Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tabby's Therapy Cat Tales from Yesterday

Tabby writes:

First of all, our daddy says thanks for the birthday wishes from two weeks ago, and sorry we haven't been keeping up our bloggie!  We've had a busy and crazy few weeks.  Daddy had a good birthday, but his daddy is on hospice care now due to liver cancer.  I can't go visit Daddy's daddy and help him, because he lives a ways from here.  Mommy was hospitalized last week with pancreatitis, and I couldn't go visit her in the hospital, either!  Daddy took care of us while Mommy was there, but now Mommy's back home so they both are taking care of us again.  Purrrrrrrrrs.

Another comforting purr to each of the families of three ladies I visit at H.  A couple weeks ago, one lady died, and then today two ladies died on two separate floors.  I was excited to go visiting again, because we missed our visit at H.G. last week.  I knew it was going to be a special visit this time, too, because Mommy was getting out our candy-corn witch costumes!  I love my costume; it feels like a blankie!  I watched her until it was time for my "bath" with the pet wipes, then Mommy put me into my carrier bag.  I didn't even fuss, which is unusual and meant that I really did want to go visiting!

When we got to H., we went into the restroom, and that's when we met the daughter of the lady who died this morning.  She talked to Mommy and petted me for about five minutes.  I'm glad I was able to help her!  When we went to S.'s office, she told us what had happened as well, so we wouldn't be surprised.  Then we went to visit the other people on our list, with S. asking at each doorway like she usually does.  I was very sleepy today, so I didn't get out and walk like I sometimes do.  I walked on the beds, but not on the floor.  Of course, I had my harness on under my candy-corn witch outfit.

At one of the rooms, I kept on shaking my head, looking from the room to Mommy and back again.  Mommy wondered why I was doing that, but she found out soon enough.  S. had gone into the room to ask the lady's son if they would like us to visit, because the lady was in a coma and had been for most of the last day or so.  Turns out, the lady had died a couple hours before, and her son was sitting in her room having some quiet time with her before the body was moved.  S. apologized and quickly left the room.  After S. came out into the hallway again, I lay down calmly in my stroller again.  If the son had wanted to visit with me, that would've been fine with me, but I could tell what had happened.

A new friend wanted to pet me in the hallway then motioned for me to follow her into her room so she could pet me more!  Her daughter and son (I think) were there with her, and they loved that I was visiting with their mom!  The lady was almost in tears saying goodbye to me, because she loved that I'd come to see her.  Another lady in another room was telling us about their 19-year-old cat they used to have, and about the pug they have now.  I guess the pug acts like a cat and is smaller than I am, and she's full-grown!


Summer said...

Tabby, we kitties always know what is going on, especially the sensitive ones like you! I'm glad you went visiting - I am sure lots of people wanted to see you. I'm glad that your human is feeling better, and sad for your male human. I'm sending purrs his way because I know this is a hard time for him.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love how your cat was making those people in hospital feel better.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fur Everywhere said...

It's very sweet that you visit the people in the hospital. I bet they love you! I would definitely want a kitty visit if I were stuck in the hospital.

We are sorry your mom had to go to the hospital, but we are glad it sounds like she is feeling better now.