Sunday, July 1, 2012

Surprising Sunday!

Tigress writes:

I'm scared of the big booms and the funny lights in the sky.  They come every night now, and last for a long time!  I run to the deck and stay very close to the door, because I feel safe where the humans and food are.  Last night, while the big booms and lights were in the sky, the mommy fed us and R.K. on the deck.  Since I was staying so close to the door, the mommy put her hand out.  I sniffed it and bumped it with my nose again, so she asked if she could pet my ears.  I've been letting her do that for a couple weeks now, and it feels good to be petted on my ears.  Last night, though, I needed a little more reassurance, so I let her pet my back from my shoulder down to the middle of my back!  I turned my head, and then I positioned myself so she could pet me at a better angle!  I surprised both her and myself by doing that, but it felt like when my mom-cat and dad-cat used to groom me.  This morning, I let her do it again!


The Cat Guy said...

Happy news!! Great to hear the human is a good source of comfort!! I hope that continues to grow and grow.

Sparkle said...

Tigress, I am so glad you are getting used to the humans - they WILL keep you safe, if you let them.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tigress, kittie, the PDX Mommy & Daddy are good beans. You can trust them, and once you get inside you'll live a whole lot better.

We're all adopted strays, so we can tell you that from experience.