy, chewing on her hair, climbing up her jeans to get to her belt while she was getting dressed, jumping on her, tracking her fingers for pouncing, and taking the shoelaces away while she was putting on her shoes.
  6. Carbon swiped at Starla, thinking she wanted to play.
  7. It snowed, but didn't stick.
  8. SpongeBob came inside, with disastrous results (see our previous entry).
  9. Mommy cleaned up after the disaster.
  10. The power went out in the whole neighborhood.
  11. Tabby chased flashlight beams and candlelight.
  12. Carbon snuggled with Mommy and Daddy on the couch.
  13. The power came back on, but we still had the lights off for "cozy effect" for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere.


Eric and Flynn said...

Wow!! Bet you were glad when yesterday was over. Is Spongebob a stray or a neighbour?
Thanks for visiting our new blog.

The Creek Cats said...

What a time! We are glad to hear your moms eye is better and your daddy came home from the hospital! We hope he starts feeling 100% real soon!!!
We love the candle light effect, we bet it made it real cozy feeling in your house!

PDX pride said...

SpongeBob is a neighbor from across the street. He's the one who tells all the strays and ferals where the food bowl is. There's usually no trouble when he comes inside to visit, just yesterday!