Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mean Purrents!

Sherbet writes:

Auntie Rori, is this how purrents are supposed to act?  (Sherbet looks at Rori, who's sound asleep, snuggling next to him.)  Mommy, why did you and Daddy double-team me with a big blankie at 4 in the morning?  You wanted to put what on me?  Flea medicine?  I don't want them to get medicine; I want them off me.  Oh?  That's what flea medicine does?  Is that why I don't feel them crawling around my nose so much now?  Ok, I think.  I'll forgive you for putting the stuff on me, but it'll take me a while to forgive Daddy for chasing me around the room and wrapping me up in the big blankie.

Mommy writes:

This was Sherbet's first time having flea medicine put on him, and he was thoroughly traumatized, as only a true feral can get from something like this.  Rori decided to cheer him up by snuggling with him for hours; as the alpha of the household she knows that her job is to care for the others.


Summer said...

Getting flea medicine is no picnic for us non-feral kitties, so I can only imagine how much Sherbet must have disliked it!

Anonymous said...

I get flea medicine, too, S. And I'm not even a kitty! But mine comes with a treat, so I let it happen.... I hope you got a treat or two with yours.

Love and licks,

pilch92 said...

That was sweet of Rori to make him feel better.

Deziz World said...

Aaaaaaw How purrecious. Weez not feral and never have been, but flea tweatments can be twaumatic fur us too.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi