Saturday, February 23, 2013

PhotoHunt: Upper

Smokey prefers the upper level on her chair, while Scamper and Starla both prefer the lower level.

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Anonymous said...

Our cats are like that as well - Beckett always gets the upper part of the couch or chair. Dante is usually on the floor.

Have a great weekend.

Vane M. said...

Eles parecem bem acomodados como estã abraço!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

King of the mountain!
Happy Hunting y'all~

Sparkle said...

I'm an upper-level kind of kitty myself!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I like the upper level too.

meowmeowmans said...

Moosey is more of an upper level kitty. Sammy likes staying on the first floor. :)